Monday, December 30, 2013

Cheerios!...I mean Christmas!...Happy New Year!!!

Sister H**** in the ward spoiled us!
She said she would bring us some soups.  Well she brought
 us a lot more.  It was such a huge blessing and those
cheerios I am pretty sure saved my life!!
Date:  December 30, 2013
Area:  Gurnee 2nd Ward
Companion:  Sister Grant

Hello to My wonderful Family and Friends!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I honestly don't have that much to say this week because well I pretty much was sick all week but I do want to start out with a scripture from what I studied this morning.

I was studying the Christlike Attribute of Charity and I just LOVE this Scripture passage!

Moroni 7: 45-48

45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
 46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—
 47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.
 48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

Yep, Charity is kinda a big deal!  It is something I keep learning and every time I think I learned it I find out that I really don't know it yet.  Keep doing your best to be like our Loving Savior and serve those around you.

This is a Video that is perfect for the New Year!! Don't look back, look forward to the future!  What are you going to do to make this year the Best yet?

Alright so you might be wondering why I wrote "Cheerios!...I mean Christmas!...Happy New Year!!!"  So like I said earlier I was sick all week and pretty much I lived of cheerios for at least two days, it was pretty sad but I am glad to say I am eating food again and It is sure tasty!!

This week we didn't have a lot of appointments but turns out that it was a blessing because we both could really do that much.  Sister Grant got sick Saturday night and on Sunday we only went to Sacrament because she was running a Fever and then Monday night I was struck with the dreaded Fever and then Tuesday came and things where looking pretty good.

So by pretty good she means she was still kind of feverish and didn't feel well and had no voice even by Wednesday.  :)  When we talked to her on Christmas afternoon she said she had been running over 103 fever the night before.  Her companion said she didn't have a voice that morning but her voice was doing better by the afternoon.  I asked her what they did after we Skyped and she said went back and slept mostly.  Poor girls, glad they are both doing much better.  Glad to see she pushes through and still tries her best.

We had the wonderful opportunity to take gifts to a Former Investigator for her Son for Christmas, He is so adorable and just wanted to play with me! It was fun!  I really do miss playing with kids but I am blessed with little moments to still play with them.  We got to talk for a little bit and we left her with a Prayer.  We even left her a Book of Mormon with our Testimonies.  She was very grateful for being able to help give her son a wonderful Christmas!  I hope that we will be able to teach her in the future but for now we hopefully will keep finding ways to serve her! :)

Sometime this week we also gave our Neighbor a "Oh to Joy" DVD and a Book of Mormon that also had our Testimonies written in them.  She said she is going to read it too!  So that was really cool!  Hopefully she will feel it's goodness because man The Book of Mormon is just AMAZING! and I just love it so much!!! :D :D

We taught K**** this week and our last few lessons with her haven't been the greatest, she hasn't wanted to talk a lot about the Gospel and the sad truth is we are no longer teaching her.  But I still love this girl and will be in contact with her after I leave this area.  My hopes is that she will keep going to Young Womens because that is such wonderful program and will help her in her life.

So yesterday we got to go tract! WOOT, It is also Cold! and it was Super Icy yesterday and Sister Grant was going up the stairs and well she almost fell and next thing I know her arm swings back and hits me right in the eye.  It hurt but it is fine and I can see.

It was a slow week but the Lord is still blessing us,  I am so grateful to have the chance to talk to my family on Christmas, I honestly didn't know if I would be able to seeing how that morning I could only whisper it was pretty sad but I regained some of my voice and had the chance to talk to them and it was awesome!! I love them!!
Before opening my gifts.

After!  Thanks everyone.

Thank you for ALL of the Support!

I Received Letters From:
-Jim and Marcia
-Sister Brittany Attanasio
-Elder Ethan Durrant
-Grandma Mary
-Megan West
-Sister Winn
and in the awesome package from the Ward (THANK YOU!!!!)
I had some extra letters in there YAY!
-Sister Cowley-Oh man I loved the funny cartoon thing, It made me smile and laugh :)
-Shick- This Stickers are Adorable!! :)

Thank you all so much for your Support I am so grateful and I couldn't ask for a better Christmas Time, well it would have been nice not to be sick but what can I say it was still grand!!

I'll talk to you all Next Year! WHAT? haha Weird!

Have a Great New Year!

Sister North :D

If you haven't gotten a chance to send Sister North a letter, don't worry she doesn't mind getting late Christmas cards at all.  Just send her mail - A long letter, a short one, a postcard, a picture of you with a message on back.  ANYTHING

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission 
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Library is my best friend!

Our awesome Christmas tree with Angel Moroni on top!

I hope you are filled with Joy and Peace!!  What a great time of year it is to remember our Savior and his birth.  It is not just about his birth though that makes this time so special but it about what came after his birth that made his birth so important!!  He died for us and was resurrected, this is why we remember this time of year so much!!  If it was not for that he would be just another baby being born.

This would be my favorite message lately

What are you giving the Savior for Christmas??

The Chicago Temple
So the reason why the Library is my new best friend is not because I get to e-mail you guys, even though that is great too, but it is because we keep meeting such awesome people here!!!

This week we met with W**** (who we found here at the glorious Library) and we were sitting in the Study room waiting for W**** to join us when all the sudden this cheerful guy says, "Hello".  He saw us smiling at him and so he came in and said, "Hi Sister North, Hi Sister Grant."  Honestly both Sister Grant and I thought he was a member the way he was talking to us but then I asked him if he knew anything about the Book of Mormon.  I asked him if he would like to know, and well he sat down and we talked about what the Book of Mormon is.  We looked up Alma 7: 10-16
He looked it up!  It is PERFECT for Christmas time because it talks about our Savior and what he has done for us.  We read the first verse and then Walter joined us.  We filled him in on what was going on and kept going!  It was so awesome and then we started talking about faith and hope and shared Ether 12!  Really it was just the Greatest!!  Sister Grant and I have decided we are going to be doing some studying in the library with the door open and see who comes and joins us because we feel like it is going to work!  Yep the Library is awesome and people are coming to us and it is so cool!!!  It really is the Best Christmas Present ever!!!

My Christmas Card

I sent Christmas Cards out!

We had an awesome lesson with J**** and Sister K. and we talked more about the Plan of Salvation. Turns out that he was going to surprise us and come to church but then a family event came up.  :(  After our lesson he took us to lunch at Bakers Square which is like Village Inn.  It was awesome and we got to know him better and he learned more about what we do and do not do as missionaries.  When we left it was the funniest thing/awkward thing ever!  I gave J**** a handshake like I always do and next thing I know he gave me a side hug (not okay as a missionary) and pretty much I just froze, it caught me so off guard!  He knew it too!  He just shook Sister Grant's hand.  He is so awesome and so sincere!  It really is just so great to watch him grow!!

We had exchanges this week!  WOOT, it was pretty much awesome!!  Sister Kershaw joined Sister Grant in our area and I went to the City.  They saw M**** and told me how awesome it went and helped her put Christmas stuff on.

My favorite part is Sister McCarrey and I were knocking on doors and we see that it is an older lady.  The spirit tells me, "hey sing!"  Sister McCarrey says okay, and I ask her what should we sing and she says, "Joy to the World".  Watching the lady's face light up was just so wonderful!!  It really was awesome and the best thing ever!!  We also sang to some other house and it was such a blast!  I loved it!!  Even a few tried to give us money and we told them we didn't want it, and we gave them our card.  It was fun!

Oh one more thing, before I go!  I need to go and eat lunch because we have our Zone activity today.  Yahoo!!  :)

Our Christmas Tree and gifts
Us crazy sisters, on our way to the Mission Home.

We love being missionaries!
We had an awesome Christmas present from our sweet Mission President and his wife!!  We had the chance to go over to the Mission home and hear from them and we had lunch with them and then to the Temple!  WOW!  What a wonderful thing!!  As soon as we drove on the property I could jsut feel that it is the Lord's house!!  What a wonderful and great place the Temple is!  It was such a treat to go and very much needed!!

Gurnee Sister Missionaries

Gurnee Elder's at the Temple

Singing Christmas songs at the Mission Home.
I love you all so much!!!

Thank you for all the prayers!!  I sure hope this Christmas time is the BEST!!  Find something to do that our sweet Savior would do!!

Thank you for writing me:
- Sister Bradford
- The Witt's
- Jade Barben---JADE, How am I suppose to write you back if I don't have your address???  I need it my friend and brother on his mission?  People getting married!  So awesome!!

I didn't say anything last week but we had our ward Christmas party and it was awesome!  Last Saturday was a day full of service and it was the Best!  :)  We just love doing service!  We helped out with Operation Christmas from like 9am-3 or so and then we helped the ward set up for the Christmas Party.  We then went to go do a few stop by's and we also went and talked to our neighbor I****.  We wanted to see if she wanted to come to the party.  We actually got there late, oops, and we had left our phone at church and some people tried to get a hold of us.  O well.
All the Missionaries helping with Operation Christmas

The Christmas Party was awesome!!  W**** came!  Along with the B**** family, C****, and even J**** stopped by for a little bit.  It was way great.  Not going to lie it made me a tad homesick watching the high school choir perform Christmas carols and then watching the primary be all cute and dressed up doing an adorable Nativity play thing, so cute!  It really was just wonderful and I didn't want it to end.  Id o miss being in choir and spreading the wonderful Christmas cheer like that but I do just love being here too.  What better time to share about Christ then at Christmas time?  It really is such a great time and I just love it so much !  We are so blessed for what Christ did for us and he loves us all SO much!  I know that and it is just awesome! :)
All the gifts we bagged and then went to families in need.

Stay Warm!
Sister North :)

Thanks for all your love and prayers for Sister Amber North.  We are very excited to get to Skype with her on Christmas and feel of her love and excitement for the gospel. She loves getting mail so keep sending it.

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes we need hard things to see the good things

Date:  December 16, 2013
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant

Hello Everyone!!!

It has been a crazy week!  Oh my goodness thank you everyone for the letters!!!

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I walk in and the Elders are like guess how many letters you have?  I was like huh? We had transfers and so they held the mail and they brought it to us at the meeting.  I had NINE LETTERS!!!  Oh my goodness!!  I still feel so COOL!

Thank you!!!
- Gma Braten (mission)
- Blackham's (fun to hear about the trip)
- Kenn and Amy (Loved the picture)
- Gma Mary (fun card)
- Sister Tiffany Rasmussen!!! (missionary friend in the Philippians)
- Primary! So fun!
- Rachel Fiihetau
- Aimee Smith (Loved the Pics)
- Great Grandma Nielsen - Awesome card I LOVED IT!!!

It has been hard with Sister Grant not being able to walk on her foot but things are still good, but they can be hard.
Me with Sister Grant in the background.

It has been hard with Christmas upon us too and everyone being so busy.  This week we would get a member lesson set up and either the investigator or the member cancels.  Oh my goodness it is so frustrating.  We have a few set up this week so we are praying they all go through.  We have started just stopping by people's houses because they don't want to set up specific times since they are busy.  Last night we had success that way.
Our Christmas tree

We stopped by to see M**** earlier in the week and she told us that she didn't think she could meet with us until after Christmas.  Last night we went to go do a stop by at someones home but then we didn't feel good about it and since we were right by M**** house we decided to go see her.  We had a mini lesson, we talked about what she read...kind was a different chapter but it works and then shared a scripture from Alma. She said we could come help her get things ready for Christmas on Wednesday!!  We told her we'd share a Christmas message with her, it was awesome!!  Went from not going to see her at all until after Christmas to two times!!  It totally made my day.  We are going to bring a member too, at least that is the plan.  M**** is awesome, she is slowly progressing and I love seeing that.  It is cool how the Lord helps you keep going.  A while back we didn't know if we needed to drop M**** for a little bit or what we should do.  We didn't want to drop her but she wasn't reading or doing what we asked and so we decided at the next lesson if she hadn't read we were going to drop her for a little bit and then she read!  It was great!  I think sometimes we just have to make those hard choices and then the Lord blesses us!

We had an awesome lesson with this lady name S**** that he Elders gave to us because she didn't like having three males come over.  It took us awhile to meet up with her because she wasn't home when we went.  Finally met her this week and it was such an amazing lesson.  She even was reading the Book of Mormon in Nephi and Helaman.  It was so awesome she was so ready and we set up an appointment for two days later.  She even wanted to come to the ward Christmas party on Saturday.  We got her and her son a ride and everything!  It was great!  Then Friday came and we tried to meet with her and she wasn't there.  We called her and she said she'd be back in a half an hour, so we went and visited someone else.  Came back and still nothing.  Turns out we couldn't wait for her any longer because it was getting late.  When we called her again she actually wasn't on her way at all.  We were bummed but she said she could still come to the party.  Saturday came and she called us telling us that she is no longer interested and that she even wanted to give us back the Book of Mormon.  Not a phone call we wanted to get.  We went and stopped by Sunday hoping we could talk with her and clear up some concerns or at least share a Christmas message with her.  Well we did our best but nothing and she wouldn't keep the Book of Mormon.  Man that sucked!  It really made me so sad.  Pretty much it made me feel kind of hopeless because I wanted to teach her so bad and help her know the fullness of the Gospel and yet we couldn't do anything, it was a hard moment.

We had the ward Christmas Party on Saturday and it was AWESOME!!  :)  We had three investigators come!  One of which we hadn't been able to meet and he stopped by for like fifteen minutes!  It was cool. We even had a less active come too!

We had the chance to help out with Operation Christmas and that was fun and special.  It reminds me of being at home and doing stuff like that with my family.

Okay sorry I don't have that much time left, it always goes so fast it is crazy!!!

Things are good, it is crazy that Christmas is right around the corner but I love it.

Have a great day!

I love you!!!

Sister North :D

Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfer #4 = Sister North and Siter Grant STAYING!!!! WOOT WOOT

Date:  December 9, 2013
Companion: Sister Grant and for a few more days Sister Winward
Area:  Gurnee

Hello my wonderful Family and Friends!!!!

Thank You!  Mail this week:
- Momma
- Grandma Mary
- Marissa Lawrence
- And I think the ward (I got a package for Christmas!)

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  Oh my goodness it is crazy!!  Yesterday it HIT me!!  It snowed big time here and I just love it!!  It makes it feel like Christmas time and it has been fun!  Sister Winward got some Christmas CD's so we have been listening to them and pretty much it is just the BEST!!!!

Wow!  I don't even know what to say about this week!  It sure was something!!!  This week was long but yet so fast!!

It was crazy covering both areas this week, needless to say I am super excited to focus on just our area this week and I am SO SO excited to be staying here in the Gurnee 2nd ward with Sister Grant!!  It is going to be awesome!!

Let's is weird to think of this week because so much happened but some of the highlights from our area are...

W****! (who we met at the library)  We got to meet with him on Friday.  He needs the Gospel so much!  I am so grateful we have been put into his life.  It was way cool he came to the Christmas Devotional last night!!!  We planned to have a lesson after but he needed to go.  The last talk was just perfect for him and I was watching him and I could just see the spirit working within him.  It was SUPER cool!!!  He is such an awesome guy!  Hopefully he will be able to come to the ward Christmas party, he needs some friends.  Man I just love him!  We are meeting with him on Friday, hopefully we can meet with him sooner though.

We had an awesome lesson with J****!!  We had a member coming with us but there was a death and so a lot of the members went to the funeral.  We didn't get a member with us but we have one already for next week.  YAY! :D  I love members!  With J**** we talked about the Plan of Salvation and we will be talking more about it next week.

Oh something that was really cool.  Today during companion study we were talking and I realized that I had received some person revelation and as we were talking it became even better.  K**** has asked if the Book of Mormon is true and she wants to know but she could have more of a desire.  I really had one of those light bulb moments and was like dude we need to show her the Restoration DVD and talk more about Joseph Smith.  To help her see that this all started when he was 14, she is 15, We thought that it would be awesome!  Then we kept thinking about more ways and decided that we need to get a Children's book of Mormon for her 8 year old brother and we want to invite him to read it with his mom.  K**** doesn't like reading at all but we think maybe this way with there being more pictures she might read.  It would be a great way to get her family more involved!  So this should be awesome!!  We are excited to put our ideas into action!

We did meet with K*** and she read!  YAY!!  We didn't have time to really talk but we shared a scripture still and talked about what she read.  She told us she prayed but still doesn't' have an answer and we left her with something else to read.  :)  When she told me she read I was like AHH YAY!  Gave her a hug!  Lately she hasn't been reading so it was really good.

We had a lesson with K**** and she sill is on date but she isn't progressing.  She knows when that date is and she has told her mom and her mom wants to be there.  We are hopefully going to start meeting with her more.  She had to work yesterday so she couldn't come to church.  We are planning on asking her mom if we can share a message with her!!  :D  So things should be going well.

Elder Laplata and Whitehead and Hermana's Bloxan,
Kennedy and Escabar at Zone Conference.
If someone isn't progressing it just means they are not meeting with the missionaries like planed, not reading the materials left, not able to make it to church etc.  There are certain things that have to happen to qualify for baptism.  This is set into place to make sure the person really understands everything being taught to them before they are baptized.  

We didn't get to meet with R*** and J*** this week :( sad day!  We will this week and it is going to be awesome!!!  We have a lot to do this week and we are excited to do it!  The last few weeks have been a little slow with Thanksgiving, and this past week not being able to see everyone we wanted.

We had some awesome lessons in Sister Winwards area!!  This week was full of jumping to one lesson to another it was awesome!

You all should go watch the Christmas Devotional if you haven't.  It is so so super Awesome!!!

I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!  It is so wonderful!!  I just love the Book of Mormon so much and I know it is true!!  It is the greatest book ever!!  It brings so much peace and comfort to my life and I know that if you take the time to read it then it will do the same for you!!  I know it is the word of God!!  I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God that restored the Gospel here on the earth and I am so glad we have a living Prophet here on the earth today!!  It is the BEST!!

I love you all!!!!

Have a GREAT week!!  and it is starting to feel like Christmas!!  YAY YAY YAY  :D

Sister North :)

It's me!
My first Christmas card from Sweet Sister Clark.

SWEET picture of me and my name tag!
Eating our "Just like Italy" super good and homemade.
J****, Sister North and Sister Grant.

Happy Birthday Sister Winward...we got these uh..yeah

Sister Winward and Sister Clark

Sister North love love LOVES letters so please take some time to write to her.  It can be a simple card with Just thinking about you.  Anything, she just loves mail.  She is hoping Sister Clark's card is only the first of many to come this season.  So please take some time to write her.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MTC Trio is Back!

Date:December 2, 2013

Companion: Sister Grant and soon Sister Winward
Area: Gurnee

Hello My lovely Family and Friends!!!!

I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! :D  This week wasn't as slow as it looked like it would be which was SUPER NICE!!! :D  We are thankful about that one!!  Everyone was out of town this week so it made things hard and when we tracted no one wanted to talk but we still had fun!! And it was a Warmer week!!! YAY!! :)

It made it up to 51!!!
It is interesting when you knock on a door and you bare testimony about the Restoration and you can tell that the people feel the spirit but then they just start shutting the door.  It is sad to see people shun out the spirit in their life.  I hope that they will be able to remember what they felt and when they feel it again that they will know that it is a good feeling and that they will listen next time.

One of the highlights from this week would be C****!! A less active member!!  First off he came to Thanksgiving Dinner...well Lunch with us at the Z****!!! We had a few members there and it was Awesome!!!  Right before we left we asked Sister Z**** to invite him to come to church.  We have invited him but he was wishy washy about coming.  We planned to meet with him Sunday afternoon.  Well Best thing ever, we were at church yesterday talking to one of the Members asking him if he can come with us to visit C**** with his wife or someone else when all the sudden guess who we see!!! C****!!! AHHH!!! He came to Sacrament!!! Oh My goodness!! It was pretty much the BEST!! It made me so happy!!!  He went home after Sacrament and we still met with him at four like we planned.  We feel like he just needs some friends, his wife just died in April so we thought it would be great for Brother B**** (who is his home teacher) and one of the Youth to come with us.  What was interesting is that P**** (the youth) turns out he is allergic to cats! Oops, luckily everything worked.  C**** daughter was there and so we talked with her and Brother B**** and P**** were able to leave. We visited for a little bit more and shared a message. (We are suppose to have either three Sisters or Three guys)  It was awesome! His daughter itsn't too interested (yet) but she still listened and is really nice.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner with our Investigators R**** and J****, and they had one of their friends there too!! Also their adorable three year old daughter!! We planned to share the Restoration but we ended up just sharing a message about Thanksgiving and watched a message.  Then talked about what we are Thankful for.  Something that is funny is for some reason we started talking about fires and we then shared President Monsons fire story from last Conference!
It was awesome! and we told them that it was the prophet who shared this story.  It was really good, we got to know them better and are so excited to really teach them this week!! They are really cool! Their friend has read a good amount of the Book of Mormon, I think he said his sister is a member but you could tell he wasn't the most comfortable talking about it but he did say that he felt like it goes with the Bible.  We feel like he has had the church pushed on him so he was a little I guess reluctant to talk about it right now.  But we do feel like it went really well. 
At the Z***** house for Thanksgiving and they have a grovey little house.
I can actually stand up inside of it too!
Oh my goodness!!! Okay Story time!!! This really is such a wonderful amazing story!!!
Okay so last week Sister Grant and I decided to go on Facebook on the library's computers and needless to say the Lord helped us make this choice!! So we are using Facebook trying to figure out what we should share with the world when this guy asks Sister Grant what church we belong to.  So of course we told him that we go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and he was like oh cool and told us he goes to the Journey church.  Then I ask him if he has Facebook and he said Yes.  Then you can imagine what I asked next.  I asked him if we could be friends on Facebook and that we share uplifting messages.  He said yes!  So I got up went around the tables and typed in our names and added us on Facebook!!  We then became Facebook friends and he wrote on Sister Grants wall telling her Thanks for the add.  We thought that this was cool.  But!! It gets better!!  We sent him a message asking how he was doing and then he asked if we could meet with him!! Oh Man we pretty much jumped for joy! We told him yes! and we had such an amazing lesson with him on Friday!!! It was such a powerful lesson of listening and waiting for him to talk.  The thing that I have really learned this week is really how important it is to let the spirit touch those you teach.  When we feel like we are about to say something we just need to take a breath and wait and then he talked!! It was really cool!!  The spirit was strong!!  We asked him why he talked to us in the first place and he told us that he knew he needed to talk with someone and he told us that he knew we are pure and that something just told him to talk to us.  It really is SO SO COOL!!!  We will be meeting again this week with him!  He is living with his sister which is in the Gurnee first but is looking at a place in the Elders area so I am sure we will be passing him to them but for now we are meeting at the Library and teaching him! 

We always hear how people will come to us and my mind really is so blown that I was able to be apart of this great experience!! It really is so special!! This work is so amazing and I know the Lord is helping us!! It is so great and I just love it!!! I love this area so much!! and I don't really want to leave it but I know I'll be here as long as the Lord needs me here, and if that means I stay here another Transfer or not I will be thrilled either way!
We had the chance to meet with Karina this week and we have been inviting her to really ask if the Book of Mormon is true, she still hasn't done it yet but I know she will.  She is such a great girl!! I love her!!! :)

Our District
Gurnee Sisters
Okay another story. So I gave the guy at Chili's a $20 for my meal.  My food was like 14 bucks or something. Turns out he gave me way too much change, he gave me like fourteen or something instead of like six and I didn't find out until later so we went back and he was still there.  He was in shock that I actually came and gave him the right amount back!! It was awesome and made me feel really good!! :)  Do what is Right! the Lords blesses you!! :D

Gurnee Elders
This week is going to be Awesome!!! I am ready for the challenges and know that we are going to see miracles happen this week!!!  Sister Winnward will be joining us this week because her comp has been sick and has to go home and get better.  It will be different being in a Trio but hey we were together in the MTC and it is time to do it again!  We are going to miss Sister Clark but I know the Lord knows what he is doing. 

Sister Winnward, Sister Grant, and Sister North were the trio together at the MTC.

I received Three Awesome Letters this week!!!
1st My Mommy!! I just loved the coloring page!! I colored a coloring page and wrote on that as my stationary.
Yes I am wearing the coat Grandma
Pam got me and I love it!
2nd Sister Brittany Attansio!! Oh the Card was wonderful and I just LOVE this Stickers!!
3rd Megan West! I loved the little cartoon thing! Made me smile!!!

I hope you all have a Great week!! We are going to lunch with the Sisters, It's Sister Winward's birthday, so we better be off but Have fun!!! I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you do!

Sister Grant and Sister North
Oh one more random thing, So I guess the other day I talked in my sleep and was talking about a talk and my thoughts on it, I take it as a good thing and that I am even dreaming about missionary work!! Woot :)

Sister North :)