Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MTC Trio is Back!

Date:December 2, 2013

Companion: Sister Grant and soon Sister Winward
Area: Gurnee

Hello My lovely Family and Friends!!!!

I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! :D  This week wasn't as slow as it looked like it would be which was SUPER NICE!!! :D  We are thankful about that one!!  Everyone was out of town this week so it made things hard and when we tracted no one wanted to talk but we still had fun!! And it was a Warmer week!!! YAY!! :)

It made it up to 51!!!
It is interesting when you knock on a door and you bare testimony about the Restoration and you can tell that the people feel the spirit but then they just start shutting the door.  It is sad to see people shun out the spirit in their life.  I hope that they will be able to remember what they felt and when they feel it again that they will know that it is a good feeling and that they will listen next time.

One of the highlights from this week would be C****!! A less active member!!  First off he came to Thanksgiving Dinner...well Lunch with us at the Z****!!! We had a few members there and it was Awesome!!!  Right before we left we asked Sister Z**** to invite him to come to church.  We have invited him but he was wishy washy about coming.  We planned to meet with him Sunday afternoon.  Well Best thing ever, we were at church yesterday talking to one of the Members asking him if he can come with us to visit C**** with his wife or someone else when all the sudden guess who we see!!! C****!!! AHHH!!! He came to Sacrament!!! Oh My goodness!! It was pretty much the BEST!! It made me so happy!!!  He went home after Sacrament and we still met with him at four like we planned.  We feel like he just needs some friends, his wife just died in April so we thought it would be great for Brother B**** (who is his home teacher) and one of the Youth to come with us.  What was interesting is that P**** (the youth) turns out he is allergic to cats! Oops, luckily everything worked.  C**** daughter was there and so we talked with her and Brother B**** and P**** were able to leave. We visited for a little bit more and shared a message. (We are suppose to have either three Sisters or Three guys)  It was awesome! His daughter itsn't too interested (yet) but she still listened and is really nice.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner with our Investigators R**** and J****, and they had one of their friends there too!! Also their adorable three year old daughter!! We planned to share the Restoration but we ended up just sharing a message about Thanksgiving and watched a mormon.org message.  Then talked about what we are Thankful for.  Something that is funny is for some reason we started talking about fires and we then shared President Monsons fire story from last Conference!  http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/04/obedience-brings-blessings
It was awesome! and we told them that it was the prophet who shared this story.  It was really good, we got to know them better and are so excited to really teach them this week!! They are really cool! Their friend has read a good amount of the Book of Mormon, I think he said his sister is a member but you could tell he wasn't the most comfortable talking about it but he did say that he felt like it goes with the Bible.  We feel like he has had the church pushed on him so he was a little I guess reluctant to talk about it right now.  But we do feel like it went really well. 
At the Z***** house for Thanksgiving and they have a grovey little house.
I can actually stand up inside of it too!
Oh my goodness!!! Okay Story time!!! This really is such a wonderful amazing story!!!
Okay so last week Sister Grant and I decided to go on Facebook on the library's computers and needless to say the Lord helped us make this choice!! So we are using Facebook trying to figure out what we should share with the world when this guy asks Sister Grant what church we belong to.  So of course we told him that we go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and he was like oh cool and told us he goes to the Journey church.  Then I ask him if he has Facebook and he said Yes.  Then you can imagine what I asked next.  I asked him if we could be friends on Facebook and that we share uplifting messages.  He said yes!  So I got up went around the tables and typed in our names and added us on Facebook!!  We then became Facebook friends and he wrote on Sister Grants wall telling her Thanks for the add.  We thought that this was cool.  But!! It gets better!!  We sent him a message asking how he was doing and then he asked if we could meet with him!! Oh Man we pretty much jumped for joy! We told him yes! and we had such an amazing lesson with him on Friday!!! It was such a powerful lesson of listening and waiting for him to talk.  The thing that I have really learned this week is really how important it is to let the spirit touch those you teach.  When we feel like we are about to say something we just need to take a breath and wait and then he talked!! It was really cool!!  The spirit was strong!!  We asked him why he talked to us in the first place and he told us that he knew he needed to talk with someone and he told us that he knew we are pure and that something just told him to talk to us.  It really is SO SO COOL!!!  We will be meeting again this week with him!  He is living with his sister which is in the Gurnee first but is looking at a place in the Elders area so I am sure we will be passing him to them but for now we are meeting at the Library and teaching him! 

We always hear how people will come to us and my mind really is so blown that I was able to be apart of this great experience!! It really is so special!! This work is so amazing and I know the Lord is helping us!! It is so great and I just love it!!! I love this area so much!! and I don't really want to leave it but I know I'll be here as long as the Lord needs me here, and if that means I stay here another Transfer or not I will be thrilled either way!
We had the chance to meet with Karina this week and we have been inviting her to really ask if the Book of Mormon is true, she still hasn't done it yet but I know she will.  She is such a great girl!! I love her!!! :)

Our District
Gurnee Sisters
Okay another story. So I gave the guy at Chili's a $20 for my meal.  My food was like 14 bucks or something. Turns out he gave me way too much change, he gave me like fourteen or something instead of like six and I didn't find out until later so we went back and he was still there.  He was in shock that I actually came and gave him the right amount back!! It was awesome and made me feel really good!! :)  Do what is Right! the Lords blesses you!! :D

Gurnee Elders
This week is going to be Awesome!!! I am ready for the challenges and know that we are going to see miracles happen this week!!!  Sister Winnward will be joining us this week because her comp has been sick and has to go home and get better.  It will be different being in a Trio but hey we were together in the MTC and it is time to do it again!  We are going to miss Sister Clark but I know the Lord knows what he is doing. 

Sister Winnward, Sister Grant, and Sister North were the trio together at the MTC.

I received Three Awesome Letters this week!!!
1st My Mommy!! I just loved the coloring page!! I colored a coloring page and wrote on that as my stationary.
Yes I am wearing the coat Grandma
Pam got me and I love it!
2nd Sister Brittany Attansio!! Oh the Card was wonderful and I just LOVE this Stickers!!
3rd Megan West! I loved the little cartoon thing! Made me smile!!!

I hope you all have a Great week!! We are going to lunch with the Sisters, It's Sister Winward's birthday, so we better be off but Have fun!!! I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything you do!

Sister Grant and Sister North
Oh one more random thing, So I guess the other day I talked in my sleep and was talking about a talk and my thoughts on it, I take it as a good thing and that I am even dreaming about missionary work!! Woot :)

Sister North :)


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