Sunday, April 20, 2014

Valpo Week 6!

Our District
Date:  April 14, 2014
Area:  Valpo, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Comstock
Valpo Week 6

Hey Mom! And others I love!

 So we got transfer calls and Sister Comstock is leaving me and Sister  Wells is coming here! She is awesome and I look forward to serving with her. We are spending the night in the cityish with some other Sisters and going to go visit a ward member who is in the hospital at the moment. So that should be fun....get to drive in the crazy traffic! We saw Debbie this morning so Sister Comstock could say goodbye. Things are good!

I hope all of you are doing great! I love you bunches!

-Aunt Karoline - loved the pictures! They made me smile, and the
kiddos are getting SO big!
-Hermana Alex Jackson
- Grandma Mary

Monday April 7, 2014
We had such an amazing lesson with Kim! Wow! We taught her the Restoration! The spirit was so strong we read Alma 7:10-13 talking about the Atonement. We even invited her to be baptized, she was like what if I have already been baptized? And do you mean like convert? We briefly reminded her about the right priesthood authority and told her we don't expect you to say yes right now, but when you find out that it is true will you? She told us she would have to think about or something, but she was excited to read Moroni 10 so that is good. And we had the lesson at Fallan Tanner's house she is in her 20's and it was just perfect! :)

We had interviews with President and wow I love that man! :) I could tell him anything and he always makes you feel so cool. I am so grateful for Him! He is the best! :)

We had Zone training today and it of course was SUPER! :) something we are focusing on is making sure we are teaching the Big picture. We are not here just to baptize people but to help them be with there families for eternity!

We stopped by Sharon and talked about how God loves us and we just need to turn to him and we just got to know her and we are meeting with her next week! Yay! :)

We had such an amazing experience at the Tucker's tonight! We had the opportunity to sing hymns and we all chose one of our favorites and the spirit was there and it was so strong! It was so wonderful! :) it was neat and something I will always remember! :)

      Today was the day of visiting the Elderly. :) we visited Sister Clark, but she is a redhead where Sister Clark in Gurnee isn't :) hehe.       I met the Vickers for the first time and she gave us chocolate and then told us to keep eating it haha. :) we shared the Prayer poem with her (it is one of our favorites to share! I'm starting to have it memorized) and we shared a scripture and she teared up and it was sweet.

       After dinner we visited with the Ackleys and when I become old I want to be as in love with my husband as they are. They are so cute together! And you can just tell they love each other so much. They told us how they met and it was great, I always love hearing these stories. I gotta get my "romance" somewhere haha. :) we also talked about prayer and Sister Ackley shared the sweetest experience and the spirit was there and peaceful. When we left Bro. Ackley said stay sitting and went and put cookies in a bag for us.

We had a great lesson with Debbie! And she wants to be baptized! But we didn't invite her to a date yet. We talked about how we want her to be baptized for her and because she believes not because of us or anything or anyone else. She even did her reading and more too. Turns out she has a gospel doctrine book and when we got there she was asking us, so you really don't drink tea or coffee? We said correct. We focused on the BOM and talked about how we can get answers from it and how it brings us power and guidance. It was a good lesson. Her heart is changing and being softened.

Our zone
Oh my goodness we had the most powerful lesson with the Martinez family! They are amazing! We were able to answer one of there questions through the Book of Mormon, why bad things happen to good people. Something that was really cool is Sister Comstock mentioned on sharing 'Good things to Come' by Elder Holland for someone else we would be seeing that day and I just went a long with it but it didn't feel right but I couldn't figure out what that person needed. Turns out this video was for them! I had a huge 'light bulb' moment while reading and explaining a scripture and new that the Spirit was telling me to show them this Mormon message! It was so powerful! All of us had
tears in our eyes! I can't wait to meet with them next week! :) we invited them to pray as a family.

We met with the Nickles family and it is a pretty crazy teaching environment. It is Bro. Nickles who is less active and his five children who aren't members. We just taught them how we are children
of a God. It went well but a little crazy! They are a great family, the kids don't know anything about the gospel. We are going to ask if we can teach the lessons to his children(he is there as well), we just
want to make sure it is okay. He is fine with us coming over. I have high hopes for this family, and I know that the Gospel will help bring them together and they are already changing super slowly with just the few times we have seen them.

We did some good old finding today! We tried to find people at the park but needless to say it wasn't really successful. But we did talk to one person!...but she rejected even taking a card. She had the
cutest little baby! :)

We then went tracting and we met Rita who is a super funny German lady! And she makes me laugh. She didn't want to hear our message but we started talking about other things and then she finally came outside and talked to us instead of from inside the screen door. She told us we could come back so that was cool. :)

We went over to Bishop Sarver's and they have eight kids, a few fun facts that I can't help but think of my own family is they sit on the second row at church, and they have a green van, but slightly smaller then ours. It was a little hectic teaching environment but so fun! I love being around kids, I just wish I could really play with them...can't wait to do that again. :)

The Day of Services. We helped Sister Hagman with her yard sell and we even got a potential
investigator! Haha he is our age and we gave him our Facebook information and he added us on Facebook. So that is cool. We then helped the Sams dust some of there house it was grand. :)

The Day of stop bys....Sister Comstock is going to Woodstock! I taught Sunday school about the organizations of the Priesthood, it went okay. Then Sister Comstock and I taught Young Women's and that was super awesome! It went so well! :) we taught the Restoration! And it is so cool how every lesson is so different because you teach to there needs. I love it! :)

Sister North absolutely LOVES mail, so drop her a post card, a letter, a package.  ANYTHING.  Her Birthday is coming up on May 18th so lets send her lots of birthday cards.  She would love that!  In the next few weeks she is coming up on her halfway point of he mission too.  AHHH time is flying for the most part. 

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025


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