Monday, November 25, 2013


Me being grateful at the prettiness of the snow :D
Date - November 25, 2013
Companion - Sister Grant
Area - Gurnee 2nd Ward

Hello to my wonderful Family and Friends!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  I am so SO grateful for all of you!!!

- Grandma Mary
- Sister Burr
- Sister Winn
- Kyle Knaras
- Mom
maybe one more...sorry if I forgot...  :D

It was a great week!  Man it is starting to get cold!!  We are buying some good socks today!  hahah Needless to say we froze a little bit the other day but all is well.  :)  Today it is snowing!  I took a picture just to share!  It is snowing even more!!  BRRR!!!

See the cold!  Yeah it is windy that is why there is no snow on the roofs!  
So something that is super awesome that is happening this week is we stopped by a less active and invited him to Thanksgiving dinner...lunch with us at a members.  He said YES!!!! AHH!!!  I am super excited!  We feel like he will become re-activated, he just needs someone to invite him to come to church.  He is open to coming but with him meeting some members I think he will come soon!!  :D  So that is super awesome!!!  :D

We met with K**** this week and she is on date!!  She came to church on Sunday!!  We have a lot to go over before that.  She has a really short attention span so church was REALLY long for her but she said that she liked it.  She told us that she can't come next week but should be able to come the week after!  YAY  :D She is awesome!  She is 17!  Her mom I guess has picked up the Book of Mormon so we gave K**** a copy to give to her.  We are hoping we will be able to meet with her mom soon.  That would be so wonderful!  :)  K**** is a sweet girl and I look forward to her understanding why baptism is an important step and watching her have that true conversion.  Something that is cool is she really liked the uh...Brother Boye message.  She said she shared it on Facebook, so that is cool!!  :)

One journal done and another started!
We met with **** this week and she says she thinks the Book of Mormon is true but she doesn't know if it is or not.  We invited her to pray with us and she asked for help to know if it is true and before we left we told her to really ask if it is true!  :)  We left her to re-read Mornoi's promise and to write down her feelings.
It is hard to talk with her everyday because she can't be on Facebook.  She doesn't have a phone.  We have her mom's number but we can't just text or call her every day on it.  She is able to go to Young Women's so that has been good.  She can't always come on Sunday because that is the only day her dad doesn't work and they do family stuff, so that has been hard.  (She is 15)  The lesson went really well and we were happy that she was home because she didn't know if she would be.  We felt like we should go see her and she was there.  YAY!!!!  :D

We had such an awesome lesson with R**** and J**** on Thursday!!  It was way great!  R**** we have been trying to meet with since lst transfer.  We tracted into her but things just kept not working out.  We have met J**** too and the first time we met him he was like, "yeah I am not interested".  We kept stopping by to see R**** though we would talk to him and we would talk for a little bit.  We stopped by on Tuesday and R**** was like come back on Thursday and I promise that I will be here.  So we go and she asks if we can go to McDonald's because they hadn't eaten.  Plus that way her daughter could play.  We of course said yes.  The funny thing is we were driving and I was like, snap!  This might be out of our area.  I hurried and let the District Leader know that we might be leaving our area.  It turns out it was barley in our area.  We had such an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation!  Both J**** and R**** wee there.  R**** says everything makes since and J**** totally agrees that he should find out for himself.  They are both really cool and we are meeting with them this week, on Thanksgiving!  Woot :)  It would be cool to get a member there but not sure if we will be able to.
Sister Grant, Me, and K****

After our lesson they were moving stuff to their trailer to take to their new house (they aren't moving for a while yay) so we ran home and changed and helped them.  Was good we changed because I got all muddy, it was awesome!  They are such amazing people and I love them so much!  It just makes me so happy. There are going to be some hurdles but I know when they know that it is true that their won't be a problem. They say they aren't church goers but both Sister Grant and I were like...not yet you aren't but you will be. I can't wait to teach them this week!!  :)  It is going to be awesome!!

We had a super wonderful lesson with M**** at the V****'s house!  It was so great!!  She finally is understanding things.  For example she actually called the God Head, the God Head and not the Trinity!!  She is reading and she is progressing! We were able to help her clean her floors after the training meeting and then shared a message with her.  We downloaded the Book of Mormon on her iPad and showed her a talk to listen to from conference.  She said she would watch it.  She is such a sweet lady and it was a powerful lesson.

It is going to be a cold week and a lot of finding time with everyone being out of town.  We are ready to try and stay warm and work hard!

HUGE Snickers from our bishop!
Oh and we have used the iPad's in a member lesson.  In an investigator lesson we used it to show a video!  That was cool!  Still weird but cool!  :)  Yep you guys read that right!  We all have iPad to enhance the work!  This work really is moving forward and it is super awesome!!  My favorite thing about having iPad is that our area book is on them.  That means we no longer have to try and read bad handwriting!  That will be nice!! HAHA  :D  It is taking time to move everything over to the iPad though.

Man, I can't believe Bear Boy leaves so soon!!  He leaves when we have transfers!  So crazy!!  So fun to see pictures of Everyone!!

Amber's brother Jered is leaving December 10th for his mission in Guatemala.  

It is as big as my head!

Huge snickers taste YUMMY

I love you all!!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I hope you all have a BLAST!!  The church is true!  It brings so much joy in my life!!  :D

Sister North  :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Don't Doubt the Off Spring of God"

Date - November 18, 2013
Companion - Sister Grant
Area - Gurnee 2nd Ward

Hello to my lovely Family and Friends!!!  :D

Snow last Monday!
I sure hope you are doing well!!  This week has been great!  It is crazy how every day can be so different and how the weeks change and are different.  This week pretty much all but one of our lessons fell through  :( It was a somewhat sad day.  One that I was really looking forward to was our lesson with Mary.  We were going to have the lesson at Sister V****'s house but M**** didn't feel good.  Instead we ended up talking with Sister V****. (Relief Society Pres.) about different things in the ward and how we can help her with the ward and her missionary work.  It was still good.  :)

We had a super awesome lesson with J**** this week!!!  :D  We met at the church and we were able to give him a church tour and show him around the church and what we do.  He really liked it.  One of the things that he really liked was how the baptistery was more on a personal level and not in the chapel like he is use to.  He comes from a Baptist background.  At the end we were looking and talking about some of the pictures in the hallway and we were talking about the Atonement and it was so powerful!!  Sister K**** shared such a powerful Testimony!!!  After that we were able to watch the Restoration DVD and he just loves Joseph Smith and doesn't see why he can't be a Prophet.  He says that Joseph Smith doesn't seem any different from the Prophets in the Bible!  So that is awesome!!  He isn't sure yet if he knows it is true but he still wants to keep learning and we invited him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if the Bible is true!  When we asked if we could meet with him next week he was like, Oh yes I already have it on my calendar!  So that is really cool!!  We told him how there is a baptism on Saturday and he really wants to come and see it but he might be going to see his grand kids so we will see.  We didn't get to talk about the DVD or Book of Mormon as much as we wanted to because of time but the spirit was strong and it was wonderful!  :)  It is so awesome teaching J****!  He is so prepared!!  Something cool he said is that learning about the gospel is like stepping stones that he didn't know were there.  That was really cool!  We have been able to talk to him more through out the week and it has been good!  We just become friends on Facebook too so we are hoping that we will be able to really use this tool to keep helping him in different ways!  For example he wants to see more about Joseph Smith so we can share that with him!  We are excited to do that!  He is awesome!!

Speaking of Facebook.  Yes, I am on Facebook but I can only use it for Missionary purposes and I am not allowed to talk to people from back home.  So if you want to talk to me PLEASE write me a letter!!  I love getting mail!  It is so fun to read!  I can even re-read it!  So it is awesome!!!  :D  But you are more than welcome to share things on your news feed from what I post, (I post something to you guys about once a week)  There are so many ways to share this great message!  I have the chance to do that with Facebook!  You can do that too!  :)

So she posts more often than what we can see.  They have all types of settings set up so please don't send her messages and stuff.  She is on Facebook as another tool for teaching the gospel.  

Last Saturday we tracted...pretty much like ALL DAY!!  Guess what?!?!  We got two new investigators this week from it!  So that is crazy cool!!!  One we can't meet with for two weeks though, so that is a bit of a bummer but she is interested in learning what we believe.  The other has told us that he isn't going to convert but he finds it interesting and is open to learning more.  It was funny, when we stopped by him this week he was like well Hello again!, I think he was surprised to see us and he first asked what our purpose was then he told us that he doesn't think he will convert but let us keep telling what we believe.  It was interesting but really good.  He wants his 15 year old son to listen to us so we shall see what happens.

Pretty much this week the Lord just wanted us to make sure we keep on moving and working hard.  So that is what we did!  We knocked on a hand full of houses and we met some cool people!  :)

Something that was super cool yesterday!  We stopped by J****, who when I first got here we had tracted into him and started teaching him but then the last few months we had trouble getting a hold of him or anything.  The crazy thin is he saw Sister B**** at the train station (he works there) and was like oh yeah I am learning from Sister North.  When Sister B**** told me that I was like WHAT??  We can't get a hold of him at all!  Last night we did though and he was so excited to see us!!  We tried to clear up and help him understand authority but he still doesn't understand it yet.  The meeting was good and the spirit was so strong it was cool!!!  He doesn't work on Sunday's anymore so hopefully he will come to church soon!!  That would be so awesome!!  :D

Awesome Story!!  Yesterday Sister A***** was able to come to Sacrament!!  Oh my goodness!  As soon as I saw her my heart was warmed and tears came to my eyes.  She has been wanting to come to church for a long time but physically is unable to.  So it was super wonderful that she got to come for Sacrament!  Oh how sweeet is that!!  It was so tender!!  I just loved it so much!!!  :)

Oh my Goodness I only have like 8 minutes left!  Where does the time go?  This is just crazy!!!

This week letters from:
- Gma Braten (mission Grandma)
- Rachel Fisiheatu
- Aunt Dolores

Oh hey!  I have a little more time!  Yay!! :D  hahah

Hmm..So random story of the week...Oh hahah Got it!!  This was funny!  We were going to see a less active and we got out of the car and there was a guy.  The best way I can describe him is that he was wearing Indian clothes and he's black.  He even had his name on his pants.  Anyway, we get out of the car and he is like, "Hey Baby Cakes" and I was like Hey!  He called my companion something else but I can't remember what it was.  We talked to him for a few seconds and then he went on his way.  It was weird and random but super funny!!!!

My heading is from church yesterday!  "Don't doubt the off spring of God"  think about it.  God loves all of us so So SOO much!!  He has given us such a great gift!  Our bodies and we have such great minds!  He has given us tools to move his work forward and to be able to live with him again.  We should know that we are awesome!  We are made from God!  If I say so myself God is pretty much incredible!!  He makes it possible for all of us to do everything!!  Oh how grateful I am to be here on this earth, it may be hard at times but with His help we can do it!!!  :D

Sister Grant and I are silly!
Sister Grant and I taught Sunday School yesterday about tithing.  It was grand!  One of the speakers in sacrament meeting pretty much gave our entire lesson but it was still great!  :)  I would say I am getting better at teaching. (hopefully right)  ;)  hahha

Alright here is another story for you guys!

On Wednesday we were knocking on doors until after 8pm...or like after 8:30.  Ha, gotta love it when you don't have an appointment!  (we are working until 9pm)  Well it was great!  We always make the best of it!  It was a little cold but we still have a warm heart.  Anyway, story time...We knocked on this house and the guy must of had a bad day.  He was like, NO go away.  So we did, no biggy.  He shut his door and then started locking it when he opened it again and asked us if we had permission (yes we do) to be knocking on the doors.  He didn't want to hear what we said but we were still nice and he was like I'm going to call the cops on you!  Sister Grant and I just laughed once we got to the car because even if he did call the cops their is nothing they could do about it.  We were allowed to knock on doors.  We still left right after that and all was well.

Well you guys, I love you all so much!  Thank you for all your support and prayers!!  I am safe from the weather but it was funny that during Sacrament meeting EVERYONE got the weather warning text at about the same time about the storms.  HAHA but we are all safe here!  :)

I know this church is true!!  It makes me so happy!!  :D  :D  :D  It is so cool listening to the spirit and doing what it says!  I love being out here!  It is hard but it is the best!!  Teaching someone this amazing gospel bring so much joy to my heart!!

I love you!  Have a GREAT week!!!  :D

Sister North  :D

Remember to write!

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd !203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

Monday, November 11, 2013

What the heck??? It is Snowing!!!!

Hey Fam and Friends!!

It is so pretty outside right now!
So as I am in this warm library I can see out the window that it is SNOWING!!!  Oh my goodness!!  Man I am not ready for the cold!!!  I think we are going to go shopping today for warmer clothing...crazy!  I haven't worn my big heavy coat from Grandma Pam yet because I haven't wanted it to be cold.  I will get lots of use out of it here I am sure of it.

Thank you so much for the letters this week!!  Ihave flet spoiled!
- Grandma Mary
- Kenn North (thanks for the scriptures, I needed that)
- Bethany/Blackham/Gma North
- Sister Brittany Attanasio!
- Marissa Lawrence
- Aimee Smith


Mom I love the four wheels on my luggage.  I haven't had to use mine too much since I haven't moved from this apartment but I have helped my companions move theirs and I have learned that I really like how my luggage has four wheels.  It is so much easier to move.

Anyway onto this week.  It really has been good!  I am learning a lot and learning a lot about myself too.

Yesterday K**** came to church!!  Super great!  We had a lesson with her this week and we talked about her reading.  She read YAY!  We were getting started on the lesson and her mom informed us that they were going to be leaving in five minutes so it was cut short :(  Sad Day.  We are glad that she is reading and we still keep praying that we will be able to teach her mom again.  K**** is doing good and we are so happy when she reads!  :)

Sister Grant and I out having fun tracting.
M**** came to church...well Sunday School and Relief Next week Sacrament!!! Right?  This is HUGE!!!  When we first started talking to her she wouldn't even say yes to coming to church.  This past week our lesson was going well and we invited her to be baptized again.  She said no, so we cleared up her concerns and asked her again and well she said no again.  We kept talking and invited her to church and she said yes!  She said she would go to her church at 8am and then ours at 11am.  She slept n and went to hers later and that is why she missed Sacrament meeting.  We are headed in the right direction!  We are so happy and excited to have her there for most of church!  :)  This week we are having our lesson at the V****'s so this should be really good.  We are excited about how open and willing she has become.  She didn't even want to come to the Halloween party so things are going well.

We met with J**** this week.  It was so wonderful!!  Last week he was sick.  Sister K**** came with us and it was really nice.  He has a lot of awesome questions and he really wants to know if the gospel is true.  We focused on the Book of Mormon and the spirit was there.  It is cool to watch were the spirit takes you in a lesson.  J**** even wants to come to church!  He was the one that asked us more about it and if he could sit with us.  He was out of town this weekend and won't be here next weekend but said he would come to the first hour of church and see how it goes.  This week we are meeting at the church to show him where we meet and the different meetings.  It should be really good.  We are looking forward to it.  Sister K**** said that we could have a lesson at her house too!  :)  We hopefully will be able to do that next week!  :)  We want to have his wife join us for that too.  We will see what happens.  We are excited for his progress.  Oh something that was cool, so he forgot that we left him with the intro and Alma 32 so he still read the intro and then read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon.  I think he forgot that it was written down but we were happy to hear that he still read!  :)  That was pretty sweet!!!

We had a wonderful lesson with M****, she is super sweet and the spirit was strong!  She wants to take her family to church.  She has two boys 13 and 10 and we were going to meet them later this week but it didn't work out.  We are hoping to be able to teach her boys and husband too!  That would be so cool to teach them all.  :)  We talked about the Book of Mormon and recapped the Restoration.  She had a really good memory of what we taught her.  She told us how she knows that religion is good in life and wants her boys to have it.  We are hopefully meeting with her on Tuesday!  She said she would callus today!  She has been really good at calling us and letting us know if it works or not.

Okay I don't know where the time went but I only have a few minutes  :(  which is just so crazy!!!

Okay so some random thought about this week.  After our lesson with J**** he showed us his awesome Beatles room!  He has so many posters, records, you name it.  If it is about the Beatles it is in this room!  It is pretty much awesome!!!  I would love to take a picture and show you guys one day!  But I felt cool to be able to see it!!  :)

We are going to be getting iPads next week!  Super crazy!!  And weird!!  I hear it takes a lot of time to get everything put into them and takes awhile to get used to it all but I am way excited.  Evidently we each get our own.  I thought it was going to be one per companionship but Nope!  e are still trying to figure out the whole Facebook thing.  We don't get on Facebook on Sunday's or Monday's but the rest of the time we have an hour a day.  We spend half that time trying to figure out what we should post.  If we are not friends on Facebook you should add me.  Sister-Amber North

So this week I have learned a lot, just a quick bit.  I have learned how important it is to work hard and do everything you can to do what the Lord wants us to do!  When we do our best that is when He is here to help us.  Yes, life gets hard, but we are not alone!  That is so nice to know.  He is there every step of the way.  I know that you are never alone!  Keep praying and doing what the Lord wants you to do and you will get through everything!!

I have been reading in 3rd Nephi.  In 3 Nephi 19 he talks about how Christ prayed for us!  Heavenly Father and Jesus love us so much!!  I just love 3rd Nephi!!  It really is wonderful!!  :D  The Book of Mormon is so true!!

If you are not LDS and you are interested in knowing morea bout our beliefs you can friend Amber on Facebook and send her a message and let her know that you want to know more.  The missionaries are using technology for teaching and can sometimes Face-time about the gospel.

I have to go but I love you all so much!!  Thank you so much for your support!!!  Stay Strong!!

Love always,
Sister Amber North :)

We had yummy blue airheads - THANKS mommy!
I have had people start to ask about ideas for Christmas.  Missionaries don't want to collect a lot of stuff but things like scarfs or nice hats that are warm would be good.  Gift cards for subway, taco bell, Wal Mart, those type of places are great.  Some specific places to Amber's mission that she likes are Gordio's Pizza and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt.  Stamps and stationry are very good for her since she does a fabulous job about writing anyone back who writes her.  She loves to get mail so drop her a note.

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, IL 60025

Monday, November 4, 2013

100 Days Already?

Hello!!  My Lovely Family and Friends!!  :)
100 Day Package from Home

This week I got a package from my family...called the 100 Day Package!!  I didn't know I had been out for 100 Days!  That is pretty cool!!!  I got an awesome letter from my sweet lil sister Taylynne!  That was fun to read!  :)  I will be writing her back today, I wrote everyone else last week so you all should write me back so I have letters to write!  ;)

This week was full of meetings and WOW was it just so wonderful!!  I don't know if I have ever loved meetings so much in my life!  :)

This week has been pretty weird with Monday being the last day with Sister Winn.  We taught L**** who is one of our recent converts.  She was baptized in July right before I got here.  We are doing new member lessons with her, which means we are just reteaching the lessons to help make sure she understands everything.  She is so wonderful and I learn so much from her.  We had dinner with Bishop Atkinson and his family and some family friends.  WE had yummy Cafe Rio type food!  It was divine!!  :)  Then we went and visited Sister A**** and just talked with her.  Her grand kids were gone.  :(  We get to see them today though!!!  They are so wonderful and are the smartest kids!  D**** (6) remembers all the stories we tell him and nothing bests having a child re tell you a Book of Mormon story and wants to play one of the games we have taught him.  It is the greatest!!

Tuesday was Transfers!!  So of course that was interesting.  The church building we go to for transfers is about a half hour away but it took us more than an hour!  Oh my goodness, traffic was so bad!!  It all worked out!!!  Sister Grant and I are companions and it is great!!!  It is so nice to be able to work with her and it is weird not to, well train.  She is so awesome!  Since I already know her I often forget

Transfer meetings are a time to see new and old people and taking family group pictures!!!
Sister Winn - my daughter, Sister Hakins - My Sister, Sister kershaw - my mom and Me
that she doesn't know everyone in this area but she is really good at asking questions so she can know who is who.  We had an appointment with K**** but she was busy doing homework.  :(  We still talked about her reading and shared a scripture from it (Alma 32) which is such a wonderful chapter!  You should go read it! We plan to meet with her on Friday.

Before we went to the S****'s for dinner I felt like we should go see K**** who is 17.  We started teaching her my first transfer here but things happened and now we are teaching her again!  WOOT WOOT!!  So after dinner we stopped by and invited her to Young Women's and she said yes!!  We were pretty excited about that!!

Young Women's is a youth group for girls ages 12-18.  They have activities once a week during the week days.

Wednesday we had planned to be such a super rock awesome day!  Sadly all of our appointments but ONE cancelled.  :(  So we got to go tracting was alright.

We went to the first half of Young Women's and K**** was there!!  :)  YES!!  It was so awesome!  Then we went and taught P**** and that was wonderful!!  It has been said that as we listen to our investigators they will state their concerns and/or needs.  Needless to say we were able to figure out why P**** hasn't received and answer about the Book of Mormon.  As we were talking about prayer he told us how he prayers for everyone else but doesn't really pray for himself.  Well in order to know if the Book of Mormon is true you have to ask God for yourself to know.  So we invited him to do that.  He said he would.  He is such an awesome guy!  It is really cool to watch the spirit work and see God's children come closer to them. You really can see a difference in their eyes and just how they are.

Thursday was Zone Conference which is half the mission!!  It was so awesome!!  Elder Martino came and spoke to us!  He is from the Quorum of the 70.  He is such an amazing man!!  It was a very awesome meeting!!  One of the things that I want to share with you guys is in Alma, I believe starting in Chapter 10.  Alma and Amulek, and why it is so important for Members to be a part of this great work!!  Alma is a missionary, when he first went and taught the people they wouldn't listen.  They didn't trust him but then he met Amulek and asked for his help.  Amulek is a less active and in time he become a strong member of the church.  They taught his family who were not members.  Then they went to the people and Alma started teaching again and this time the people were like dude we already told you to go away.  Then Amulek (a member( testified of what Alma was saying and that it is true and this is when the people started listening! Amulek was the one who made the impact on the people.  This is one reason why member missionary work is SO important!  The missionaries NEED YOUR help!!  I want to invite you to invite someone who is not a member to your home and invite the missionaries over too.  The reason why it is super awesome to invite our friends who are not of our faith to your home is so that you can have a fun night with them and the missionaries can just be a small part of it.  Having that friendship with people is why they will listen to you.  Half the battle is having the courage to invite, and as we invite people they don't always say yes, but as you invite someone to come closer to our loving Savior you are showing Him that you want to help others and show them the joy that this gospel brings.  We are so blessed to know that there is more to life then just being here on earth.  That we are able to live with our families forever!  Through the Atonement we truly can be forgiven for ALL of our sins!  God really does know what we are feeling!! He is here to help us in everything!!

Being on a mission I have been able to feel a small glimpse of what our Savior feels.  I can feel the love for his children, this is why one of the reasons it can be so hard to watch people turn away from this great gospel.  When you know that people know that the gospel is true and they choose not to follow it, it breaks my heart.  I know they are mission out on the blessing that they could receive and the peace.  I know that we are not alone in this crazy world!  The Lord really is here to help us through everything!!  I know that God loves you and wants what is best for you!  He has given us agency to choose.  He is there, but it is up to us to ask for His help.  We must knock and He will open.

It was such a wonderful meeting and Elder Martino called on me to give a talk on Diligence in front of HALF the mission (two stakes) so about 90 missionaries.  We all were told to prepare a talk on Diligence and that any of us would be called up.  Well Elder Martino looked right at me and then called on an Elder so I thought I was good.  Needless to say he then called on me.  I shared a scripture, D&C 107:99-100 and pretty much talked about the Lord having high expectations for us and it is up to us to live up to them.  We need to keep working hard and He will help us! :)  I am getting better at speaking, things are flowing better and I feel like I am making more since.

Friday was planning, we had a quick lesson with K**** and then dinner at a members house.  Then we had exchanges.

Saturday, Sister Kershaw came here which was just weird having her back in the area.  It went really well, I don't have much time but she did tell me that I have grown and I have become more bold.  We got to sing at the Adult Session of Stake Conference which was awesome!

Sunday was Stake Conference!! :)  It was way great!  I just loved it!!

I have got to go but I love you all so much!!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!

Sister Brienholt is dying which means going home
Sister Amber North :D

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Texts and pictures!

Got a surprise text with pictures today.  It was Stake Conference for Sister North.  She is in the same Stake as Jed's cousin Janet.  So Sister North's second cousin I believe.  Janet sent me a picture of her and her girls with Sister North.  LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures from where my kids are serving!  

Friday, November 1, 2013

My mind is blown!

This is a snail mail letter I received today from Sister North, it was written on October 28, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!

So crazy news!  President Woodburry called me tonight to inform me that there has been a change in transfers.

Sister Grant, one of my MTC companions will be my companion for the next six weeks!  My mind is pretty well "mind blown" but it gets even better.  Sister Winward my other MTC companion will be in my district.

This transfer our district will be just the Gurnee 1st and 2nd wards.  8  missionaries, 4 Elders, 4 Sisters.  Which will be the smallest district I have been in.  The Sisters will be my MTC trio plus Sister Carter (been here six weeks).  I'm excited to meet her.  Plus whoever Elder Jacobs is training.

My guess is plus two other Elders that probably nothing changed with since she said 8 missionaries and only talked about 6.  :)

So yeah, crazy stuff.  You never know what is going to happen as a missionary, but you know that the Lord is in charge and it is so awesome!  If we trust in him and always ask for his help, HE tells us and promises us that He WILL help us.  It is awesome!

I love you all so much!  Thank you for all of your support!  You are never alone.

Love Always,
Sister Amber North

PS..Happy Halloween