Monday, November 25, 2013


Me being grateful at the prettiness of the snow :D
Date - November 25, 2013
Companion - Sister Grant
Area - Gurnee 2nd Ward

Hello to my wonderful Family and Friends!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  I am so SO grateful for all of you!!!

- Grandma Mary
- Sister Burr
- Sister Winn
- Kyle Knaras
- Mom
maybe one more...sorry if I forgot...  :D

It was a great week!  Man it is starting to get cold!!  We are buying some good socks today!  hahah Needless to say we froze a little bit the other day but all is well.  :)  Today it is snowing!  I took a picture just to share!  It is snowing even more!!  BRRR!!!

See the cold!  Yeah it is windy that is why there is no snow on the roofs!  
So something that is super awesome that is happening this week is we stopped by a less active and invited him to Thanksgiving dinner...lunch with us at a members.  He said YES!!!! AHH!!!  I am super excited!  We feel like he will become re-activated, he just needs someone to invite him to come to church.  He is open to coming but with him meeting some members I think he will come soon!!  :D  So that is super awesome!!!  :D

We met with K**** this week and she is on date!!  She came to church on Sunday!!  We have a lot to go over before that.  She has a really short attention span so church was REALLY long for her but she said that she liked it.  She told us that she can't come next week but should be able to come the week after!  YAY  :D She is awesome!  She is 17!  Her mom I guess has picked up the Book of Mormon so we gave K**** a copy to give to her.  We are hoping we will be able to meet with her mom soon.  That would be so wonderful!  :)  K**** is a sweet girl and I look forward to her understanding why baptism is an important step and watching her have that true conversion.  Something that is cool is she really liked the uh...Brother Boye message.  She said she shared it on Facebook, so that is cool!!  :)

One journal done and another started!
We met with **** this week and she says she thinks the Book of Mormon is true but she doesn't know if it is or not.  We invited her to pray with us and she asked for help to know if it is true and before we left we told her to really ask if it is true!  :)  We left her to re-read Mornoi's promise and to write down her feelings.
It is hard to talk with her everyday because she can't be on Facebook.  She doesn't have a phone.  We have her mom's number but we can't just text or call her every day on it.  She is able to go to Young Women's so that has been good.  She can't always come on Sunday because that is the only day her dad doesn't work and they do family stuff, so that has been hard.  (She is 15)  The lesson went really well and we were happy that she was home because she didn't know if she would be.  We felt like we should go see her and she was there.  YAY!!!!  :D

We had such an awesome lesson with R**** and J**** on Thursday!!  It was way great!  R**** we have been trying to meet with since lst transfer.  We tracted into her but things just kept not working out.  We have met J**** too and the first time we met him he was like, "yeah I am not interested".  We kept stopping by to see R**** though we would talk to him and we would talk for a little bit.  We stopped by on Tuesday and R**** was like come back on Thursday and I promise that I will be here.  So we go and she asks if we can go to McDonald's because they hadn't eaten.  Plus that way her daughter could play.  We of course said yes.  The funny thing is we were driving and I was like, snap!  This might be out of our area.  I hurried and let the District Leader know that we might be leaving our area.  It turns out it was barley in our area.  We had such an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation!  Both J**** and R**** wee there.  R**** says everything makes since and J**** totally agrees that he should find out for himself.  They are both really cool and we are meeting with them this week, on Thanksgiving!  Woot :)  It would be cool to get a member there but not sure if we will be able to.
Sister Grant, Me, and K****

After our lesson they were moving stuff to their trailer to take to their new house (they aren't moving for a while yay) so we ran home and changed and helped them.  Was good we changed because I got all muddy, it was awesome!  They are such amazing people and I love them so much!  It just makes me so happy. There are going to be some hurdles but I know when they know that it is true that their won't be a problem. They say they aren't church goers but both Sister Grant and I were like...not yet you aren't but you will be. I can't wait to teach them this week!!  :)  It is going to be awesome!!

We had a super wonderful lesson with M**** at the V****'s house!  It was so great!!  She finally is understanding things.  For example she actually called the God Head, the God Head and not the Trinity!!  She is reading and she is progressing! We were able to help her clean her floors after the training meeting and then shared a message with her.  We downloaded the Book of Mormon on her iPad and showed her a talk to listen to from conference.  She said she would watch it.  She is such a sweet lady and it was a powerful lesson.

It is going to be a cold week and a lot of finding time with everyone being out of town.  We are ready to try and stay warm and work hard!

HUGE Snickers from our bishop!
Oh and we have used the iPad's in a member lesson.  In an investigator lesson we used it to show a video!  That was cool!  Still weird but cool!  :)  Yep you guys read that right!  We all have iPad to enhance the work!  This work really is moving forward and it is super awesome!!  My favorite thing about having iPad is that our area book is on them.  That means we no longer have to try and read bad handwriting!  That will be nice!! HAHA  :D  It is taking time to move everything over to the iPad though.

Man, I can't believe Bear Boy leaves so soon!!  He leaves when we have transfers!  So crazy!!  So fun to see pictures of Everyone!!

Amber's brother Jered is leaving December 10th for his mission in Guatemala.  

It is as big as my head!

Huge snickers taste YUMMY

I love you all!!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I hope you all have a BLAST!!  The church is true!  It brings so much joy in my life!!  :D

Sister North  :)

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