Monday, May 19, 2014

The Week Always Ends good with a Sunday! :)

Birthday package from home
Date: May 19, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 11

Hey ya friends and Family!

- Grandma Pam - the card was so cute! Love the Monkey! :)
- Momma, we loved the Birthday package! Thank you! Sister Wells
couldn't believe she got stuff too! :) and I got your card too! Thank
you so much! :) you are the Best! I love you! :)
- Grandma Mary
- Holden Gang!
(On Friday Sister Wells checked the mail and we both were excited to
get mail! She couldn't believe you guys wrote her too. Thank you! We
both needed mail that day, it was kinda a rough week for us. And
Grandma she loved that your card was a get well one)
- Jessica Chr...I mean Tremea ;) oh my goodness! Best birthday present
ever and you didn't even plan it! Hehe so wonderful to get a letter
from my sweet roomie!
- Sister Grant

So How's it going? I sure would just LOVE to hear from you! I'm a little behind on writing back but I promise you, You will hear back from me!

Sister Amber North
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

Birthday poster from my family.
This week was a hard week for me but like the subject says the Week always ends good with a Sunday! Oh how I love Sundays! Plus for it being my birthday of course it had to be a good one. :) and it was! It went by Super fast too!

Church was awesome! President and Sister Woodbury spoke in Sacrament!  And man I could hear them talk ALL day! They sure are wonderful!  :) I taught Gospel Principles on Repentance and it wasn't to shabby! It made me happy! :) and Relief Society was great! My stomach even cheered it on....ha! It was being rather noisy..  We sat by one of the
Elders investigator and after we talked to her for about ten minutes! She is super awesome! :)

We went back to the apartment and had lunch and personal study and then we went back to the church to a meeting with ward mission leaders from the stake and it was awesome! Man I honestly can't wait to be a member missionary! So fun!...lies I can wait! Because I love being a missionary! But it will be fun to help the missionaries when I come
home. :)

After that we had dinner with the Tucker family! Yay! :) I just love them so so much! :) I was looking forward to this all
Birthday brownies....YUMMMY

week! We had turkey and brownies! Yay! And they made me such sweet cards! So wonderful! And we had such a sweet lesson with them! They are one amazing family! :) I sure do love them! :) it was a good birthday! :) the Sister Training Leaders and our District Leader (Elder Whitehead) and Elder Angeleti sang happy birthday to me! They are awesome! :) made my day! :)

This week was one of those weeks I didn't feel like it was a good one but it was! When we filled out our MCM paper, I was like man, we have done a lot this week. It just shows as we push through the hard times The Lord really does bless us! :)
I almost forgot to make my wish!!!

Some of the highlights this week;

We had THREE member present! Yahoo! We have been having the curse of the no member presents lately! And we finally broke it! Hopefully it will go up hill from here! :)

First one is meeting with Ryan! We had an appointment with someone else but it fell through so we decided to go and see Ryan and guess what He was home! Sister Skeen came with us! I honestly wasn't sure how the lesson would go but it went really well! We had a wonderful lesson on prayer! The spirit does direct! I said a closing prayer and
then he did, it was a wonderful prayer! It really was a miracle to meet with him! :)

2nd was Tom! Sister Wells and Sister Bradley met him on Wednesday during exchanges and on Friday he told us we could meet with him! We spent about a haft hour trying to find a member to go with us last minute and everyone was busy. So we said another prayer asking for direction and one of the guys in the ward came to mind so we called him and he said he could go! But we couldn't meet at Tom's house because we needed another female there so I tested Tom saying we were in the mood for ice cream, so we met at a place called Darie Dip and come to find out there are only outside seating...ha, Sister Wells and I both had winter clothing on! Yep still wearing my winter boots
sometimes(crazy) and our poor member was cold but he was a trooper. It was a good lesson the the Restoration very upbeat lesson. Tom is 20 and has a ton of energy! But the funny part to this story is after we got home we text the member telling him thanks and he responds, "I think Tom might live three house down from me." We asked if he lived
on P.M. Street, he said yes! Oh my goodness! They live on the same street! It was so funny! I honestly couldn't believe it! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!

Sister Wells with her gifts
3rd we met with the Yarro's with one of the youth on the ward. We felt like he would connect with Lindsey. It was super funny! When we called him and told him that she likes Anime he was like "OH MY GOODNESS!....YES!!!" It was awesome! And made S. Wells and I laugh! I didn't expect that reaction from him, haha The lesson was good, poor
Lindsey was sick though :( so she went to lay down after we watched the Restoration DVD. On Saturday we are having a birthday BBQ. We are hoping this will help break the ice with Joe, he Santa been too involved with the lessons yet. But I have high hopes for this wonderful family! And I am bring yummy cheesecake! :)
Sister Tucker, Sister Hone, Sister Walton, Me, and Brother Tucker

Elders singing - nope mom I don't know most of their names.

We visited the Partlows and Chris had us put on some masks.

So we had exchanges this week and guess what! They already had planned to go sing to Bro. Tucker and I got to go! There were thirteen missionaries! It was so wonderful! The Tucker's were so surprised to see me! It was pretty much awesome! I sure love them! :)  after we sang to Bro. Tucker for a while we also went and sang to some others,
and we had the doors open for everyone to hear! Man, I loved it so much! It makes me miss being in Arise and going and doing stuff like that! I love choir and helping cheer people up through music and testimony! :) so so wonderful!! :)

Speaking of singing, man I just love this song! I know I have shared it before but honestly it is just so so amazing! So listen to it again! And share it on Facebook! Send it to someone in need! We all need Christ in our life! He is so amazing! I love him so much! It is Never to late to Come to Him, I know He is there for you with Open Arms!

I love you all so so much!! And thank you so so much for all of the support! And love and letters! They honestly mean so much! Especially when things are hard or you are feeling down, they can be what picks you up for the day!

Keep going strong! I love you! :) Gotta Run!

Beautiful view

A better picture of the McDonalds in the middle of the freeway.

For kicks and giggles I'm going to end my letter how my sweet Grandma
ended hers to me this week!

Sister North

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