Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfer #4 = Sister North and Siter Grant STAYING!!!! WOOT WOOT

Date:  December 9, 2013
Companion: Sister Grant and for a few more days Sister Winward
Area:  Gurnee

Hello my wonderful Family and Friends!!!!

Thank You!  Mail this week:
- Momma
- Grandma Mary
- Marissa Lawrence
- And I think the ward (I got a package for Christmas!)

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  Oh my goodness it is crazy!!  Yesterday it HIT me!!  It snowed big time here and I just love it!!  It makes it feel like Christmas time and it has been fun!  Sister Winward got some Christmas CD's so we have been listening to them and pretty much it is just the BEST!!!!

Wow!  I don't even know what to say about this week!  It sure was something!!!  This week was long but yet so fast!!

It was crazy covering both areas this week, needless to say I am super excited to focus on just our area this week and I am SO SO excited to be staying here in the Gurnee 2nd ward with Sister Grant!!  It is going to be awesome!!

Let's is weird to think of this week because so much happened but some of the highlights from our area are...

W****! (who we met at the library)  We got to meet with him on Friday.  He needs the Gospel so much!  I am so grateful we have been put into his life.  It was way cool he came to the Christmas Devotional last night!!!  We planned to have a lesson after but he needed to go.  The last talk was just perfect for him and I was watching him and I could just see the spirit working within him.  It was SUPER cool!!!  He is such an awesome guy!  Hopefully he will be able to come to the ward Christmas party, he needs some friends.  Man I just love him!  We are meeting with him on Friday, hopefully we can meet with him sooner though.

We had an awesome lesson with J****!!  We had a member coming with us but there was a death and so a lot of the members went to the funeral.  We didn't get a member with us but we have one already for next week.  YAY! :D  I love members!  With J**** we talked about the Plan of Salvation and we will be talking more about it next week.

Oh something that was really cool.  Today during companion study we were talking and I realized that I had received some person revelation and as we were talking it became even better.  K**** has asked if the Book of Mormon is true and she wants to know but she could have more of a desire.  I really had one of those light bulb moments and was like dude we need to show her the Restoration DVD and talk more about Joseph Smith.  To help her see that this all started when he was 14, she is 15, We thought that it would be awesome!  Then we kept thinking about more ways and decided that we need to get a Children's book of Mormon for her 8 year old brother and we want to invite him to read it with his mom.  K**** doesn't like reading at all but we think maybe this way with there being more pictures she might read.  It would be a great way to get her family more involved!  So this should be awesome!!  We are excited to put our ideas into action!

We did meet with K*** and she read!  YAY!!  We didn't have time to really talk but we shared a scripture still and talked about what she read.  She told us she prayed but still doesn't' have an answer and we left her with something else to read.  :)  When she told me she read I was like AHH YAY!  Gave her a hug!  Lately she hasn't been reading so it was really good.

We had a lesson with K**** and she sill is on date but she isn't progressing.  She knows when that date is and she has told her mom and her mom wants to be there.  We are hopefully going to start meeting with her more.  She had to work yesterday so she couldn't come to church.  We are planning on asking her mom if we can share a message with her!!  :D  So things should be going well.

Elder Laplata and Whitehead and Hermana's Bloxan,
Kennedy and Escabar at Zone Conference.
If someone isn't progressing it just means they are not meeting with the missionaries like planed, not reading the materials left, not able to make it to church etc.  There are certain things that have to happen to qualify for baptism.  This is set into place to make sure the person really understands everything being taught to them before they are baptized.  

We didn't get to meet with R*** and J*** this week :( sad day!  We will this week and it is going to be awesome!!!  We have a lot to do this week and we are excited to do it!  The last few weeks have been a little slow with Thanksgiving, and this past week not being able to see everyone we wanted.

We had some awesome lessons in Sister Winwards area!!  This week was full of jumping to one lesson to another it was awesome!

You all should go watch the Christmas Devotional if you haven't.  It is so so super Awesome!!!

I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!  It is so wonderful!!  I just love the Book of Mormon so much and I know it is true!!  It is the greatest book ever!!  It brings so much peace and comfort to my life and I know that if you take the time to read it then it will do the same for you!!  I know it is the word of God!!  I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God that restored the Gospel here on the earth and I am so glad we have a living Prophet here on the earth today!!  It is the BEST!!

I love you all!!!!

Have a GREAT week!!  and it is starting to feel like Christmas!!  YAY YAY YAY  :D

Sister North :)

It's me!
My first Christmas card from Sweet Sister Clark.

SWEET picture of me and my name tag!
Eating our "Just like Italy" super good and homemade.
J****, Sister North and Sister Grant.

Happy Birthday Sister Winward...we got these uh..yeah

Sister Winward and Sister Clark

Sister North love love LOVES letters so please take some time to write to her.  It can be a simple card with Just thinking about you.  Anything, she just loves mail.  She is hoping Sister Clark's card is only the first of many to come this season.  So please take some time to write her.

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