Monday, November 11, 2013

What the heck??? It is Snowing!!!!

Hey Fam and Friends!!

It is so pretty outside right now!
So as I am in this warm library I can see out the window that it is SNOWING!!!  Oh my goodness!!  Man I am not ready for the cold!!!  I think we are going to go shopping today for warmer clothing...crazy!  I haven't worn my big heavy coat from Grandma Pam yet because I haven't wanted it to be cold.  I will get lots of use out of it here I am sure of it.

Thank you so much for the letters this week!!  Ihave flet spoiled!
- Grandma Mary
- Kenn North (thanks for the scriptures, I needed that)
- Bethany/Blackham/Gma North
- Sister Brittany Attanasio!
- Marissa Lawrence
- Aimee Smith


Mom I love the four wheels on my luggage.  I haven't had to use mine too much since I haven't moved from this apartment but I have helped my companions move theirs and I have learned that I really like how my luggage has four wheels.  It is so much easier to move.

Anyway onto this week.  It really has been good!  I am learning a lot and learning a lot about myself too.

Yesterday K**** came to church!!  Super great!  We had a lesson with her this week and we talked about her reading.  She read YAY!  We were getting started on the lesson and her mom informed us that they were going to be leaving in five minutes so it was cut short :(  Sad Day.  We are glad that she is reading and we still keep praying that we will be able to teach her mom again.  K**** is doing good and we are so happy when she reads!  :)

Sister Grant and I out having fun tracting.
M**** came to church...well Sunday School and Relief Next week Sacrament!!! Right?  This is HUGE!!!  When we first started talking to her she wouldn't even say yes to coming to church.  This past week our lesson was going well and we invited her to be baptized again.  She said no, so we cleared up her concerns and asked her again and well she said no again.  We kept talking and invited her to church and she said yes!  She said she would go to her church at 8am and then ours at 11am.  She slept n and went to hers later and that is why she missed Sacrament meeting.  We are headed in the right direction!  We are so happy and excited to have her there for most of church!  :)  This week we are having our lesson at the V****'s so this should be really good.  We are excited about how open and willing she has become.  She didn't even want to come to the Halloween party so things are going well.

We met with J**** this week.  It was so wonderful!!  Last week he was sick.  Sister K**** came with us and it was really nice.  He has a lot of awesome questions and he really wants to know if the gospel is true.  We focused on the Book of Mormon and the spirit was there.  It is cool to watch were the spirit takes you in a lesson.  J**** even wants to come to church!  He was the one that asked us more about it and if he could sit with us.  He was out of town this weekend and won't be here next weekend but said he would come to the first hour of church and see how it goes.  This week we are meeting at the church to show him where we meet and the different meetings.  It should be really good.  We are looking forward to it.  Sister K**** said that we could have a lesson at her house too!  :)  We hopefully will be able to do that next week!  :)  We want to have his wife join us for that too.  We will see what happens.  We are excited for his progress.  Oh something that was cool, so he forgot that we left him with the intro and Alma 32 so he still read the intro and then read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon.  I think he forgot that it was written down but we were happy to hear that he still read!  :)  That was pretty sweet!!!

We had a wonderful lesson with M****, she is super sweet and the spirit was strong!  She wants to take her family to church.  She has two boys 13 and 10 and we were going to meet them later this week but it didn't work out.  We are hoping to be able to teach her boys and husband too!  That would be so cool to teach them all.  :)  We talked about the Book of Mormon and recapped the Restoration.  She had a really good memory of what we taught her.  She told us how she knows that religion is good in life and wants her boys to have it.  We are hopefully meeting with her on Tuesday!  She said she would callus today!  She has been really good at calling us and letting us know if it works or not.

Okay I don't know where the time went but I only have a few minutes  :(  which is just so crazy!!!

Okay so some random thought about this week.  After our lesson with J**** he showed us his awesome Beatles room!  He has so many posters, records, you name it.  If it is about the Beatles it is in this room!  It is pretty much awesome!!!  I would love to take a picture and show you guys one day!  But I felt cool to be able to see it!!  :)

We are going to be getting iPads next week!  Super crazy!!  And weird!!  I hear it takes a lot of time to get everything put into them and takes awhile to get used to it all but I am way excited.  Evidently we each get our own.  I thought it was going to be one per companionship but Nope!  e are still trying to figure out the whole Facebook thing.  We don't get on Facebook on Sunday's or Monday's but the rest of the time we have an hour a day.  We spend half that time trying to figure out what we should post.  If we are not friends on Facebook you should add me.  Sister-Amber North

So this week I have learned a lot, just a quick bit.  I have learned how important it is to work hard and do everything you can to do what the Lord wants us to do!  When we do our best that is when He is here to help us.  Yes, life gets hard, but we are not alone!  That is so nice to know.  He is there every step of the way.  I know that you are never alone!  Keep praying and doing what the Lord wants you to do and you will get through everything!!

I have been reading in 3rd Nephi.  In 3 Nephi 19 he talks about how Christ prayed for us!  Heavenly Father and Jesus love us so much!!  I just love 3rd Nephi!!  It really is wonderful!!  :D  The Book of Mormon is so true!!

If you are not LDS and you are interested in knowing morea bout our beliefs you can friend Amber on Facebook and send her a message and let her know that you want to know more.  The missionaries are using technology for teaching and can sometimes Face-time about the gospel.

I have to go but I love you all so much!!  Thank you so much for your support!!!  Stay Strong!!

Love always,
Sister Amber North :)

We had yummy blue airheads - THANKS mommy!
I have had people start to ask about ideas for Christmas.  Missionaries don't want to collect a lot of stuff but things like scarfs or nice hats that are warm would be good.  Gift cards for subway, taco bell, Wal Mart, those type of places are great.  Some specific places to Amber's mission that she likes are Gordio's Pizza and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt.  Stamps and stationry are very good for her since she does a fabulous job about writing anyone back who writes her.  She loves to get mail so drop her a note.

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, IL 60025

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