Monday, August 12, 2013

I am here in Chicago!!!!

Okay!!!  Well I ahve been here a WEEK!!!  AHHH!!!!  I have so much to say!!! and well looks like we are going to go because we are moving our stuff into our apartment...YES you heard right we are finally getting stuff for our apartment like BEDS and kitchen stuff!!!  YAHOO!!!!  We are pretty happy about that one!!! heheh :D

Well I will be back we are moving things in...I'll explain later.

Love you!!!  :D

Ok, I can't decide if that little tiny minuscule letter was better than no letter until later when she really writes. Ok, she better write later today.  I want to know so much!  I can't wait to hear where she is serving, who she is serving with, how it is going.  Where they have been staying this past week if they don't have an apartment yet.  So many questions and hurry up and wait.  AHHH

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