Monday, August 26, 2013

Miracles are Happening!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Oh man I hope you are all doing GREAT!!!  I have been out on my mission for a month!!  I can't believe it!!!  Time is going and going that is for sure!!!

Okay so pretty much Miracles DO happen!! and you just need to LOOK for them!!!  Some are big and some are small!!!  I have seen so many out here!!! IT is Awesome!!!

The one I would like to share is about C****.

We got a referral from Indiana about how C**** just moved here and met with the missionaries she is in our ward but not in our boundaries.  She is in the Elder's side of the ward but we have been asked to teach her!!  Oh my goodness she is SO SO amazing!!!!  I love her to pieces!!  She has the cutest daughter who is almost two!  :)  We have met with her a few times and she asks amazing questions about this amazing gospel!!  She just wants to learn and she knows that the Book of Mormon is true and she is just so amazing and has such a lovely spirit!! :)  She really is the Best!!  Yesterday we were able to teach her husband, he is super busy with Navy stuff so he is always gone but he will be able to come to church in a few weeks!  That will be wonderful to have them both there!  C**** is planning on coming this Sunday too.  We are meeting with her again tomorrow and her husband on Saturday.  So pray for them, pray that Mathew will get his answer about the Book of Mormon and start to realize why this gospel makes his wife so happy!  I know he will get his answer just like I have and I know if you haven't asked the Lord if the Book of Mormon is the word of God I invite you to do so and if you really want to know, I know that He will answer you.  So things are going AMAZING with this family!  They are GREAT!!!!!  :)

We met with K**** again and taught her about the Restoration.  She didn't read what we left for her and she felt bad about that but I know she will read this time.  This week we are meeting with her and her family so that should be really cool.

We taught J**** again, he is such a nice guy and he read what we left for him too!  :)  YAY!!!  Always a great thing when they do what we have asked because we know that is how conversion happens when they put in the time to study when we are not there.  He is slowly understanding things so that is good.  He told us that his work schedule will be changing soon so we won't be meeting at our usual time and we were like oh?  Hopefully you will have Sunday's off so you can come to church.  We are praying that will happen!  That would be so awesome!!!  We asked him if he wanted to take a tour of the church building and he said yes so we will be doing that sometimes soon.

It is so awesome to be able to teach people!  This gospel is so true and I love it!!!  :)

Oh so Sister Kershaw and I are starting to teach Family Home Evening to two little boys so if any of you have great ideas and activities that we can use to teach them and keep their attention that would be helpful.

Amy Eddington!!  Missy you must write me so I can write you!!!  Good luck on your Mission!!!  Love you girlies!!!

Also if any of you have cheap and easy recopies to share I would love to hear them!

humm...lets see questions my mom asked:

My apartment is pretty nice.  I'll have to take pictures and send them.  We have two bedrooms.  One we sleep in and one we work out in because it is there.  haha  :)  Then we have the living room where we have a desk that we study on and then the kitchen.  We have a kitchen table but it isn't set up yet because we don't have the right tool.  hahha we keep saying we will do it on Preparation-Day but then we never have time to.  Oh well, and we have a bathroom!

Music:  Pretty much we can listen to any kind of church music and some other things but yeah just and kind of church music.

My ward:  My ward is amazing!!  They really are a ward family!!!!  I love them all!!  We had a few of them come help us teach which is SUPER important because having fellowship for new members and investigators is a MUST.  They will be there when the missionaries have gone so it is important to always be a member missionary!  The building is like a normal church building, it is good.  haha

I send e-mail from the Library and I have about an hour.  It just depends on what is going on that day really.  Like today we have a zone activity and I'm sure excited about that!  We are going to play kickball and maybe soccer but it will be fun.

We have District meetings once a week and my district is pretty cool.  We had a sister training meeting this week that was really awesome!  We have a new missionary meeting this week.

- Grandma North
- Keagan
- Rebecka (dearelder mail from the MTC)
-Brother Scott (Mission prep teacher also from the MTC)
- Karoline and Mary
- Ethan Durrant

Thank you so much for the letters I love them SOOO much!!!!  :)  They make me happy!!!:)  You should also send pictures because my wall is pretty sad...just saying  HEHEHE

Well, I love you all so much!!!  Good luck with everything!!!  I hope to hear form you soon!!!

Sister North :)
Cake Shake from Portillo's.  This waiter we had right before she
went into the MTC told us about the place.  She said it was pretty
good even though she is not a big cake fan.  It was a chocolate cake shake.

Sister Kershaw and Sister North waiting for a member to give
them a ride to teach someone.

Being silly!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures with me and Sister Kershaw

Sister Kershaw and Sister North are companions.  Sister Kershaw is Sister North's trainer and will teach her the ropes of being a missionary.  Typically you are with your trainer for 12 weeks or two transfers.  Transfers happen every 6 weeks.  You can get the call to move to a new area with a new companion.  We sent out Sister North's greenie package.  So a new missionary is called a Greenie.  They are green and don't know what they are doing yet so I send out a package with all things green in it.  Just a little fun and some love from home.  Sister North did not have time to send all the details to these pictures so that will have to come later on.

Pictures from arriving in Chicago our new home!

Amber ran out of time and couldn't give details on all of these pictures but I will add details as I have them.