Monday, May 12, 2014


A tree down, some where on the roads
Date:  May 12, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 10

Oh my goodness loved ones! Hello! :)

holes int he sidding and broken windows
I am safe and happy to say that I am ALIVE!!! :) my family already knows the story, but the rest of you don't so here I am to tell you! So last night we were visiting a less active and then a storm was coming...hmmm...(had no clue!) so we both felt like we needed to go so we did. Well we didn't listen right away(we tried to share a message, but left before really talking about it, just a few minutes different in time) so we got stuck in a storm! It was CRAZY!! We were like five minutes from our members house. And then the storm hit! We couldn't see in front of us really and there are branches falling and oh my goodness! It was so crazy! And honestly super scary! We even saw a mail box fly! We were driving when there is a tree branch...a big one (as big as the car) blocking the road but we  got past by driving on the grass. (You can do that here...they don't really have sidewalks) and we are like, okay if we get stuck we are going into that house! Well guess The Lord didn't want us to get stuck because we kept going! It was terrifying! But with praying our hearts out we made it to Sister Skeen's house! Jumped out of the car, ran through the puddles and around two huge tree branches! I was so glad to be inside! It sure was crazy! I've never been so scared of driving in my life! In my first area it rained and you couldn't really see but here we had the wind going and trees falling! So yeah pretty crazy!
My family and me
Sister Skeen is so cute! We both were kinda still freaking out so she was like, do you guys want some cake and ice cream? We both said yes to ice cream! Yum! Haha my mind was pretty much blown!

We didn't know if we would be able to talk with our families but we did! And it was super wonderful! They even heard part of the crazy storm and my little brother was a little scared! He is so cute! :)

Mother's Day and Christmas are the two times we get to actually talk to our missionaries.  We were able to Skype with Amber and see her.  It kept cutting out and we kept having to reconnect but it was totally worth it to get to see her happy, smiling face, and hear her excitement for the work she is doing there in Chicago and Indiana.  

Silly picture

My mom and grandma's - love them all

Big trees knocked over
 And on the way home, it took longer because we had to take a few detours! There was a power line that fell and also a huge tree fell! I don't think I could wrap my arms around the trunk! ....I wanted to take a picture...BUT we needed to get home! It was after nine...and it still wasn't the safest outside. And when we got closer to our apartment we had pretty much a lake in the way, so we took another detour but ran into a lot of water! Man I felt like such a rebel! Backing up without my companion, running stop signs because we were afraid that if we stopped we would get stuck! It sure was a crazy awesome night! And glad to say we survived the storm!

Whenever a missionary is going in reverse their companion must stand behind the car to make sure all is clear and direct them.  Just one of the many safety measure put in place to try and keep the cars and missionaries safe.
So Happy Mother's Day!!!! :) yesterday!

Go check out: #itwasmom :)

Yep pretty great Mother's Day! And the only one I'll have as a missionary! I even got a flower and chocolate at church today because I am a 'future mom'....can I just say, I sure am glad I am a missionary! :) not ready for that step in my life.

This week was a weird week, but it was super awesome! :) we didn't really get to meet with any of our investigators. Just the Yarros, but we did teach NINE less active lessons!! It was super duper awesome! :)

We had a great lesson with Gloria and Lindsey the daughter. We taught the Restoration. Gloria has heard it before and really likes it and you could tell Lindsey needed to have some time to take it in, but she was really listening and thinking. She is a sweetheart! We are meeting with them on Tuesday with Brother Lester and planning on watching the
Restoration DVD and talk more about the Restoration. They are a really cool family! :) I think I am going to buy stuff to make cheesecake and share it with them for all of our birthdays.  :)

On Tuesday night we had a sleep over at our place so that we could all be together and ready to go bright and early.

On Wednesday, We got to go to the Temple Day! :) Words can NOT describe how amazing Wednesday was!! A few things I have to say is How important Eternal Families are!! Wow! Not only for my family now but for my future family! What an amazing blessing it is to have in my life to KNOW that I will be with my husband FOREVER!! :) it brings me so much peace and joy! I don't know what the Lord has planned for me, but I do know He has a plan for me and you that will bring us the most JOY!
Sister Buckmiller and I jumping

Our zone at the Chicago Temple

Sister North, Spackman, and Goff

Sister Backman

Sister Buckmiller and I jumping

Sister Wells and I

We left to go to the Temple at 6am and got there a little after eight and it was such an amazing experience! :) yay! After that we had lunch at the mission home. Then we had a super awesome testimony meeting about the Book of Mormon challenge we got for Christmas to Aprils conference to mark all the references of Christ and His Atonement! I
invite you to do the same! It will change your life! :) It has changed mine! :) it was such a sweet experience to hear everyone's testimony in our zone (32 missionaries) as well as instruction from our sweet President and his delightful wife! :) they are just the cutest! :) and then we left to go back home about four.

One other thing I would like to mentioned is we are seriously in enemy territories! Look at the World around us! What is happening? Where are our focuses being taken? How is the 'enemy' taking you down? The world down? is a lot to think about. He is trying to destroy families! Families are so special and so important to Gods plan! Without them we have no point. How are you going to bless your family today?

The week of Less Actives!

Ha this was my thought on Thursday! "Three less active lessons! And service all on a weekly planning day? That is just super awesome! And oh my goodness!  Summer all the sudden it is upon us! ...." (It was hot! And I was like what happened to spring? Ha

D****:  It was Sister Wells first time meeting her. We planned to have lunch with her Friday but plans changed but we got to go visit her the day she called. :) we had a great lesson with her and she loves the Because of Him video. When she first saw the video it actually made her cry a little bit and we talked about the Atonement and a few things and it was just a strong lesson! We are suppose to go have breakfast with her this week at 'Tate's' so that will be good.

L****:  Oh my goodness! So a member suggested that we should go visit her and so we have been trying but she keeps making up excuses and not meeting with us. One day she said she couldn't meet so we came back the next
day and she forgot, But still let us in! It was crazy! And we tried sharing a video but honestly her and her mother in law didn't really watch it but she did share her conversation story. And when we asked if there was anything we could do for her she said yes! (I was so floored! No one ever takes us up on our offer!) she asked if we could mow her lawn! I said oh yes! And man I was actually really excited to mow her lawn....part of it is also because the Elders keep doing that
and other things and always have service and I'm like just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't do it! So yeah pretty excited! And I did! And it was a work out! But grand! :) and she really opened up! I've always heard service works but I haven't really been able to use it and see the fruits of it and today was the day!! :) after we helped her we talked with her for a while and she pretty much told us why she stopped coming to church. She has a bad back and that is part of it,
but when we listened we found the deeper reason. She would always read her scriptures with her Mom and when she passed away pretty much all the church stuff stopped. We had a great lesson with her. We set up a return appointment and she was super excited! It will be good to meet with her! We left her Alma 7 to read. We did invite her to church as
well, but she didn't come this time.

M****: we didn't know if we would be able to meet with them because we hadn't heard from them but we went anyway. Brother Martinez wasn't there but the kids were and we had a great lesson on prayer! They are so great! And I just love them! :)

P****: they all came to church on Sunday! Ahh yay!! :) that made me so happy to see them all! The other day we saw Chris-little boy at the library! That was so fun to see him. :) we had a small lesson with the kids this week.

Y***: We met with a few times and it actually is going pretty well. Sister Yuen even read more of Joseph Smith history by herself. And our lessons have been more focused too. :)

M***: oh my goodness! So visiting with her was awesome! :) we got there and she was excited to see us and she was like I thought you missed me this week, because we usually visit her at the beginning of the week. So that is cool! She really wanted us to come! She is feeling the spirit and it is awesome! She has been doing good about
praying at night, but forgetting to pray in the morning, and well that is a hard thing to do sometimes. But so excited for her progression! :) yay! It made me so happy! It is great to see her desire to meet and want to know more! :)
It has been a great week! :D I love being a Missionary! You never know  what is going to happen but if you work hard you know it is going to be a good day!! :D 
-Rachel F.
-Grandma Mary

I love you all SO much! Thank you so much for all the support!! :D It really does mean a lot!! :D  
I took tons of pictures this week so be ready! :D
Keep working hard my friends!
The milk knows its my birthday

Me waiting for my companion

silly faces while on the phone

We got flowers for Mothers Day - kinda weird

Me and little bit of Chicago

The McDonalds is literately in the middle of the Highway 

I love Sister Woodbury

Happy Birthday to Sister Wells and I

Sister Amber North :D

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