Monday, May 26, 2014

The Week of Fellowshipping! :)

Valpo Olympics
Date: May 26, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 12

The Week of Fellowshipping! :)

Win Gabo! Everyone! Are you wondering what that means? Me too! Ha! I say it all the time and I'm not sure why! So tell me if you have an  answer! :)

Mookie!! Congrats at taking State! I am so excited for you! Sounds like so much fun! Write me a letter Mr! :) I'm still waiting for that birthday letter from you. ;) this goes to all my siblings! You all
should write me a page letter about your life! And then give it to Mom! She'll even send it off for you! :) I love you guys! And I miss hearing from you!

Mom thanks for all the updates! So much is happening! It is crazy! Dad gets to go to meetings at 6am! Wow! That is before I get up haha. That is cool, he'll be even more technology savvy! :) I'm getting pretty good at working an iPad! Ha! I love the Gospel Library app! It is wonderful! And it makes today (holidays) still a P-Day because we can email you from our iPad! I just need to connect

This week we took it easy because Sister Wells has been sick but the last few days have been back to normal. We did have Transfer Calls on Saturday and I kept forgetting that it was that day, Sister Wells and I new we both would be staying! Yahoo! And a few minutes before nine we received a text saying "you will NOT be receiving a transfer call" we both are happy about that! I can see us being together for another Transfer too. I see myself being here for four transfers and then in my last area for four. But we will see what The Lord has in store for me! I know he has aplan! :) what is crazy is my entire district is staying the same!! Yahoo! This is the first time on my mission that no one was transferred, I'm excited about that! I have a great district! We are are working hard trying to do our part in the Lords vineyard. :) and on Wednesday we have district Lunch! Yahoo! I love district
lunch! :)

Our miracles this week goes with the subject line, "The week of Fellowshipping" our numbers might of been low but we had wonderful opportunities for our investigators to meet and get to know members! Yay! So that was awesome!

First one is Ryan came to institute!! Yahoo!! Oh my goodness I was just so thrilled! :) we texted him inviting him to go and he said yes! I didn't expect that answer. But he was able to go! We had a great
lesson in Ether talking about the Jaridites and how they built a barge and we compared it to a coconut! ...pretty much they came over in a huge coconut! Ha! I never thought of it like that before but it is true! Go read or re-read the story! It is a great one! Ryan had some great comments! I think it blew his mind a little how the Brother of Jared brought rocks for God to light up and he did it! It was a neat experience and afterward he went and got ice cream with everyone. We asked him the next day how he liked it and he said it made his day! Hopefully he'll come tomorrow! That would be awesome! :)

Next is Kim! Kim came to the Relief Society Ethnic dinner! Yahoo! It was awesome and very yummy! She seemed to enjoy it and after we took her to the chapel and explained our worship service a little bit. She is still interested in checking it out. We told her how it is really different from everyone else and very quiet. Hopefully next time she doesn't have work she'll be able to come...(she works all the time..has two jobs) we also told her about institute and she was excited to hear that they go get ice cream afterward! :) hopefully we can teach her this week! That would be awesome! :)

Last is on Saturday we had a BBQ with the Yarros and the Lewis's came and then the Bailieys form Michigan City Branch was there and also took Gloria and Jordan to a baptism that day too! Awesome! We didn't get to share a message with them because we had to go but they got to
know some ward members better! BUT Gloria said the prayer on the food! Yay! It was so awesome! And we met with them the day before and she hadn't really read and when we came back on Saturday she was like I was going to the chapter you left me and started reading this other chapter! So that is cool! I'm excited to meet with them! They also enjoyed the cheesecake I made yay! :)

Our awesome district
We got to see Mary Jo and Gray this week yay! The last few times Gary has been taking a nap so that was awesome! We had a great lesson and we read Enos 1-12. It was super awesome. We talked more about prayer and how it affects us. MaryJo said she wasn't ready to pray in front of us yet but she is working on it so that is exciting! :) I love meeting with them! It was a great lesson and Mary Jo has a desire to come to church...just not yet. It is funny cause she looks at Gary and says "who knows maybe will make it to church one day...right?" And Gary just nods his head haha.

We had an awesome lesson planned with Debbie in a members home but sadly she had to work BUT we got to meet with her last minute, but sadly didn't have a member with us. I was bummed. And she had to work yesterday so that was also a day day. But we still had a great lesson with her.

Hmm...oh we got a referral this week! It is a high school aged boy and we talked to him and you could tell he was really nervous and he asked if we could come back later/call. But when we have called no one has answered. So hopefully we will be able to contact him soon and teach
him a lesson. :)

Dinner at a members

We had our awesome Zone Activity! I managed to take 40 pictures before my camera died. I was super bummed it died! But it was a blast! Yay for Valpo Olympics! :) my awesome red team won if we played golf! Which means we lost but still fun! :) we played several games like win it to win it games! :)

It was a good week!

Thanks so much for all the Love! So nice!
-Karoline and kiddos, the card made me smile :)
-Grandma Mary
-Tiffany and Brittany! Oh my goodness! I lo
story, I got your letters the same day and I open both of them and
what do I see cats! On both of them! Am I suppose to learn something
from that! ;) ha I love you guys! I sure have been blessed with great
a Roommates! :)

So Kim says Hi! We are using McDonadls wifi and she is working and says Hi! Yay!  :)

Yesterday at Church Sister Thomas gave Sister Wells and I a small chocolate birthday cake! So sweet of her! She is super awesome! And a hard worker. Love her!  :)

Thanks for all you guys do and for the prayers you say in my behalf.

I love you all! Keep smiling! You are all so awesome! :)

Sister North  :)

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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