Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! Stay Warm...don't freeze!

hmm cold much?  This is without wind chill!!!
Date:  January 6, 2014
Area:  Gurnee
Companion:  Sister Grant

Hey Everyone!!

I already told my mom some things that have been happening and I was going to just write a letter home because I don't like typing on the iPad for e-mailing.   The library is closed today because well, it is freezing!!

It has been a super awesome week!  I took a ton of pictures this week!  You won't get them today....sorry.  Like I said the library is closed because it is FREEZING!!!  I would send my card home but I have a picture I need to send Brittany of a tractor hehhe :)  Man it is freezing!!  Haha and I think if the church wasn't so close we just wouldn't of e-mailed.  I don't think we are going to go shopping today.  We should have enough food for this week.  I just won't get my normal bananas that I buy every week.  YUM  :)

When she says it is freezing she is NOT joking.  On my phone I have the weather app and I have all three area's my kids are serving put in so I can check on their weather any time.  For Amber's area the forcast is as follows.
Monday, January 6th - high of  negative 11 and low of negative 16.  
Tuesday, January 7th - high of 6 and low of negative 6.
Wednesday, January 8th - high of 12 and low of zero.
Thursday, January 9th - high of 27 and low of 22 (whahoo back to normal!)
Of course these ridiculously low negative numbers are not factoring in the windchill which I hear makes it feel more like negative 30-45.  I was actually surprised to hear from her because I thought there was a good chance we wouldn't.  The picture we did get were taken on her ipad she can't send the ones from her camera because she isn't at the library with a card reader.  So we will have to wait until next week for those. All the local schools, colleges, public places, most of the museums and stuff were all shut down today because of the frigid temperatures.  To contrast a little we (in the Salt Lake City area) are in the high's of mid thirty's and lows in the teens.  Bryen in Arkansas is a little bit warmer than us and Jered in Guatemala is in the mid 70's for hights and lows of mid 50's.  

Sister Grant and I just having some fun
 Okay to answer some questions:

We have church at 1:00 pm now and it is weird but yesterday was a great day!  Yesterday was one of the moments that I just felt well...on top of the world and that I have learned and grown, it is pretty dandy.  :)

Me being silly as I wait for Sister Grant
Sister Grant's foot is doing well, it isn't fully strong like normal but all is well.  She slipped the other day and I told her if it was anyone else I would have laughed but because it was her I didn't and was like ahh don't don't do that, haha.  We both still have a slight cough but we had a great week full of work!  It was super nice to work.  I feel like Christmas was forever ago and even New Years doesn't feel like it was this past week.  We went to the H**** for dinner and had lasagna and it was divine!  Went home after that, curfew was earlier and because of the dinner we were a little late but it was ok.  We even took some fun pictures in the snow because it snowed for like three days.  I climbed a tree and made a snow angel.  Pictures next week!

Uh...Chicago phrases...hmm I don't know.  I guess I have a Utah accent, or so I have been told.  I think that is pretty cool.  It is more how they say certain things here like dat over there or get em.

Hmm....well I'm glad Ceaira got my letter, I can't believe she is 14!  Happy Birthday Ceaira!  :)  I hope you liked all the stickers on the envelope especially the my little pony ones.  HAHA

Man typing on the iPad is so much slower than I'd like.  You'll be getting a letter this week because I'm done for now.  I have a ton of e-mails today.  I think 10 are from sweet Sister Attanasio sending pictures, YAY!  Hahaha
Ok one more of me all bundled up
because it is FREEZING!!!!

I love you!  Sorry it isn't a lot of information but I have so much to say, so much happened and it was great! I love the work!  I love the Lord!  Anything is possible when we let him into our lives!

Stay warm!  I don't know what the weather is like there but man it is freezing here!

Sister North :)

So you all should write Sister North because well, lets face it letters keep her warm!

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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