Monday, May 26, 2014

The Week of Fellowshipping! :)

Valpo Olympics
Date: May 26, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 12

The Week of Fellowshipping! :)

Win Gabo! Everyone! Are you wondering what that means? Me too! Ha! I say it all the time and I'm not sure why! So tell me if you have an  answer! :)

Mookie!! Congrats at taking State! I am so excited for you! Sounds like so much fun! Write me a letter Mr! :) I'm still waiting for that birthday letter from you. ;) this goes to all my siblings! You all
should write me a page letter about your life! And then give it to Mom! She'll even send it off for you! :) I love you guys! And I miss hearing from you!

Mom thanks for all the updates! So much is happening! It is crazy! Dad gets to go to meetings at 6am! Wow! That is before I get up haha. That is cool, he'll be even more technology savvy! :) I'm getting pretty good at working an iPad! Ha! I love the Gospel Library app! It is wonderful! And it makes today (holidays) still a P-Day because we can email you from our iPad! I just need to connect

This week we took it easy because Sister Wells has been sick but the last few days have been back to normal. We did have Transfer Calls on Saturday and I kept forgetting that it was that day, Sister Wells and I new we both would be staying! Yahoo! And a few minutes before nine we received a text saying "you will NOT be receiving a transfer call" we both are happy about that! I can see us being together for another Transfer too. I see myself being here for four transfers and then in my last area for four. But we will see what The Lord has in store for me! I know he has aplan! :) what is crazy is my entire district is staying the same!! Yahoo! This is the first time on my mission that no one was transferred, I'm excited about that! I have a great district! We are are working hard trying to do our part in the Lords vineyard. :) and on Wednesday we have district Lunch! Yahoo! I love district
lunch! :)

Our miracles this week goes with the subject line, "The week of Fellowshipping" our numbers might of been low but we had wonderful opportunities for our investigators to meet and get to know members! Yay! So that was awesome!

First one is Ryan came to institute!! Yahoo!! Oh my goodness I was just so thrilled! :) we texted him inviting him to go and he said yes! I didn't expect that answer. But he was able to go! We had a great
lesson in Ether talking about the Jaridites and how they built a barge and we compared it to a coconut! ...pretty much they came over in a huge coconut! Ha! I never thought of it like that before but it is true! Go read or re-read the story! It is a great one! Ryan had some great comments! I think it blew his mind a little how the Brother of Jared brought rocks for God to light up and he did it! It was a neat experience and afterward he went and got ice cream with everyone. We asked him the next day how he liked it and he said it made his day! Hopefully he'll come tomorrow! That would be awesome! :)

Next is Kim! Kim came to the Relief Society Ethnic dinner! Yahoo! It was awesome and very yummy! She seemed to enjoy it and after we took her to the chapel and explained our worship service a little bit. She is still interested in checking it out. We told her how it is really different from everyone else and very quiet. Hopefully next time she doesn't have work she'll be able to come...(she works all the time..has two jobs) we also told her about institute and she was excited to hear that they go get ice cream afterward! :) hopefully we can teach her this week! That would be awesome! :)

Last is on Saturday we had a BBQ with the Yarros and the Lewis's came and then the Bailieys form Michigan City Branch was there and also took Gloria and Jordan to a baptism that day too! Awesome! We didn't get to share a message with them because we had to go but they got to
know some ward members better! BUT Gloria said the prayer on the food! Yay! It was so awesome! And we met with them the day before and she hadn't really read and when we came back on Saturday she was like I was going to the chapter you left me and started reading this other chapter! So that is cool! I'm excited to meet with them! They also enjoyed the cheesecake I made yay! :)

Our awesome district
We got to see Mary Jo and Gray this week yay! The last few times Gary has been taking a nap so that was awesome! We had a great lesson and we read Enos 1-12. It was super awesome. We talked more about prayer and how it affects us. MaryJo said she wasn't ready to pray in front of us yet but she is working on it so that is exciting! :) I love meeting with them! It was a great lesson and Mary Jo has a desire to come to church...just not yet. It is funny cause she looks at Gary and says "who knows maybe will make it to church one day...right?" And Gary just nods his head haha.

We had an awesome lesson planned with Debbie in a members home but sadly she had to work BUT we got to meet with her last minute, but sadly didn't have a member with us. I was bummed. And she had to work yesterday so that was also a day day. But we still had a great lesson with her.

Hmm...oh we got a referral this week! It is a high school aged boy and we talked to him and you could tell he was really nervous and he asked if we could come back later/call. But when we have called no one has answered. So hopefully we will be able to contact him soon and teach
him a lesson. :)

Dinner at a members

We had our awesome Zone Activity! I managed to take 40 pictures before my camera died. I was super bummed it died! But it was a blast! Yay for Valpo Olympics! :) my awesome red team won if we played golf! Which means we lost but still fun! :) we played several games like win it to win it games! :)

It was a good week!

Thanks so much for all the Love! So nice!
-Karoline and kiddos, the card made me smile :)
-Grandma Mary
-Tiffany and Brittany! Oh my goodness! I lo
story, I got your letters the same day and I open both of them and
what do I see cats! On both of them! Am I suppose to learn something
from that! ;) ha I love you guys! I sure have been blessed with great
a Roommates! :)

So Kim says Hi! We are using McDonadls wifi and she is working and says Hi! Yay!  :)

Yesterday at Church Sister Thomas gave Sister Wells and I a small chocolate birthday cake! So sweet of her! She is super awesome! And a hard worker. Love her!  :)

Thanks for all you guys do and for the prayers you say in my behalf.

I love you all! Keep smiling! You are all so awesome! :)

Sister North  :)

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Week Always Ends good with a Sunday! :)

Birthday package from home
Date: May 19, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 11

Hey ya friends and Family!

- Grandma Pam - the card was so cute! Love the Monkey! :)
- Momma, we loved the Birthday package! Thank you! Sister Wells
couldn't believe she got stuff too! :) and I got your card too! Thank
you so much! :) you are the Best! I love you! :)
- Grandma Mary
- Holden Gang!
(On Friday Sister Wells checked the mail and we both were excited to
get mail! She couldn't believe you guys wrote her too. Thank you! We
both needed mail that day, it was kinda a rough week for us. And
Grandma she loved that your card was a get well one)
- Jessica Chr...I mean Tremea ;) oh my goodness! Best birthday present
ever and you didn't even plan it! Hehe so wonderful to get a letter
from my sweet roomie!
- Sister Grant

So How's it going? I sure would just LOVE to hear from you! I'm a little behind on writing back but I promise you, You will hear back from me!

Sister Amber North
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

Birthday poster from my family.
This week was a hard week for me but like the subject says the Week always ends good with a Sunday! Oh how I love Sundays! Plus for it being my birthday of course it had to be a good one. :) and it was! It went by Super fast too!

Church was awesome! President and Sister Woodbury spoke in Sacrament!  And man I could hear them talk ALL day! They sure are wonderful!  :) I taught Gospel Principles on Repentance and it wasn't to shabby! It made me happy! :) and Relief Society was great! My stomach even cheered it on....ha! It was being rather noisy..  We sat by one of the
Elders investigator and after we talked to her for about ten minutes! She is super awesome! :)

We went back to the apartment and had lunch and personal study and then we went back to the church to a meeting with ward mission leaders from the stake and it was awesome! Man I honestly can't wait to be a member missionary! So fun!...lies I can wait! Because I love being a missionary! But it will be fun to help the missionaries when I come
home. :)

After that we had dinner with the Tucker family! Yay! :) I just love them so so much! :) I was looking forward to this all
Birthday brownies....YUMMMY

week! We had turkey and brownies! Yay! And they made me such sweet cards! So wonderful! And we had such a sweet lesson with them! They are one amazing family! :) I sure do love them! :) it was a good birthday! :) the Sister Training Leaders and our District Leader (Elder Whitehead) and Elder Angeleti sang happy birthday to me! They are awesome! :) made my day! :)

This week was one of those weeks I didn't feel like it was a good one but it was! When we filled out our MCM paper, I was like man, we have done a lot this week. It just shows as we push through the hard times The Lord really does bless us! :)
I almost forgot to make my wish!!!

Some of the highlights this week;

We had THREE member present! Yahoo! We have been having the curse of the no member presents lately! And we finally broke it! Hopefully it will go up hill from here! :)

First one is meeting with Ryan! We had an appointment with someone else but it fell through so we decided to go and see Ryan and guess what He was home! Sister Skeen came with us! I honestly wasn't sure how the lesson would go but it went really well! We had a wonderful lesson on prayer! The spirit does direct! I said a closing prayer and
then he did, it was a wonderful prayer! It really was a miracle to meet with him! :)

2nd was Tom! Sister Wells and Sister Bradley met him on Wednesday during exchanges and on Friday he told us we could meet with him! We spent about a haft hour trying to find a member to go with us last minute and everyone was busy. So we said another prayer asking for direction and one of the guys in the ward came to mind so we called him and he said he could go! But we couldn't meet at Tom's house because we needed another female there so I tested Tom saying we were in the mood for ice cream, so we met at a place called Darie Dip and come to find out there are only outside seating...ha, Sister Wells and I both had winter clothing on! Yep still wearing my winter boots
sometimes(crazy) and our poor member was cold but he was a trooper. It was a good lesson the the Restoration very upbeat lesson. Tom is 20 and has a ton of energy! But the funny part to this story is after we got home we text the member telling him thanks and he responds, "I think Tom might live three house down from me." We asked if he lived
on P.M. Street, he said yes! Oh my goodness! They live on the same street! It was so funny! I honestly couldn't believe it! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!

Sister Wells with her gifts
3rd we met with the Yarro's with one of the youth on the ward. We felt like he would connect with Lindsey. It was super funny! When we called him and told him that she likes Anime he was like "OH MY GOODNESS!....YES!!!" It was awesome! And made S. Wells and I laugh! I didn't expect that reaction from him, haha The lesson was good, poor
Lindsey was sick though :( so she went to lay down after we watched the Restoration DVD. On Saturday we are having a birthday BBQ. We are hoping this will help break the ice with Joe, he Santa been too involved with the lessons yet. But I have high hopes for this wonderful family! And I am bring yummy cheesecake! :)
Sister Tucker, Sister Hone, Sister Walton, Me, and Brother Tucker

Elders singing - nope mom I don't know most of their names.

We visited the Partlows and Chris had us put on some masks.

So we had exchanges this week and guess what! They already had planned to go sing to Bro. Tucker and I got to go! There were thirteen missionaries! It was so wonderful! The Tucker's were so surprised to see me! It was pretty much awesome! I sure love them! :)  after we sang to Bro. Tucker for a while we also went and sang to some others,
and we had the doors open for everyone to hear! Man, I loved it so much! It makes me miss being in Arise and going and doing stuff like that! I love choir and helping cheer people up through music and testimony! :) so so wonderful!! :)

Speaking of singing, man I just love this song! I know I have shared it before but honestly it is just so so amazing! So listen to it again! And share it on Facebook! Send it to someone in need! We all need Christ in our life! He is so amazing! I love him so much! It is Never to late to Come to Him, I know He is there for you with Open Arms!

I love you all so so much!! And thank you so so much for all of the support! And love and letters! They honestly mean so much! Especially when things are hard or you are feeling down, they can be what picks you up for the day!

Keep going strong! I love you! :) Gotta Run!

Beautiful view

A better picture of the McDonalds in the middle of the freeway.

For kicks and giggles I'm going to end my letter how my sweet Grandma
ended hers to me this week!

Sister North

Monday, May 12, 2014


A tree down, some where on the roads
Date:  May 12, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 10

Oh my goodness loved ones! Hello! :)

holes int he sidding and broken windows
I am safe and happy to say that I am ALIVE!!! :) my family already knows the story, but the rest of you don't so here I am to tell you! So last night we were visiting a less active and then a storm was coming...hmmm...(had no clue!) so we both felt like we needed to go so we did. Well we didn't listen right away(we tried to share a message, but left before really talking about it, just a few minutes different in time) so we got stuck in a storm! It was CRAZY!! We were like five minutes from our members house. And then the storm hit! We couldn't see in front of us really and there are branches falling and oh my goodness! It was so crazy! And honestly super scary! We even saw a mail box fly! We were driving when there is a tree branch...a big one (as big as the car) blocking the road but we  got past by driving on the grass. (You can do that here...they don't really have sidewalks) and we are like, okay if we get stuck we are going into that house! Well guess The Lord didn't want us to get stuck because we kept going! It was terrifying! But with praying our hearts out we made it to Sister Skeen's house! Jumped out of the car, ran through the puddles and around two huge tree branches! I was so glad to be inside! It sure was crazy! I've never been so scared of driving in my life! In my first area it rained and you couldn't really see but here we had the wind going and trees falling! So yeah pretty crazy!
My family and me
Sister Skeen is so cute! We both were kinda still freaking out so she was like, do you guys want some cake and ice cream? We both said yes to ice cream! Yum! Haha my mind was pretty much blown!

We didn't know if we would be able to talk with our families but we did! And it was super wonderful! They even heard part of the crazy storm and my little brother was a little scared! He is so cute! :)

Mother's Day and Christmas are the two times we get to actually talk to our missionaries.  We were able to Skype with Amber and see her.  It kept cutting out and we kept having to reconnect but it was totally worth it to get to see her happy, smiling face, and hear her excitement for the work she is doing there in Chicago and Indiana.  

Silly picture

My mom and grandma's - love them all

Big trees knocked over
 And on the way home, it took longer because we had to take a few detours! There was a power line that fell and also a huge tree fell! I don't think I could wrap my arms around the trunk! ....I wanted to take a picture...BUT we needed to get home! It was after nine...and it still wasn't the safest outside. And when we got closer to our apartment we had pretty much a lake in the way, so we took another detour but ran into a lot of water! Man I felt like such a rebel! Backing up without my companion, running stop signs because we were afraid that if we stopped we would get stuck! It sure was a crazy awesome night! And glad to say we survived the storm!

Whenever a missionary is going in reverse their companion must stand behind the car to make sure all is clear and direct them.  Just one of the many safety measure put in place to try and keep the cars and missionaries safe.
So Happy Mother's Day!!!! :) yesterday!

Go check out: #itwasmom :)

Yep pretty great Mother's Day! And the only one I'll have as a missionary! I even got a flower and chocolate at church today because I am a 'future mom'....can I just say, I sure am glad I am a missionary! :) not ready for that step in my life.

This week was a weird week, but it was super awesome! :) we didn't really get to meet with any of our investigators. Just the Yarros, but we did teach NINE less active lessons!! It was super duper awesome! :)

We had a great lesson with Gloria and Lindsey the daughter. We taught the Restoration. Gloria has heard it before and really likes it and you could tell Lindsey needed to have some time to take it in, but she was really listening and thinking. She is a sweetheart! We are meeting with them on Tuesday with Brother Lester and planning on watching the
Restoration DVD and talk more about the Restoration. They are a really cool family! :) I think I am going to buy stuff to make cheesecake and share it with them for all of our birthdays.  :)

On Tuesday night we had a sleep over at our place so that we could all be together and ready to go bright and early.

On Wednesday, We got to go to the Temple Day! :) Words can NOT describe how amazing Wednesday was!! A few things I have to say is How important Eternal Families are!! Wow! Not only for my family now but for my future family! What an amazing blessing it is to have in my life to KNOW that I will be with my husband FOREVER!! :) it brings me so much peace and joy! I don't know what the Lord has planned for me, but I do know He has a plan for me and you that will bring us the most JOY!
Sister Buckmiller and I jumping

Our zone at the Chicago Temple

Sister North, Spackman, and Goff

Sister Backman

Sister Buckmiller and I jumping

Sister Wells and I

We left to go to the Temple at 6am and got there a little after eight and it was such an amazing experience! :) yay! After that we had lunch at the mission home. Then we had a super awesome testimony meeting about the Book of Mormon challenge we got for Christmas to Aprils conference to mark all the references of Christ and His Atonement! I
invite you to do the same! It will change your life! :) It has changed mine! :) it was such a sweet experience to hear everyone's testimony in our zone (32 missionaries) as well as instruction from our sweet President and his delightful wife! :) they are just the cutest! :) and then we left to go back home about four.

One other thing I would like to mentioned is we are seriously in enemy territories! Look at the World around us! What is happening? Where are our focuses being taken? How is the 'enemy' taking you down? The world down? is a lot to think about. He is trying to destroy families! Families are so special and so important to Gods plan! Without them we have no point. How are you going to bless your family today?

The week of Less Actives!

Ha this was my thought on Thursday! "Three less active lessons! And service all on a weekly planning day? That is just super awesome! And oh my goodness!  Summer all the sudden it is upon us! ...." (It was hot! And I was like what happened to spring? Ha

D****:  It was Sister Wells first time meeting her. We planned to have lunch with her Friday but plans changed but we got to go visit her the day she called. :) we had a great lesson with her and she loves the Because of Him video. When she first saw the video it actually made her cry a little bit and we talked about the Atonement and a few things and it was just a strong lesson! We are suppose to go have breakfast with her this week at 'Tate's' so that will be good.

L****:  Oh my goodness! So a member suggested that we should go visit her and so we have been trying but she keeps making up excuses and not meeting with us. One day she said she couldn't meet so we came back the next
day and she forgot, But still let us in! It was crazy! And we tried sharing a video but honestly her and her mother in law didn't really watch it but she did share her conversation story. And when we asked if there was anything we could do for her she said yes! (I was so floored! No one ever takes us up on our offer!) she asked if we could mow her lawn! I said oh yes! And man I was actually really excited to mow her lawn....part of it is also because the Elders keep doing that
and other things and always have service and I'm like just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't do it! So yeah pretty excited! And I did! And it was a work out! But grand! :) and she really opened up! I've always heard service works but I haven't really been able to use it and see the fruits of it and today was the day!! :) after we helped her we talked with her for a while and she pretty much told us why she stopped coming to church. She has a bad back and that is part of it,
but when we listened we found the deeper reason. She would always read her scriptures with her Mom and when she passed away pretty much all the church stuff stopped. We had a great lesson with her. We set up a return appointment and she was super excited! It will be good to meet with her! We left her Alma 7 to read. We did invite her to church as
well, but she didn't come this time.

M****: we didn't know if we would be able to meet with them because we hadn't heard from them but we went anyway. Brother Martinez wasn't there but the kids were and we had a great lesson on prayer! They are so great! And I just love them! :)

P****: they all came to church on Sunday! Ahh yay!! :) that made me so happy to see them all! The other day we saw Chris-little boy at the library! That was so fun to see him. :) we had a small lesson with the kids this week.

Y***: We met with a few times and it actually is going pretty well. Sister Yuen even read more of Joseph Smith history by herself. And our lessons have been more focused too. :)

M***: oh my goodness! So visiting with her was awesome! :) we got there and she was excited to see us and she was like I thought you missed me this week, because we usually visit her at the beginning of the week. So that is cool! She really wanted us to come! She is feeling the spirit and it is awesome! She has been doing good about
praying at night, but forgetting to pray in the morning, and well that is a hard thing to do sometimes. But so excited for her progression! :) yay! It made me so happy! It is great to see her desire to meet and want to know more! :)
It has been a great week! :D I love being a Missionary! You never know  what is going to happen but if you work hard you know it is going to be a good day!! :D 
-Rachel F.
-Grandma Mary

I love you all SO much! Thank you so much for all the support!! :D It really does mean a lot!! :D  
I took tons of pictures this week so be ready! :D
Keep working hard my friends!
The milk knows its my birthday

Me waiting for my companion

silly faces while on the phone

We got flowers for Mothers Day - kinda weird

Me and little bit of Chicago

The McDonalds is literately in the middle of the Highway 

I love Sister Woodbury

Happy Birthday to Sister Wells and I

Sister Amber North :D

Monday, May 5, 2014


our little fake growing fish
Date:  May 5, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 9

Welcome To MAY My fellow friends and Family!!!

I am still in shock that it is MAY! I still feel like it is Feb! ha! ..yeah I am wrong!
The thought I want to share this week is: called A Mother's Hope.  I thought this would be perfect because this coming Sunday is a great day to remember our Sweet Moms :D
I love the line "Faith overcame her Fear"  If we have Faith we can do anything!! :D 

- Grandma and Grandpa North and Great Grandma Nielsen!
- Aunt Karoline
- Elder Shick
- Elder Deweese
- Grandma Maxine
- Elder Krogh
-Grandma Mary! Your card made me laugh! :) thanks! :)
- Elder Wilkinson

Man thank so so much for the letters everyone! It is super crazy and makes me feel beyond cool! :) I have a favor! Will you all write a Happy Birthday card to my companion Sister Tayla Wells. Her birthday is on the 25th of this month and here I am being spoiled with mail and she hasn't really gotten any. :( she would love to hear from you! She is super awesome! :) thanks guys. :)

So this morning we as we left I jumped in a puddle! Yay! But then I got my sock wet :( and I laughed! :) we vacuumed our car out too! The inside is all clean. :)

Elder Foster, Berhow, Angletti, Whitehead
We had an a zone activity today!! Yahoo! And we met at the church because it was all cloudy and rainy. We played volleyball, soccer(I even scored two points! It was cool!-Mookie and Taryn you should be proud of Me! :) and I played some basketball. At one point we did a barrow race and then I just had Sister Wells push my feet and I was like super women going across the floor! ha! I have been asked more in my life if I played sports and told I am a sportscy person here on my mission then anywhere! I had one Elder even tell me I was a Beast! I guess I have good endurance...or I'm just one of the only Sisters that really gets into the game! We played 'knock out' and I kept getting the Elders out and so the other Elders cheered me on! Yeah I felt cool not gonna lie! Ha! Zone activities are always a good time! :)

For dinner we ate at the Daubek's house and Debbie was going to join us but was still a little sick. So we go to the door and I ring the doorbell and I'm like did they have a doorbell last time? And we just shrug and wait, but no one answers. I remember sister Daubek saying something about softball practice so we thought hmm...maybe they are running late. So what do we do, put on our coats and wait a minute. As we walk down the driveway a car pulls up. In my head I'm like
hmm...maybe they invited one of their friends. We start talking to her and Sister Wells notices we are at the wrong door but we got her information and it was awesome! We then go next door to the Daubek's and tell them what just happened! It was awesome! Hopefully the Elders will be able to teach her soon(she is in there area). We had a great
dinner with them and played a game called 'Bee Attitude' and I just love the three kids, Hugh the youngest has so much energy and it just makes me smile and reminds me of being home! :) kids are wonderful!
Hermana Escabar, Me, Sister Wells, and H. Meinea

We got to visit the Edwards tonight, it was the first time I met her and she is great! We had a great lesson with her and her two kids. We shared the #BecauseofHim video and talked about how Christ can help us and it was just good. :)

My favorite part about today was visiting Mary Jo. She is starting to really open up to us. She is just wonderful! We shared the Humpty Dumpty poem with her and then she got a phone call and as she was on the phone guess what we discovered!?! A second haft to the poem! It was pretty funny considering Sister Wells has had this poem oh for
like seven years! Ha! But it was a perfect bonding moment for us all! :)

Wednesday - The Day full of adventures! :)
We had district meeting and the Zone leaders actually were there! Yay! (They take turns going to the other districts) and all I have to say district can NOT sing! But man do I love them! :) haha we sang the opening song and Elder ...was singing with gusto! And pretty much everyone was singing on different notes and what do I do? I start
laughing! It honestly was so funny! And then I tried to sing and I sounded like a cow or something! The closing song was a little bit better!

Got up to 77 one day - that didn't last long
After that we had district lunch at a little Mexican restaurant, I think called Maria's. It was tasty! I have a great district! They make me laugh! One of the Elders asked hey 'Hey Sister North! We are thinking about starting a choir what do you think?' I just started laughing.... We had fun telling a few riddles and enjoying our food.  And seeing if Maria wanted a free copy of the Book of Mormon.

After lunch we met the Elders(foster&berhow) at a hospital because the Shellie's(a senior couple) wanted to join us for the day. So Sister Shellie came with us and Elder Shellie went with the Elders. Sister Shellie is awesome! Our first destination was trying to contact a referral but no one was home so we decided to knock some doors and then we met Eddie! He said he would read the introduction of the Book of Mormon! :) yay! And then we walked back to the the rain.  Silly me didn't even have a jacket on.

Then we stopped by the Partlow's and Sister Partlow was home! Huge miracle! We got to share a brief message with her. Then we went to the apartment to change our cloths for service to go help the Yarros! We just helped them sort some things and then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and some different things. My favorite part is
Lindsay asked a question! I was trying to figure out how to get her more involved! So it was grand! We went back to the apartment to change back into normal cloths and then Sister Shellie was like is it dinner time yet? We said yes and
then when she found out we didn't have any plans she was super excited to take us out to dinner! It was super cute! :)

We ended the night with teaching Debbie! And Debbie thought it was cool that Sister Shellie is a missionary with her being older. We planned to teach the gospels but while we were there we felt like we should watch the Restoration DVD. Sister Shellie gave some awesome comments. It was great! :)
The little lake outside our apartment 

Sometime you have those days where Satan knows exactly what you are trying to improve on and he is doing everything he can to take you down...down to the ground until you cry but we are NOT alone! He is there for you and I! So this is Sister North's wisdom for the day:  "God wants us to succeed, but it is up to us to listen to Him" so even
when things become hard with the Lords help we can do everything!  The End!

We had dinner with the Thomas (relief society pres. Fam) they are super awesome! We ate at Ci Ci's pizza. Then we got to talk with Sister Thomas for a little bit because the others had soccer practice and I guess our little message was perfect for her and she said she really needed it. So that was really cool! If we listen to the spirit we will truly be able to help those we come in contact with! It is awesome! :)

Today was an interesting day...we met with Sister Yuen today and we read from Joseph Smith history and talked some about his story and then we talked about how in the Bible it talks about the BOM and it was a short lesson that took a long time! BUT the cool thing is when we got there we had a few extra minutes and I was like let's go knock on this house. Well it wasn't me thinking that, because we went and knocked and got a PNI and gave our new friend J...a BOM it was pretty cool! Only door we knocked on today! That is my kind of tracting :)

We had a lesson with Cyndi and well I was glad we didn't have a member with was a rather interesting teaching she takes care of an older couple and because it was kind of cold we were invited inside and Joan just walks around and Jim was watching the Big Bang Theory and it was super loud but we turned it down. It took a
little bit to get the lesson going and when the spirit was finally there before we got into the first vision we hear a car door and it turns out to be Diana her sister. So she comes in and she tells us her religious preference, and we talk for a little bit and then she dismisses us and is like you guys normally end with a prayer or something? We say yes, and I was the one that got to pray. So I asked her if there was anything I could pray about and she said yes and told us for about five minutes....and then I said a prayer...(just a little nervousness ha) but Sister Wells did tell me she felt the spirit
during the prayer so that is good. Before we left we offered our services and I think they'll actually take us up on it too!! :) yay! I also feel like with Diana we might be able to teach her more if we did service for them, because she seems to be he kind of lady that will ask us questions but won't really let us teach her....needless to say it was interesting!

After that we ended he night with going and seeing the Nickels family! I ended having a great lesson with Kayln the 12 year old while Sister Wells held down the fort with everyone else. Ha. Kayln and I had fun playing with a worm (we all were outside) and then we started talking about why we are here and I got to teach her a brief plan of salvation. She also asked a great question about Heavenly Father and Christ being one person and being called a God. And this is how I explained it to her: I said so at school you have and English teacher and a Math teacher, they teach you different things but they are both teachers. This is how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is,they both can be called God because they have the same purpose but they are two separate beings. Just like you have different teachers. (I thought it was cool) and she also understood it. We talked a little bit about Young Women's and she is interested in going so I am excited to help her come closer to our Savior! She is such a sweet girl! And Sister Wells went over the Ten Commandments with the other kids with Bro Nickels and Joe there uncle was even out too! :) I love this family!
They sure make me laugh! Oh and Paige the 9 year old I guess she is being defending God at school and is telling people who are taking the Lords name in vain "hey he doesn't like that! It is disrespectful!" She was also ready to come with us to go and do missionary work, she had her bag and tablet and everything ready to go. So cute! They are
learning more and more and it is super exciting! :)

Man, all of our member presents keep not happening, it makes me sad.  We have had scheduled this week and they all have fallen through and so have our back ups. But The Lord knows what his children need and we will just keep trying.

We helped the Yarros do some yard work and they kept saying we could stop but Sister Wells and I kept going. Honestly we didn't do that much...they said we did but it was really nothing and it was enjoyable too! Yep I just said yard work was enjoyable ;) Gloria was laughing at me because I was getting all dirty and it didn't bug me one bit!

We shared with Joe the Because of Him video and then we talked about how we are all children of God and share the Child of God video. It went really well oh and we talked about the Atonement and there daughter Kelly was there and she is 13(she loves with her grandma).  Something that is cool is Gloria mentioned already how she wants to
stop smoking! Which is just awesome! So we are going to come up with a plan to help her out with that. :)
Sister Wells

Crazy story! As we are talking some how my birthday came up and that it was soon so Gloria asked when it was and I said May 18th and the way they reacted I just new it was some else's birthday. Yep it is Joe's birthday then she goes on saying that her birthday is May 25th and I just look at Sister Wells and I'm like that is her birthday! It was super crazy! So we have the same birthdays as them! Haha....crazy! It was pretty funny! :) they are a great family! We are teaching them, hopefully on Tuesday! :)

Oh how I love Sundays! They are just the best way to receive that spiritual strength and to start a new week! Church was wonderful. :) after church we went and saw Sister Clark and she is doing great! And then we went home and had our studies. :) and cooked a lasagna for dinner! It worked out because it takes more then an hour to cook so we
cooked it while we studied. It was yummy! And we had garlic bread too!

We had a great lesson tonight with Debbie on the Holy Ghost and what that is. It went really well and the spirit was there! Before we left we changed her light bulb. She was scared I was going to fall but it was real easy. Something that is funny, after church she said that she was on page nine in the Book of Mormon and I was like cool...then I
paused and then I was like wait! You were on page nine on Wednesday.  Well guess what page she was on when we came and taught her!?! ...43!  I was like what? Wow! You have almost caught up to us! I am in 2 Nephi
and Sister Wells isn't to far behind. So that was pretty crazy! And awesome! She is doing well, but not progressing as much as we would like, she is building faith but not that true conversation yet so her baptism might be pushed back but we will see. Hopefully she will do what we have asked her and will start to notice the spirit more in her life. She is so awesome! And I just love her! :)

Thank you so much for all you do!! I hope you all have a great week!! Work hard! and Remember! You can do anything and everything!! I love you all so much!! I know Christ loves you all so much!! Remember to keep Smiling!!!

Much Love,
Sister North :D
Sister Shellie took us out to dinner.
Sister North absolutely loves mail so drop her a line or a card, she would love to hear you.  PLUS it is her birthday on the 18th so that is an extra special reason to write.

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