Sunday, August 25, 2013


 These pictures are from my not quite even 13 days at the MTC.  It was a blast and I loved it!  Such a spiritual high that place is.  I am excited to get to Chicago though and get to work!

Enjoying Mamma's yummy package!  Yummy popcorn and chocolate chip cookies.
The cookies were gone in a blink of an eye.  We all (my district) enjoyed them  very much!
Elder Tooley and Elder Little are in the picture.

Elder Morley and Elder Hurd

Elder Little, Stephenson, Sister Winward and Grant

Sister Becca Sirrine and I were in
high school choir together

Relaxing after a walk.
There was a heart in the trees.  Ahhh
Elder James Cooper and I (and his comp)
Dinner Time!  Sister Winward makes great faces!
Map pictures!!!!

One of the sisters who is going to the Ukraine helped
with taking our districts pictures.

Our district pointing at the map!

Elders are going to Santa Rosa California and
Sister are going to Chicago, Illinois.

I am so excited to serve in Chicago!!!!

Elder Clement making silly faces.

Best District Ever!!!

In front of the Provo Temple
Sister Delany Smith

Ahh, look at Sister Winward and I, we match!  We are soo cool.

Alexa Tood and I, we were in the same ward at Snow.

Sister Victoria DeLeon and I.
We went to high school and Snow together.

SIster Winward at the MTC

Elder Trenton Grifiths - High School Choir Buddy, me and Sister Grant.

Sister Holly Cuthburt and I

This is what happens when we take a bathroom break
and you are in a trio and there are only two stalls,
one waits - and takes a few pictures of self.
Sister Winward is a Model.

Our room!  Three beds for three gals - we are special.

Laundry day!  We only got one in the MTC since our P-day was Wednesday.  

Walking to the Marriott Center for devotional.  

Amazing sight watching all those missionaries.

Truly amazing there are soo many missionaries.
Devotionals have to be held at the Marriott Center now.
Us being goofy....Sister Grant missed the memo!
Best District EVER!!!!
Elder Morely, Hurd, Tooley, Stephenson, Little, and Clement.
Sister Grand, Winward, and North

Our Trio - Sister North, Grant, and Winward

Being silly I am

Temple walk time.

Around the temple - lots and lots of missionaries 

Waiting for class to start

Sister Jennifer Detrick's and I at meal time.

Elder Brandon Christenson and I were in the same zone for a week, pretty cool!

Temple walk!  Yay!  Walking to the Temple!

Sister Grant, Sister Winward, and me Sister North
Sister North and Elder Sims - We were in the
same Mission Prep class.  He is also from Riverton.

When we were unpacking we found a drawer full of snacks.

Since we were in a trio they liked to have us wash windows because
we could get them super clean!
We had personal gym and so we went on a walk around
campus and chilled.

Elder Tooley and Stephenson and in back is Elder Little and Clement

Sister Grant, Me, and Sister Winward

I'm a Missionary!  

Taking a break/breather from class.

Smelling the tree that smells like cream soda.  Meh...hahaha

Sister Janelle Clark and I at 2am the mroning we all left the MTC.
Sister Clark is going to Japan and me to Chicago!

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