Monday, February 3, 2014

A helping hand Goes a Long way! Right Time Right Place!

It's ME!!!!
Date:  February 3, 2014
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant

My wonderful family and friends!!!!

It is Monday again and it is crazy to think of all the things that have happeneed!  Part of me feels like it was just Monday and then the other is like WOW finally Monday again!  Ha!  Crazy how that works!!!

This week we got a MEDIA REFERRAL???  SAY WHAT???  And it gets even better, the referral was from Serbia!  It was this past Tuesday, the day it was REALLY COLD! (Again...) and we were just about to go out still, not sure who we would try and see and then we received a text and Sister Grant was like, "We got a referral!"  I was like, "come again?"  Before all of the messages could come to us we received a phone call from Sister Taggart who also was super excited as well about the referral.  She called and told us what was up.  So the referral cam from this dad who is a Priest in Serbia at a Greek Orthodox Church.  He wanted missionaries to go say hi to his son or something.  They have a family friend who are Mormons.  Well we acted on this referral right away.  It took us awhile to find it but we FOUND IT!!!  YAY!!  Turns out M*** (his nickname) is going to school to be a Priest as well.  We get there and it is like a small boarding school I guess you could say and we don't know ehre the main door is.  We looked around for a little bit and then started walking back to the car when someone drove up and we were able to ask him if he new M...(I still can't say his name) and so he went and got him for us!  He came out and was like what
Yup I still drink applesauce with a straw!!!

the?  Then ran back in to get shoes and a coat.  When he came out he was like oh yeah my dad said two people would come and see me.  He has a good impression of Mormons from their family friend but doesn't really know anything that we believe.  He was like come on so we we went for a walk with him.  In my head I was like cool, we will have a short little talk.  Well he shows up his church which was very pretty and we talk about a lot of different things.  We had to go and we told him we would e-mail him and he would e-mail us.  He hasn't e-mailed us back yet but he was very interested in meeting some of the guys from the ward.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens and teaching him more of what we believe.  He is really cool and has a lot of respect for Religions.

Bishop A**** gave us some names to visit this week.  It was great!  Usually these people are not home but when we went and visited them this time ALL of the family was there!  It was crazy and awesome!  At MCM (Mission correlation Meeting) Brother D**** was like WOW do you realize that it is a miracle that you got to talk to these two families withy all of them being there?  It was pretty much awesome!  I love that he gave us names of people he felt like we should go see.  The Lord knew we could see them this week!  :D
It is soooo cold here.  We do anything to stay warm!

We got to see a lot of less actives this week!  One of them we tried to visit but she wasn't home HOWEVER as I was bucking up Sister Grant, there was a girl on the side walk so I went and talked with her.  Honestly sometimes I can be a very awkward person and not know what to say and things just come out.  Well it worked because she told us we could come teach her the Purpose of Life and where we came from the next day.  Sadly she wasn't feeling well so we didn't get to see her but I have high hopes for her and she has the desire to learn!  Right Place Right Time.

If a missionary needs to back a car up the other missionary has to go out and physically be behind the car and clearing them to prevent accidents.  And maybe just maybe to put people in the right places at the right times.  :)

Me and Sister Luple being twinners.  Isn't she adorable!
G****& came to church yesterday!  It was awesome!  We met him two weeks ago at the Library and had a lesson with him that week.  We haven't really talked to him this past week because he lives in the Elders area.  He said he would come to church in February and wanted to meet the Elders before having them come over.  So we called him on Friday and left him a message and then called him on Saturday and he was like, "I am coming to church".  Not gonna lie, Sister Grant and I were surprised!!  So we met early before church and taught him more yesterday then our lesson because he gets off topic SO easy but we are getting better at leading people back to the lesson.  He really enjoyed Sacrament and he even sang the Hymns!  It was great!  He is a cool guy!  He didn't stay for the rest of Church but he told the Bishop that he will be back and that he likes it here.  He'll soon come to the three hours of Church.  One step at a time.  We will hopefully have a hand off lesson with the Elders this week.  :)

Sister Wells and I last P-day
We met with W**** this week, we were bummed because we had a lesson with him Thursday with our ward mission leader but he ended up having work.  We got to see him on Saturday and talked about the fall and how it was a good thing.  He is slowly understanding things.

We met with E**** who is an 85 year old who this summer we would help with his yard and now we just go see him once a month or so.  We go see him now lately as a back up with a member.  Oh my goodness he is starting to have a desire to know more.  He told us sorry for not coming to church the other day but was like I still want to come one of these days.  We told him that he is always welcome.  HE asked if he would see me again and I said Yes.  I am here at least all month and he was like good.  I should at least see you one more time before you leave.  He is cool!  It is fun to watch him not really care about what we do, to start asking a few questions.  Service does help, it showed him that we care.

We love the T**** family!

We had another lesson with J****!  Sadly our member couldn't come :(  Sad day but when we first got there we got to talk with his daughter for a few minutes.  Hopefully she'll want to learn soon, but June is so interested in learning, we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the different people.  He told us he couldn't meet this week because he has family coming in town and then later out of nowhere he was like, "I could meet on Thursday."  We could go to dinner or something.  I was like Uh YEAH!  hahah  We have a meeting at 8pm but we could even go get ice cream or something.  So sounds like we still get to meet with him!  He was also really bummed that Sister Cook couldn't come, he really likes her which is AWESOME!!!  :D
I got my hair cut!

Wow this letter is long and going to be long because well I still have a lot more time...Hope you guys like something and learn something!  :D  and sorry if I bore you...

But here are some things I learned this week:

First off I got to teach in District Meeting this week.  A little about Inspired Questions but I wanted to teach something that we didn't know and I came across this talk and I invite you all to read it!  It is SO AWESOME!!!  It is called..."Teaching Helps Save Lives" by Russell T. Osuthorpe October 2009

IT talks a lot about aiming hirer then you think you can reach.  One of the quotes I like is "The goal of gosepel not to 'pour information' into the minds of class member...The aim is to inspire the indivdual to think about, feel about, and then do something about living gospel principles"

With our awesome neighbor I****!!
And form this I just want to say it isn't hard to share the Gospel with your friends, just keep being an example to those you love and sharing those simple truths that make you who you are.  I love this Gospel and I know that I can be with my Family Forever!  So great!

Here is a link to the whole talk

A few quotes I like from church yesterday are:

Just because we know the way something works doesn't mean it isn't a miracle - Elder Bangater
Gods hand is everywhere and in everything we do!!  What has he done for you today?
We love Sister C****!

From my studies this morning:
"You are responsible for who you are and you are responsible for who you will become." - Fourth Missionary
It is up to us to become the person that we want to be!! So who do you want to be?

Can I just say I feel SOOO loved this week.  I was reminded of all the people I have cheering for me back at home.  I just want to say THANK YOU for all of your letters, prayers, and support!  You are all so wonderful and I care about you so much!

Mail makes me soooo happy!!!
Letters this week:
- Marissa Lawrence
- Sister Mikela Burr
- Elder Bryce Mitchell
- Grandma Mary
- Karly Willes
- Karoline!
- Fawn Shields
- Mommyu (2) the one you wrote like two weeks ago finally came HA.after your other one...sometimes mail is just weird ;)
- CD's from Kenn and Amy! Oh my GOODNESS THANK YOU I LOVE THEM!!! :D
- Sister Spraktes
- Nutty

WOW!!! It feels like Christmas again!!  :D  thanks again!!!

The random story of the week is from, oh I think it was Tuesday.  We came home for nightly planning and I was praying and the next thing I know we both jump because we hear this beeping noise.  I finish the prayer pretty confused and our CO thing was being stupid again but all is well.  We actually bought a new one and we are fine.

I like to make funny faces
Answers to Momma's questions:
- G**** was the only one we had at church this week.
- PNI's:  We will be contacting them this week :D  We did stop by some but no one was home.
- HAHAH Oh boy 20's for the next ten days? HUH?  Well I'll take that, it is warmer than the negatives HAHAH
- Facebook:  Mom I love that you keep saying stuff on it, I get so excited when I see people say something on it or share it because it means more people see it!  I have been asking questions on there for awhile now but this past week people finally are responding and it is great to see!!  The work is moving in so many ways!  What ways can you share the gospel today?

Things are going great!  I sure love it and living it up!  I don't feel like I have that much time in this area but I am going to leave it with a bang!  The work is growing and we just need to keep moving on step at a time! 
I like to take pictures while I wait for Sister Clark!
The Lord is in charge!  After writing this I'm like WOW what a week it has been!  I know there was more that happened!  HA

I love you all!!!!
Sister North :D

Thanks for your love and support of Amber, it means a lot to not only her but to us as her parents also.  It is not easy letting your kids go on a mission where you don't get to have normal contact with them and it helps so much knowing she is surrounded by people locally that take care of her and also her family and friends that love and support her.

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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