Monday, February 17, 2014

Sometimes Tag go bye bye, Drop Phone in Snow for hours, Get hugged By Males....

Date:  February 17, 2014
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant

....Or the above statement just happen to Sister North....

Statements above:

1.  I lost my tag after our Zone Meeting on Friday.  I even remember hearing it drop but didn't know what it was until it was too late.  :(  Sad day.  I for sure will be calling and getting a new one because having one tag in this cold, well it can be annoying to change your tag from coat to shirt a lot during the day.
2.  Yep, Saturday I dropped our phone in a snow bank for hours!  We heart attacked a less active and that is where it chilled.  We are grateful that we found it and that it still works after chilling in rice for a few hours.  Thank you to our awesome neighbors on the first floor who gave us some.
3.  Ha!  yep another male gave me a hug!  Not sure what it is, it never happens to Sister Grant just to me!  This time it was at church one of the Elders Investigators came to church  and I haven't seen him since the Halloween Party (so its been awhile) we talked and then when we left he gave me a bro hug.  He is cool and it just made us laugh.  Sister Grant likes to tease me how all the males like to give me hugs.  HAHAHA :D

All the Chicago Illinois Mission Sister Missionaries
I had a cool experience yesterday!  It was personal study time and I was pondering about this week and was bummed that it was Sunday and we haven't even gotten one PNI!  I know numbers don't really matter, but they sure are nice!  :)  Well I asked the Lord to help us get a new investigator.  I was thinking it would be one of our current PNI's because we planned to meet with one of them.  The day was young and we had some big plans, including tracting!  I was like, oh yes, we are going to get at least one PNI.  Well, we didn't have plans in the morning so we prayed for a street to tract and that is what we did before church.  We didn't get any potentials but the sun was out and it was peaceful and nice and even kind of warm unless you are in the shade then it was BRR!  :D  We met a few guys and I think we made their day a little bit better even if they didn't want to hear our glorious message.

We are silly sisters - Happy Valentine's Day
Me on Valentine's Day
We went to church, it was awesome!!  We had TWO INVESTIGATORS COME!!!  :D  I told Sister Grant, man it may have been a slow week but this is the most investigators we have had in a long time that have come to church so it pretty much made up for the slow week!  :)  The Elders are on fire and having so many awesome investigators at church.  They really are doing an awesome job and it is so fun to see their investigators at church every week and watch them grow!  WOW, it is so powerful.  It is cool to watch from a distance.  I really do see them coming closer to Christ.  I love seeing and saying Hi to them.  I just love this gospel, it really does make us so much more happy.

After church we did some stop by's, people weren't home.  Our dinner with a member got cancelled but it was a good thing!  Why?  Because we got to see J**** and talk to him and then we had an appointment with R**** and J****!  Well dinner didn't happen but teaching was so much better than eating!

Okay so we pulled up to R**** and J**** and their is a truck we don't know and so I was joking around like, Oh who do they have for us to teach today?  Last week they had their friend C**** (she loved what we taught, R**** told us and we told her that we really can and would love to send missionaries to her, but I guess she is moving here in two weeks, so we might get to start teaching her as well) and when we ate there for
Hazy day today
Thanksgiving they had another friend over!  So they are already introducing their peeps to us!  It is awesome.  Well we go in and J**** isn't there but M****, who is L**** dad, was there and we had an awesome lesson with R**** and M****!  It was crazy.  It can be hard teaching more than one person at a time but something that was really cool was R**** had to go help L**** with something and we explained to M**** how the church functioned, with a Prophet down to Bishops.  R**** missed that and when R**** came back M**** taught what we had just taught him to R****. It was really cool to watch M**** change.  He said he doesn't like organized religion and has a problem with it but as we talked we kept answering his questions and then he wanted to know more!  They both really like what they are learning and it was a cool lesson.  They both just asked such awesome questions!  We are meeting with M**** and R**** this coming Sunday and are hoping to set up a time to meet with R**** and J**** this week as well as help them with their other house in Gurnee first ward.  We are so excited for them!  The funny thing about this all is M**** tells us where he lives and well GUESS what?!?  It so happens to be the street we
J**** took us to Olive Garden
tracted on this morning!! YEAH!  Meant to be!!  We still plan on going back to that street because there are still houses we wanted to knock on but ran out of time.  So we got a new investigator today...well Yesterday!  The Lord really does bless us with the desires of our heart!  I need to make sure I am putting my trust in the goals that he helps us set, because with His help we really can reach our goals, and beyond!  :D

The rest of the week was good!!  We went with a member to go and visit Sister P****, a less active.  She had read all of first Nephi in just a few days!  It is so amazing and makes me so happy.  :D

Back from Christmas when I was sick
hmm..well I can't really think about what else to say, but I love it here!
I love you all so much!  Thanks for all the love you send me!!

Letters this week:
- Grandma Mary
- Mom
- Sister Victoria Jorgenson (funny/weird thing is she was in my dream the day I got her letter.. I just felt it coming I guess hahaha)

Have a GREAT week!!!  I love you all!!!

Sister North :D

This week I had sent Sister North a picture of Ceaira and I at the end of our almost four mile hike in the beautfiul 45 degree weather.  She had replied to the picture.  STILL SNOWING!!!  With this picture attached.   Her brother Jered who is in Guatemala with lots of humidity and 80 plus degree weather said, where is the sweat.  They both are in such extreme weather.  

Write Sister North she loves to get letters!!!

Sister Amber North
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