Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hard work brings Great Miracles!

Date:  April 28, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Valpo Week 8
Hey! What is the Miracle in your life today??

You are all a Miracle to me!! Thank you for your support and prayers!! :D

I can't believe May is coming upon us!!! April almost over??? WOWZERS!! This is getting crazy!!!

Transfer 7 Week 2

-Easter package from my most wonderful Mommy! :) love the bags! So adorable! :)
-Sister Brittany Attansasio!
-Rachel Fishetau

I already told you the awesomeness of today last week and that was meeting S*** while shopping. What is crazy is she lost her job that day and we happen to go to her line. She has been trying to find
another job this week and being proactive in that. She is calling us today to set up a time to meet with her! We called her yesterday. She is pretty cool! :)
Easter Package finally made it

Visited Sister S*** and her neighbor C****. Shared simple lessons with both of them and it ended grand. :) we did knock some doors too but nothing came out of it. But one lady said they make a lamb cake for Easter and I was like what? Really? Turns out it is a normal cake shaped like a lamb not an actual lamb haha! So that was a little funny.

Today we met K***!! While tracting and we taught him about the Book of Mormon! And he told us we can come back on Saturday at 2 and teach him and his two daughters more. We also got to meet with the B**** a less active family that we have been trying to get in contact with the entire time I have been here. It was a miracle we got to see them.  They are an awesome family! Hopefully we will meet with them again soon!

We had a great district meeting! And before it started Sister Wells and I opened our awesome Easter package! Thanks Mom! It sure did make me giggle! I loved the 'Easter baskets' and we are watching our fish grow! We talked about finding people to teach and how when we meet new people we should start teaching them truth so the spirit has time to testify to them!
Trying on hats on Pday

We had a super awesome lesson with D****!! And Sister D*** came! We taught her the Plan of a salvation and invited her to be baptized on May 24th and she said YES!! And she also got a job and starts Monday!  I am so excited for her! :) The Lord really does bless us when we do what He asks of us. Something that is cool is with Sis. Comstock I promised Debbie that if she did what we ask and read the Book of Mormon that everything would work out and last weekish she found a car to buy and now she has a Job! It is so wonderful! She is so awesome and as we taught her today I felt like there was almost a little glow in her. :)

We had dinner with the S*** and it was Yummy :) we shared with them parts of Elder Ballard's talk 'Follow Up' and invited them to study Preach My Gospel and we told them that we would ask them what they learned and we also told them to ask us what we learned that day. So now I am inviting you to study Preach My Gospel. I know as you do so you will gain more knowledge and be able to share the gospel simply to those you meet. :)

Planning day
Dinner at Archers
Dropped J*** a PNI finding the elect

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Miracle Moment! We just got a call about what sounds like one of those 'Golden Referrals!' The Elders in Michigan city taught them the restoration and they love the BOM and are moving to Portage tomorrow! Ahh I am like freaking out here and feel so blessed!

The day all of our set plans fell through but ended to be a great day! We had to take our car in for a recall and make sure it is safe for us to drive and it is so that is good but it used more of our miles and
we didn't really have much to spare but I'm hoping we don't go over!

Tuesday Totinos Day
We got to meet with D**** today and we just read Alma 41 with her and talked about it, just to help her understand it better as she studies the Book of Mormon. It was good and we talked a little about Family History. :)

Like I said all of our appointments fell through so after dinner we spent the night tracting and before we left I got the most direct answer I have ever received praying about what street we should go and find people! At first it was just a letter or two and then a word came but I couldn't find it. Then this street stood out and I told Sister Wells and the. BOOM I saw it! The street named came to my head! So I guess I should explain how we 'find' what streets we go and knock on. We say a prayer and then we look at a map and we pick out a few streets that stick out and then we might say another prayer to which one we should go to first. Finding people is all about prayer and faith! I am learning more and more how true that is! Anyway we go and tract this awesome street!

First cool story!
we started walking to the door and saw this girl who was high school aged and kept seeing other kids and kept waving and saying hi until we got to the door. Then she came out with like eight kids all about 8-10! And we taught them all about the Book of a Mormon briefly. It  was funny because one of the little girls was like, "Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon before? They said No" then I asked if they have heard about the Bible and they are like YES! We directed the conversation to H*** and asked if we could teach her more later she said sure and we exchanged numbers. Then T**** I believe the Dad came out and was a nice, joking guy but there could be potential. He seems
to be open to religion and we told him we don't practice purl marriage and he was surprised we are almost 21(we look younger) and then joked around why we aren't married. But an hour later we are walking back to our car and we were looking at what house we just were at and they stopped and asked us if we were lost. They are nice.

Story number 2!
We met B**** also high school aged and what is funny is when we first got out of the car I waved to him and he waved back haha. Not sure how interested he is but he said we could come back next
Saturday. He hasn't heard of Mormons before.

Story Number THREE! "Pick three my Lord" Is about the wonderful C****.  She is a spunky 57 year old and man she is just super cool. She had an ex husband involved in the church and knows a little about the Book of Mormon but hasn't actually been to a church service. We shared with her the Because of Him video and it was awesome! We had a great conversation about it and talked about church and we set up a return appointment for next Friday! It is going to be great! She is really nice. :)

One of those, You can do it days! It started off good and I was all ready for life and then by dinner
Elder Smith Elder Power and Angeltti

time I was just done with life but we pushed through and it still was a good day! We got three potentials and visited two less actives and a member! 
Today we just talked to the Y*** kids about prayer and it went well. We talked about some of there concerns in life and how prayer can help them. We invited them to pray every night and even try praying together as a Brother and Sister. They both liked church last week and wanted to come this week but sadly they didn't :( but glad we got to meet with them.

Our appointment with K*** didn't happen :( I was so bummed! We had a member with us and everything! We even tried to go see someone else and that fell through too. I wish all plans worked out! But The Lord sees the bigger picture and he knows how to help us grow the most!

We met with the N**** and started talking about prayer with them but ended up teaching them the Ten Commandments. Two of the kids really listened the rest of them were in and out. But the nine year old called on her dad to say the closing prayer! That was pretty great!

Man! Can I just tell you how much I love going to church! Best three hours ever! Sadly D**** didn't come today :( she wasn't feeling good. Today we had ward conference and I took some good notes but here is just one thought.
Elder Whitehead my awesome district leader

- "I took the one less traveled by" -do the paths take me closer to the Savior? Farther from the Savior? Or stayed about the same? The path we take in our life should be bringing us closer to the Savior everyday. Where are we on that path? It reminded me of a Mormon message.
We can learn all that we need to through Prayer!! The Lord sees the bigger picture! He love us all so much and I know this to be true!! Just like in the video they let them take the wrong short road to know that it was the wrong road and was able to know that the other road was in fact the right road!!
I know our Savior loves us and I know he wants to be apart of our life!! We just need to turn to Him and we will come closer to Him!!

Something that is funny, at least to me.  So this morning we had Ward Council and I used the word spunky and needless to say they kept using it and then when we were in the last hour we were combined with it being ward conference and President Astle used it! It made me feel cool! ha :D
the end!

We met the Y****! The awesome referral the MC Elders gave us! We called them Saturday and offered our services and they said they need help moving there fridge so we had a couple ward members come help us and we also did a little yard work and it was fun! It was nice to do
some service! We shared with them the Because of Him video (can you tell we love it!) and talked about it and we are coming back this week  to help more and well start teaching them soon. It is a family of five. Mom and Dad, L. She is 17 and likes Anime, 13 year old daughter that lives with her grandma, 8 year old son J...who has autism and a very smart kid. I am excited to getting to know them more!

It has been an awesome week!! We have worked really hard and it shows and that is always a good feeling! This work is hard but I love it! And I am learning more and more how to give my full heart to God. It is a lot harder then it sounds. To be able to fully trust Him in everything! But when we do He sure does bless us.
Have a great my wonderful miracle people!! Go help make miracles happen!!
They are everywhere! :D I love you all so much!!!

Sister North  :)
So it is Sister North's birthday on May 18th so get those cards and letters out soon!!!!
Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025 

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