Monday, December 23, 2013

The Library is my best friend!

Our awesome Christmas tree with Angel Moroni on top!

I hope you are filled with Joy and Peace!!  What a great time of year it is to remember our Savior and his birth.  It is not just about his birth though that makes this time so special but it about what came after his birth that made his birth so important!!  He died for us and was resurrected, this is why we remember this time of year so much!!  If it was not for that he would be just another baby being born.

This would be my favorite message lately

What are you giving the Savior for Christmas??

The Chicago Temple
So the reason why the Library is my new best friend is not because I get to e-mail you guys, even though that is great too, but it is because we keep meeting such awesome people here!!!

This week we met with W**** (who we found here at the glorious Library) and we were sitting in the Study room waiting for W**** to join us when all the sudden this cheerful guy says, "Hello".  He saw us smiling at him and so he came in and said, "Hi Sister North, Hi Sister Grant."  Honestly both Sister Grant and I thought he was a member the way he was talking to us but then I asked him if he knew anything about the Book of Mormon.  I asked him if he would like to know, and well he sat down and we talked about what the Book of Mormon is.  We looked up Alma 7: 10-16
He looked it up!  It is PERFECT for Christmas time because it talks about our Savior and what he has done for us.  We read the first verse and then Walter joined us.  We filled him in on what was going on and kept going!  It was so awesome and then we started talking about faith and hope and shared Ether 12!  Really it was just the Greatest!!  Sister Grant and I have decided we are going to be doing some studying in the library with the door open and see who comes and joins us because we feel like it is going to work!  Yep the Library is awesome and people are coming to us and it is so cool!!!  It really is the Best Christmas Present ever!!!

My Christmas Card

I sent Christmas Cards out!

We had an awesome lesson with J**** and Sister K. and we talked more about the Plan of Salvation. Turns out that he was going to surprise us and come to church but then a family event came up.  :(  After our lesson he took us to lunch at Bakers Square which is like Village Inn.  It was awesome and we got to know him better and he learned more about what we do and do not do as missionaries.  When we left it was the funniest thing/awkward thing ever!  I gave J**** a handshake like I always do and next thing I know he gave me a side hug (not okay as a missionary) and pretty much I just froze, it caught me so off guard!  He knew it too!  He just shook Sister Grant's hand.  He is so awesome and so sincere!  It really is just so great to watch him grow!!

We had exchanges this week!  WOOT, it was pretty much awesome!!  Sister Kershaw joined Sister Grant in our area and I went to the City.  They saw M**** and told me how awesome it went and helped her put Christmas stuff on.

My favorite part is Sister McCarrey and I were knocking on doors and we see that it is an older lady.  The spirit tells me, "hey sing!"  Sister McCarrey says okay, and I ask her what should we sing and she says, "Joy to the World".  Watching the lady's face light up was just so wonderful!!  It really was awesome and the best thing ever!!  We also sang to some other house and it was such a blast!  I loved it!!  Even a few tried to give us money and we told them we didn't want it, and we gave them our card.  It was fun!

Oh one more thing, before I go!  I need to go and eat lunch because we have our Zone activity today.  Yahoo!!  :)

Our Christmas Tree and gifts
Us crazy sisters, on our way to the Mission Home.

We love being missionaries!
We had an awesome Christmas present from our sweet Mission President and his wife!!  We had the chance to go over to the Mission home and hear from them and we had lunch with them and then to the Temple!  WOW!  What a wonderful thing!!  As soon as we drove on the property I could jsut feel that it is the Lord's house!!  What a wonderful and great place the Temple is!  It was such a treat to go and very much needed!!

Gurnee Sister Missionaries

Gurnee Elder's at the Temple

Singing Christmas songs at the Mission Home.
I love you all so much!!!

Thank you for all the prayers!!  I sure hope this Christmas time is the BEST!!  Find something to do that our sweet Savior would do!!

Thank you for writing me:
- Sister Bradford
- The Witt's
- Jade Barben---JADE, How am I suppose to write you back if I don't have your address???  I need it my friend and brother on his mission?  People getting married!  So awesome!!

I didn't say anything last week but we had our ward Christmas party and it was awesome!  Last Saturday was a day full of service and it was the Best!  :)  We just love doing service!  We helped out with Operation Christmas from like 9am-3 or so and then we helped the ward set up for the Christmas Party.  We then went to go do a few stop by's and we also went and talked to our neighbor I****.  We wanted to see if she wanted to come to the party.  We actually got there late, oops, and we had left our phone at church and some people tried to get a hold of us.  O well.
All the Missionaries helping with Operation Christmas

The Christmas Party was awesome!!  W**** came!  Along with the B**** family, C****, and even J**** stopped by for a little bit.  It was way great.  Not going to lie it made me a tad homesick watching the high school choir perform Christmas carols and then watching the primary be all cute and dressed up doing an adorable Nativity play thing, so cute!  It really was just wonderful and I didn't want it to end.  Id o miss being in choir and spreading the wonderful Christmas cheer like that but I do just love being here too.  What better time to share about Christ then at Christmas time?  It really is such a great time and I just love it so much !  We are so blessed for what Christ did for us and he loves us all SO much!  I know that and it is just awesome! :)
All the gifts we bagged and then went to families in need.

Stay Warm!
Sister North :)

Thanks for all your love and prayers for Sister Amber North.  We are very excited to get to Skype with her on Christmas and feel of her love and excitement for the gospel. She loves getting mail so keep sending it.

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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