Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 23, 2013 - Officially a missionary!

This is the day she has been waiting for.  Started it out with dinner at Texas Longhorn Steakhouse.  It was very yummy.  Got to spend some mommy and daddy time with Amber before she left.

She was set apart on at 9:30pm by President Tracy.  All the family was there plus Grandma and Grandpa North.  It was an amazing night and the spirit was strong.  President Tracy asked me to say the prayers so of course we started off with crying.  The spirit was so strong and I can only take so much.  She was instructed that after she was set apart that she would be a full time missionary and all the rules of a mission apply.  That includes things like not going anywhere without a companion. (me or her sisters would work for that)  Going to bed by 10:30, ok so she was a little off of that one since she had to finish packing but she did pretty well.  Then up by 6:30am.

Under the direction of the presiding authority, one or more Melchizedek Priesthood holders may participate in a setting apart, including a worthy father or husband (see 20.1.2). These brethren place their hands lightly on the person’s head. Then the priesthood holder who acts as voice:
  1. 1. 
    Calls the person by his or her full name.
  2. 2. 
    States that he is acting by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood.
  3. 3. 
    Sets the person apart to the appropriate office in the stake, ward, quorum, high priests group, or class.
  4. 4. 
    Confers keys if the person is entitled to receive them. (In stakes and wards, only stake presidents, bishops, and quorum presidents receive keys of presidency when they are set apart. The word keys should not be used when setting apart counselors, high councilors, high priests group leaders, presidents of auxiliary organizations, the bishop’s priests quorum assistants, or teachers in an organization.)
  5. 5. 
    Gives words of blessing as the Spirit directs.
  6. 6. 
    Closes in the name of Jesus Christ.
A setting apart is an opportunity to give a blessing. Detailed counsel and instruction are normally provided when a person is taught his or her duties rather than during the setting apart.
A setting apart should not be expanded into a formal meeting. It is not necessary to have prayers, testimonies, or instruction when someone is set apart.

So after we got back home she got back to packing.  We managed to get everything packed as her sisters tried to lay claim to some of her stuff.  Some she gave to them other's she said put back.  I still need to go pack up the rest of the room so Ceaira can have her room back.  Amber had been bunking with Ceaira since coming home from college the start of May.

Tomorrow we say goodbye for 18 months!  That is going to be very hard for me because I am use to being very involved with Amber's life.  Even when she was at school we would talk on the phone and we could watch her daily facebook status updates.  We were connected and with a mission there is not as much connection.  I know that is how they grow and it is necessary for them to loose themselves in the word but that doesn't stop a mom from wanting to be a fly hovering about knowing how its going.

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