Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013 - First Letter!

Written on July 25, 2013

Hey Fam!! :)

Just writing a quick letter before study time in a little bit.  (It's not even 7am)

My first day at the MTC has already been AMAZING!!  I love it here!

I am in a trio which is pretty awesome!  And for now it is just us in our room so we each have our own bunk.  We are living the life! :)

My companions are Sister Winward from Logan and Sister Grant from Moses Lake Washington.

I've only eaten one meal here and that was meh...breakfast ins't for like two hours...

We taught investigators yesterday in a classroom size and even with so many of us it was AWESOME!  We are learning how to listen to the investigators.

I saw Sister Attanasio last night and we freaked out!  She even picked me up and spinned me around!

July 26, 2013

Day two was Amazing!  I have the BEST district ever!  It is "The Triplacets" = Us Trio! and the six Elders!  They are ALL going to Santa Rosa California.  We have only been together for a day and a half and we are already a family!

Pretty much so much happens in a day and it all becomes a blur of when this or that happens.

For example yesterday when we went to lunch I thought we were going to dinner.

I have run into Elder Johnson a few times yesterday, saw Elder Cooper at dinner!

I/we met our branch president last night and he is so awesome!

Pretty much this place is amazing!

Today we are going to be teaching our first investigator "Jen" (It's one of our teachers).  I'm pretty excited about that, and a little nervous but it is going to be AWESOME!

We did service this morning and it is almost time for breakfast, Yay!

Well I got to go get ready.

I loveyou guys so much!!

Sister North :)

Usually missionaries are with one other person and that is their companion, sometimes out of necessity they get put in a group of three instead.  Also in the MTC each room now holds six missionaries.  It use to be four to a room but with the increase of missionaries they now have three sets of bunkbeds to each room.  

Sister Attanasio is her roommate from Snow College.  Elder Johnson is like a brother to Amber, the Johnson family kids and our kids have grown up with each other.  Elder Cooper went into the MTC the same day as Amber and is our neighbor.

As you can tell she thinkgs everything is super and awesome but what else would you expect from Amber!  Love that girl.

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