Monday, November 18, 2013

"Don't Doubt the Off Spring of God"

Date - November 18, 2013
Companion - Sister Grant
Area - Gurnee 2nd Ward

Hello to my lovely Family and Friends!!!  :D

Snow last Monday!
I sure hope you are doing well!!  This week has been great!  It is crazy how every day can be so different and how the weeks change and are different.  This week pretty much all but one of our lessons fell through  :( It was a somewhat sad day.  One that I was really looking forward to was our lesson with Mary.  We were going to have the lesson at Sister V****'s house but M**** didn't feel good.  Instead we ended up talking with Sister V****. (Relief Society Pres.) about different things in the ward and how we can help her with the ward and her missionary work.  It was still good.  :)

We had a super awesome lesson with J**** this week!!!  :D  We met at the church and we were able to give him a church tour and show him around the church and what we do.  He really liked it.  One of the things that he really liked was how the baptistery was more on a personal level and not in the chapel like he is use to.  He comes from a Baptist background.  At the end we were looking and talking about some of the pictures in the hallway and we were talking about the Atonement and it was so powerful!!  Sister K**** shared such a powerful Testimony!!!  After that we were able to watch the Restoration DVD and he just loves Joseph Smith and doesn't see why he can't be a Prophet.  He says that Joseph Smith doesn't seem any different from the Prophets in the Bible!  So that is awesome!!  He isn't sure yet if he knows it is true but he still wants to keep learning and we invited him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if the Bible is true!  When we asked if we could meet with him next week he was like, Oh yes I already have it on my calendar!  So that is really cool!!  We told him how there is a baptism on Saturday and he really wants to come and see it but he might be going to see his grand kids so we will see.  We didn't get to talk about the DVD or Book of Mormon as much as we wanted to because of time but the spirit was strong and it was wonderful!  :)  It is so awesome teaching J****!  He is so prepared!!  Something cool he said is that learning about the gospel is like stepping stones that he didn't know were there.  That was really cool!  We have been able to talk to him more through out the week and it has been good!  We just become friends on Facebook too so we are hoping that we will be able to really use this tool to keep helping him in different ways!  For example he wants to see more about Joseph Smith so we can share that with him!  We are excited to do that!  He is awesome!!

Speaking of Facebook.  Yes, I am on Facebook but I can only use it for Missionary purposes and I am not allowed to talk to people from back home.  So if you want to talk to me PLEASE write me a letter!!  I love getting mail!  It is so fun to read!  I can even re-read it!  So it is awesome!!!  :D  But you are more than welcome to share things on your news feed from what I post, (I post something to you guys about once a week)  There are so many ways to share this great message!  I have the chance to do that with Facebook!  You can do that too!  :)

So she posts more often than what we can see.  They have all types of settings set up so please don't send her messages and stuff.  She is on Facebook as another tool for teaching the gospel.  

Last Saturday we tracted...pretty much like ALL DAY!!  Guess what?!?!  We got two new investigators this week from it!  So that is crazy cool!!!  One we can't meet with for two weeks though, so that is a bit of a bummer but she is interested in learning what we believe.  The other has told us that he isn't going to convert but he finds it interesting and is open to learning more.  It was funny, when we stopped by him this week he was like well Hello again!, I think he was surprised to see us and he first asked what our purpose was then he told us that he doesn't think he will convert but let us keep telling what we believe.  It was interesting but really good.  He wants his 15 year old son to listen to us so we shall see what happens.

Pretty much this week the Lord just wanted us to make sure we keep on moving and working hard.  So that is what we did!  We knocked on a hand full of houses and we met some cool people!  :)

Something that was super cool yesterday!  We stopped by J****, who when I first got here we had tracted into him and started teaching him but then the last few months we had trouble getting a hold of him or anything.  The crazy thin is he saw Sister B**** at the train station (he works there) and was like oh yeah I am learning from Sister North.  When Sister B**** told me that I was like WHAT??  We can't get a hold of him at all!  Last night we did though and he was so excited to see us!!  We tried to clear up and help him understand authority but he still doesn't understand it yet.  The meeting was good and the spirit was so strong it was cool!!!  He doesn't work on Sunday's anymore so hopefully he will come to church soon!!  That would be so awesome!!  :D

Awesome Story!!  Yesterday Sister A***** was able to come to Sacrament!!  Oh my goodness!  As soon as I saw her my heart was warmed and tears came to my eyes.  She has been wanting to come to church for a long time but physically is unable to.  So it was super wonderful that she got to come for Sacrament!  Oh how sweeet is that!!  It was so tender!!  I just loved it so much!!!  :)

Oh my Goodness I only have like 8 minutes left!  Where does the time go?  This is just crazy!!!

This week letters from:
- Gma Braten (mission Grandma)
- Rachel Fisiheatu
- Aunt Dolores

Oh hey!  I have a little more time!  Yay!! :D  hahah

Hmm..So random story of the week...Oh hahah Got it!!  This was funny!  We were going to see a less active and we got out of the car and there was a guy.  The best way I can describe him is that he was wearing Indian clothes and he's black.  He even had his name on his pants.  Anyway, we get out of the car and he is like, "Hey Baby Cakes" and I was like Hey!  He called my companion something else but I can't remember what it was.  We talked to him for a few seconds and then he went on his way.  It was weird and random but super funny!!!!

My heading is from church yesterday!  "Don't doubt the off spring of God"  think about it.  God loves all of us so So SOO much!!  He has given us such a great gift!  Our bodies and we have such great minds!  He has given us tools to move his work forward and to be able to live with him again.  We should know that we are awesome!  We are made from God!  If I say so myself God is pretty much incredible!!  He makes it possible for all of us to do everything!!  Oh how grateful I am to be here on this earth, it may be hard at times but with His help we can do it!!!  :D

Sister Grant and I are silly!
Sister Grant and I taught Sunday School yesterday about tithing.  It was grand!  One of the speakers in sacrament meeting pretty much gave our entire lesson but it was still great!  :)  I would say I am getting better at teaching. (hopefully right)  ;)  hahha

Alright here is another story for you guys!

On Wednesday we were knocking on doors until after 8pm...or like after 8:30.  Ha, gotta love it when you don't have an appointment!  (we are working until 9pm)  Well it was great!  We always make the best of it!  It was a little cold but we still have a warm heart.  Anyway, story time...We knocked on this house and the guy must of had a bad day.  He was like, NO go away.  So we did, no biggy.  He shut his door and then started locking it when he opened it again and asked us if we had permission (yes we do) to be knocking on the doors.  He didn't want to hear what we said but we were still nice and he was like I'm going to call the cops on you!  Sister Grant and I just laughed once we got to the car because even if he did call the cops their is nothing they could do about it.  We were allowed to knock on doors.  We still left right after that and all was well.

Well you guys, I love you all so much!  Thank you for all your support and prayers!!  I am safe from the weather but it was funny that during Sacrament meeting EVERYONE got the weather warning text at about the same time about the storms.  HAHA but we are all safe here!  :)

I know this church is true!!  It makes me so happy!!  :D  :D  :D  It is so cool listening to the spirit and doing what it says!  I love being out here!  It is hard but it is the best!!  Teaching someone this amazing gospel bring so much joy to my heart!!

I love you!  Have a GREAT week!!!  :D

Sister North  :D

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