Monday, June 9, 2014

June starts out strong!!! :)

I know the Book of Mormon is True!! it 
makes me SO SO HAPPY :D
Date:  June 9, 2014
Area:  Valparaiso, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 14 in Valpo

Howdy! My Favorite Peeps!!!

June June June! My mind is still blown that it is June! But oh my goodness it has been such a great week! I can also say I am truly happy! I really do love being a missionary! My attitude about missionary work has changed from the last few weeks and it is for the better! I can feel the difference and I am just ready to baptized all of Portage! :) ...just need to remember that when I'm feeling down and when time gets hard. :) I sure am so grateful for this amazing opportunity
to serve the Lord!  I know this is His gospel, and I KNOW His Gospel brings the ultimate Happiness!!! 

Man, it just flew by! I didn't even write one letter! Crazy! Sister Isaacson texted us and invited us over for dinner, and what was funny is when Sister Wells said it was her I thought she was texting us a warning about some crazy storm. Because last week when they found out we got stuck in the Mothers Day storm she was like, no worries I'll
warn you next time so you will be safe! But no, it was to come to dinner and that was yummy! We played a little basketball with the kids in the hallway. We decided we should have one for our apartment and do that in the morning for exercise! Ha ;)

After we had a lesson with Precilla! We taught her the Restoration and she is awesome! And I still love her little boy! After the lesson we walked back to the car when this kid was like, "Are you in college?" Then I started talking to them and was like no, we are Missionaries...and told them about the Book of Mormon. It was grand, we left them with our Facebook info, it would be cool if they actually added us!

I had to take a screen-shot of our awesome numbers this week! We worked hard and had six member present lessons! It was incredible!! and two people came to Sacrament Meeting!! The Lord sure is blessing us!! I love working in Portage and helping in the Lords Vineyard! :D 

Exchanges-awesome awesome day! Two member present! Woot woot!  What a Busy day!

We started of the morning going and stopping by a PNI because the we were told that is when she was home....I guess we woke her up...but she said we could come back still as she wiped her that is good. We knocked on a door and then stopped by Kristen who we taught a lesson with before. And well we woke her up too...yikes! But we talked
with her about the Book of a Mormon and promised her if she read it and prayed she would find peace in her life. She is a cute little fireball! She also has a pig! I hope I'll get to meet it, she(Susie) sleeps with her and lives in the house! Ain't that something.
I know that we have a living Prophet today that lead and guides
 us in the crazy world, I know that our Savior died for us and 
Loves us all SO SO Much!! I feel his love every time I pray
 and read His Scriptures!! He loves us all so much!! 

After that we went back to the car and guess who called us!?! Debbie did and she said Yes we can still meet with her at 11! Ahh! Yay! I was so excited! We drove to sister Skeen's and hoped in her car and off we went. It was a great lesson on the Book of Mormon. I don't really remember the details but I know the spirit was there and it was awesome!

We had a great lesson with Sister Jones(less active) we finished reading Alma 7 with her and talked about the importance of Sacrament.  The spirit was there and she is hopefully coming to church! Yay!

Yaros-Ashley Z! Came with us she just moved in the ward and is awesome! The lesson was okay, it was hard to have the spirit testify to Gloria but she isn't entirely letting it in. But it was decent lesson.

Funny moment! On our way back to Sister Bradley's area, she went to put in a new CD and guess what we ended up listening too! Oakcrest! Oh my Goodness! It was so awesome and funny! We just kept laughing! Pretty much Sister Bradley and I have all these memories together...expect we actually weren't together! Ha! Super great. I love her! She is just so darn cute!

Wednesday! Great Day!
We had district meeting which was interesting because we spent a while changing to a new program on our Ipad that took a while but it still went well. We had our meeting in the foyer on the couch haha. I love my district! They are wonderful!

But After district meeting we listen to this super cool message....and it is this random guy saying he met someone who wants a Book of Mormon! So yeah pretty cool! Turns out "Jake from Utah" is working here selling door to door and try's to share the gospel! So he met this 80 year old who wanted a Book of Mormon! How cool! I am so proud of Jake for sharing the Gospel at every opportunity! We met with him and gave Bob a Book of Mormon and Jake tried to get Bob to set up an appointment with us but he kept on insisting that Jake should come teach him more. We left him with our contact information, we'll see what happens.

After lunch we helped Sister Scroggin pack and shared a message with her. They are moving this weekend.

So Ashley came out with us pretty much 5:30pm to the rest of the night, we had an appointment but it got cancelled but we had so many back up plans because we have a hand full of people we have been wanting to see but we need another female to be with us. We went and saw all these people but no one was home. We called Ryan and he said
Our library has these guys all over!
we could come over in fifteen minutes so we did....well needless to say he was on something and could hold still we tried to have a lesson with him but it didn't really go anywhere but we all tried to bring the spirit.

We then met up with Jake and contacted the referral and then Ashley was so sweet and took us out for dinner at Subway, it was tasty! Ashley is so amazing! We love her! We did a few more stop bys but not much success...but I did get a compliment...and it is always weird when a male gives you a compliment as a missionary....I'm like sorry Bro.
Better luck next time haha. It was a good night though. :)

This morning we helped Sister Scroggin pack more. And she just has the cutest little baby! I wish I could have held her but I just admired with my eyes. Sister Thomas came and helped for a little bit too. Man I just love her! She is just so cute and makes you feel so loved!  Sister Scroggin told us a funny story about her cat jumping on to the stove and with his paw turned on the stove and caught himself on fire!  I pretty much just laughed! The reason why we found this out is we finished packing the kitchen and we asked her if the nobs on the stove should go on and the reason why they are off is because of the cat.  Pretty funny.

We did some planning and we then had a lesson with Tammy with Sister Helm. The lesson was fast pace but it helped keep the lesson more focused. We went over the restoration briefly (she's been taught parts before and read the pamphlet) and talked about a few questions. The lesson went pretty alright and we had control of it for a good amount.
I am getting so much better at controlling lessons. Tammy is a talker!  Sister Helm was so great and she is so smart! I am so grateful that she came with us! :) I love having members at lessons! It makes them so so much better! We are doing yard work with Tammy next week! Super excited! And it will be awesome because she is a talked and what
better way for her to talk to us then doing yard work? It should be fun. :)

We finished the night stopping by the library, contacting a referral, eating dinner and planning. It was a pretty good day!

Oh my goodness! I've never seen so much cotton in my life! It seriously is snowing! Ha! So many things that I will miss when I return home.

We had an awesome lesson with Debbie with sister Isaacson! It went really well! We taught her the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we talked about the priesthood again and why Jesus couldn't get baptized by anyone and that is was by John because he had the right authority. It was a really good lesson and sister Isaacson had such great comments. On Tuesday we invited her to start reading from the beginning and she was already on page 19, and she is starting to understand it. She is changing! In a good way too! It just makes my heart happy. :)

I mowed Dorothy's lawn was slightly scary ha, I like mowing Lean Ann's better Bit this lawn mower even though it wasn't my favorite it push it less work out for me. The reason it was scary is her front lawn is on a hill and there is areas of dirt and rocks like to hide or sticks so sometimes themed fly around. But we had an awesome lesson with her reading out of 2 Nephi 4 and we talked about how strong Nephi was, this story she usually didn't like but as we talked about how positive He was she was like wow! And we told her how we can even learn things from the war chapters in the scriptures and she was like huh? So we'll be reading those with her soon. Best part is she said she'll do her best to come to church! We are calling her at 7:30am so hopefully she will come! That would be so amazing! :)
and she was just so happy today! Like the most happy I've seem her!  Yay!  :)

We stopped by a less active the D. family and talked to the wife for about haft hour. She's awesome! Do you know something that I thought was pretty crazy! Is Portage High School's graduation is on a Sunday! And that is how they do it every year! I thought that was interesting.

We helped the Tucker's set up for a yard sell, can I say they have yard sells everywhere here!   I have helped with three now since I got here! It's crazy! They are very popular here!

We ended the night over a fire with Sister Yuen and we talked about a conference talk.

Elder Berhow enjoying a S'more and Elder Foster having fun roping.

Me enjoying my S'more.  HA, I'm weird

Roasting them marshmellows

Sister Wells enjoying her s'more before MCM
Can I just say I sure do love having a fire for MCM! Woot! I can't wait to go camping next Summer!....that is a weird thought... I honestly am still mind blown that it is June! Guess what the Elders said today! We get to be in a parade for the Fourth of July! I am beyond excited! :) that will be so much fun and hopefully a great Missionary opportunity! :) last year I just worked so I am looking forward to it! And it is right before transfers so The Lord can't take me away before this! Yay! But I expect to be staying anyway so it is cool. :)

We visited cute Sister a Vickers! Her home is just so peaceful and nice, I could just take a nap. It was funny we were showing things to her on her tablet and then we took some pictures on it and took a few funny ones of course and when we looked at them she just cracked up and it was the cutest little chuckle laugh ever! It was great!  :)

We stopped by MaryJo but she didn't have much time to talk so we just shared a little message with her and gave her a hug. Man I sure do love her! :)

We had a great lesson with Gloria and Sister Quinton came with us and I'd say it was our best lesson with her. We had it outside and it took away so many distractions! But of course the neighbor was mowing and weed whacking the yard the entire time and it still was so much better. We had a great lesson on Faith!  :)
Best Text ever!!  For those who write me, you know that I have fun putting stickers
and sometimes drawings on my envelopes.  After 10 months of sending Elder Taggart
Sticker envelopes when I send him our miles for the month he sent us a text message!!
Totally made my day!!  :D  So if you want a cool envelope with stickers on it you better
write me!  ;)  Those that have written, I will write you back soon!
Oh my goodness!! Tammy and Ryan came to church! I seriously couldn't believe it! Sacrament was about to start and Ryan comes in and during sacrament I looked around and I see Tammy! It was great! Tammy said she enjoyed it and liked the family atmosphere and has questions about the meeting and we told her we'd talk about it on Wednesday when we come help her do some yard work! Super excited for that! It was a good day! And I guess this week we are going to go teach a lesson to one of the Elders investigator Linda. I'm excited! I love her so that will be
sweet! She gets confused really easy and she is hoping we will be able to help her understand some things from a 'girls perspective' hopefully we can do that...but she is the sweetest! :)

We visited with Sister Rodgers and talked about prayer and experience where the Holy Ghost helped keep us calm. Then we finished the night planning for the week because we didn't have time earlier this week.

Random funny!!!! Guess what! I met Bubba's Missionary Nurse...she doesn't know him because he is healthy but  she had his info. Her name is Stephanie Sims I was going to get a picture with her but forgot..but small world.

-Sister Burr
Things here are Awesome!! I couldn't be happier!! I love you all so much and I am so thrilled to have you apart of my life!! I wish you all the Best  this week!! Remember YOU can make a difference in everyone's life! You
can also be a Missionary!!  Keep on Smiling!!
                 I LOVE YOU :D

Sister Amber North :)

So you can write Sister North she really loves mail!!!

Sister Amber North
Illinois Chicago Mission
800 Waukegan  Rd #203
Glenview, Illinois 60025

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