Monday, January 13, 2014

Is it sad that it is 37 degrees and I am in Heaven? ;)

This is my favorite picture from the New Year!
Me playing in the snow.  hehhehe
Date:  January 13, 2014
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant

Hello to my wonderful family and friends!!!!

We had three lessons on Facebook!!!  So AWESOME!!!!

So what happened is we ended at this lesson longer than we thought and we felt like we still needed to check Facebook even though it was after 4pm (they want us on it before four) and well The Lord had things in store for us because we had such a wonderful lesson with Sister Grant's friend.  We talked to him and then he asked a question that we both knew it was time to say a pray to have the Lords help as we teach him about prayer.  It was so cool to feel the spirit even though we couldn't see him!  It was crazy!!!  Then later in the week we had another lesson with him!!  WE have just been focusing on prayer and he said he prayed!!  Two nights in a row!

So as long as it is Gospel related, letting her do missionary work.  Sister North can talk to friends and family from home.  So if anyone out there that has questions and might want some answers but don't want the missionaries to come over this might be a less threatening way to find out information.  Just friend Sister Amber North and you can ask her questions through the private message feature.

It has been a little ok A TON cold here.
So we are glad it has warmed up.

The day before we had a lesson with someone I know.  It didn't go quite as well but it was still cool.

We met someone else at the Library!  Her name is S****!!!  I actually met her sometime during the summer and gave her a Book of Mormon but someone told her that "it wasn't a bible" so she stopped reading it.  Well we talked for a little bit and we got her information and turns out that she even lives in our area this time!! YAHOO  :)
Lots of things shut down for a few days because of the cold.
Some things tried to run but couldn't like this bus being towed.
W**** came to church, he was the first one we met at the Library!  He came to Sacrament!  YIPPY!!  He still hasn't found a place yet.  He is trying to so he can move out of his sisters.  Once that happens we will be transferring him to someone else.  He seemed to really love singing the hymns!  We hopefully will have a lesson with him this week and we want to sing a hymn with him.  :)

Yummy food and fun!  New favorite restaurant!!

On Saturday we got to have lunch at a place called El Norte. Our kind of place right!!!  Best part is it was free!  So a few mornings ago we were talking to this guy named B****.  He was/is a potential.  Not too interested....yet.  (She is always the optimist) Turns out he owns the restaurant with his friend and said if we come in on a Saturday that it is on him.  SUPER NICE!  I told him how we always have Mexican food for Christmas and I was bummed because I missed it this year.  He asked how that tradition started and I didn't know.  So how did it?  When we walked in there was an Elvis singing!  He sung the entire time.  It was
Tacos El Norte 
pretty much the BEST!!!  It was soo soo yummy I think this is my new favorite place to eat!

Back when we stopped going to families for Christmas (because we had too many kids and it is difficult to travel for Christmas with kids and all their stuff and presents) I decided I didn't want to have ham and turkey again so soon.  I love Mexican food so I decided that is what we would do for Christmas and luckily my hubby agreed readily.  So our non traditional traditional Christmas dinner of Mexican food was born.  I doubt any of the kids remember anything different.  We have tacos, tamales, enchilada, rice, 7 layer dip, and chicken tortilla soup.  

We did a lot of talking to people this week, it was really awesome.  One of which was the mom to the two little boys we teach a little Family Home Evening lesson to every Monday.  I finally was able to invite her to join us.  Their dad I have invited before but he is always very busy.  Their Grandma is always there.

Me and M**** - I just love her!
M**** is doing awesome!  She will be out of town the next two weeks.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and has read like eight or eleven chapters so far.  We told her if she keeps it up that she'll catch up to Sister Grand and I.  It is really awesome to watch her grow!

J**** was going to come to church but then got to go see his grandson.  We were bummed but we really hope he will come next week.  He is still praying but still feels like he hasn't gotten an answer. We also feel like with him coming to church will help too!  :D

I love it here!  We are finally having actual lessons that are set up and have members coming with us.  We have only been able to do a lot of stop by's before because everyone has been gone with the holidays.

Last night we made cookies at M**** house (we helped her move a month or so ago) and she even fed us dinner.  We shared a little thought with her and it was good and talked to her daughter A**** for a little bit.

We had a pow-wow the other night with our neighbors I**** and D**** and talked and then shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon and talked about faith and stuff and it was really good.

C**** is doing well.  She struggles getting to church every week.  It is hard when your doing it alone with a little one.  Her husband is gone a lot and is very busy.  We just love their family and little K**** is so cute.

J**** took us out to Lunch at Olive Garden.  It was tasty and we talked about the Plan of Salvation!  :D

This e-mail is super random but I hope you like it  HAHAH  :)

Letters this week:
-Karly Willes
-Aimee Smith
- Holden's
-Mommy!!  The calendar is hanging up and I love it!  Thank you!! Oh and guess I'm turing 20 again this year.  ;)

I make a calendar every year for our family and apparently I put Amber's 20th birthday.  Guess I am done letting her grow up!  :)
We got a chari two weeks ago!!  This week we got couches from a ward member that weas giving them away!!!  So after 5 1/2 months we finally have furniture!!  YAHOOO  :D  And mom, I LOVE my new PJ's.

Spirtual thought for the day:

My new favorite song!!!  Listen to it!!  It is amazing!!!  Let Christ take away your pain!!!!  If anyone wants to record that song for me on a CD with some Josh Groban songs I would totally love you forever!
Elder Whitehead, Pearson, Crabera, Gifford, Jacobs, Myl
Sisters Lepule, Winward, Hermana Bloxam, Olivas, Kenddy, Sister North and Grant
Sister Tincher, McClimans, Elder Bangater, Plata, Warner, and Kircher

Have a great week!!  I love you all!!!  :D

Sister North :)

Check out this tractor!!!  Plus all the snow it is up to my knees.
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