Monday, January 27, 2014

Enos is the Boss!!

MAN it is cold here.  Today is a high of -2 not counting
the wind chill.  Schools and the library closed again.
So I am having to e-mail at the church from my ipad.
Hey ya guys!!! :)

So this morning I read Enos and oh my goodness he has so much Faith and man I just love it!  You all should read it and let me know what you think!  :)  Because he is cool!

Another thing I liked this week and don't remember when I gathered this knowledge...but here ya go.

Do you have the will to win?
We totally have the Will to Win!
We have been prepared to win!  :)

You all got this and can do anything with the Lords help!

This week has been grand!  We had a super awesome lesson with J****!  It was at the K**** and Sister K just connected so well with John and gave amazing comments and helped him to understand! He had pink eye so he couldn't come to church again.  :(  So sad!  Satan really doesn't want him to come.

M**** is back from out of town!  Yahoo!  She has been sick, we saw her on Tuesday and she didn't really read since she was playing with her grand kids and then got sick.  We met with her again on Friday though and she had read three chapters!  I was floored and so happy!!  On Sunday we talked to a member and told her how we really wanted her to come with us to a lesson with Mary.  Sounds like we will finally be able to make something work out!  I'm super excited, members make lessons awesome!!
Me being silly!

We had an awesome lesson with J****!  Sister C*** came with us and they connected so well.  It was super wonderful!  So nice to have the members connect with the investigators.  Hopefully she can come this week too.  We are hoping to start having lessons at her house.  June is starting to understand a little bit more every visit.

We got 6 PNI's (Potential New Investigator) this week!  One of which just makes me smile!

We did a stop by and decided to go make another one.  We put the address in the GPS and went on our way.  As we set out to drive we drove by this guy and we waved and he waved back.  I was like, lets go talk to him!  So we turned around and I was like uh hurry say a quick prayer in your head.  We hopped out of the car and talked to this awesome Chinese man!  He isn't sure what he believe.  We left him with a pamphlet and he said he'd call us.  We are planning to go see him soon!  He doesn't know it yet but he is searching for the truth and we totally have it!  He is way cool, and I am excited to see what happens.

A picture for Nutty!  
The next PNI is sorta sad.  We met this sweet older lady and she told us to come back in an hour or so.  We did and this time her husband answered and well to the point, he didn't like us and told us to go away.  We feel like we need to do something still.  She has suffered from a few strokes and when we feel the time is right are going to leave a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and tell them about how Families are Forever.  We will see if they call us.  I was bummed but I know we need to do something.  We will just listen to the spirit and then we will know what to do.

we passed while out tracting!  HEHHE
Something that was really cool is we had a random couple and their adorable little boy come to church!  They needed to use the bathroom and then was invited to join.  They stayed for Sacrament and said they'd come again.  I made sure to get their information.  They live in the Elder's area but they are so sweet and nice and MAN I just love them!  I look forward to hearing how they are progressing in the future and seeing them again at church.
Totally cool new toy!!!

Random story of the week!

Sometimes you go tracting and people think you are crazy because it is so cold outside.  Here is how it happened.  First we knocked on this one door and met a cool lady and she invited us to go kayaking, which totally would have been fun! (At a local pool) one day right?  On Lake Michigan too!  :)  Then we knocked on her neighbors and on the door it had a sticky note saying "knock and my dogs will announce you" and they did!  Before we even got to the door.  This lady answered and she was mad at us for being out in the cold and told us that we should have better clothes on.  She wasn't that happy to see us.  Honestly at that moment it really wasn't that cold...granted we have layers on and have gotten better at staying warm but yeah we just laughed and hoped she stays warm and has a better day!  :)

I love you all!
Sister North :)

Sister North LOVES LOVES LOVES mail so drop her a post card, a letter, a quick scripture.  Anything she would just be happy to hear from you.  She is very good about writing back too!

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