Monday, June 23, 2014

Sometimes it rains....

Date:  June 23, 2014
Area:  Valparaiso, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 16 in Valpo
Hey Friends!! Enjoy!!

The weird and awesome week of Sister North's Life!
Preview of the week!
-When you know better you do better-"Don't check your Religion at the a Door!" I re-read this devotional this week and I remember watching it just like it was yesterday! It is by Holland CES Fireside 2012
-We like to get caught in the worst part of Mother Natures gifts.
-"Sister North, It's Not a competition" -Elder Whitehead at District Meeting and Elder Foster Friday night ha!  "I know, but I like
to...haha" I know that we shouldn't compare our self to other missionaries but I work with some great ones and they are doing
awesome work and I want to do the same so in my head it is a game and well two different times this week I was told that it wasn't a competition. ...I guess I Am a competitive person...haha :D
-Glenn our new investigator and Dorthory a Less Active came to church!! Yay!  :)
-Ryan's on Date for the end of August!
- I'm sore from yard work...hmm..ha :)
- I love the Sarvers! :) and she wants to adopt me! Yay!  :)

So we had nothing planned so we Tracted the rest of the night, (6-9pm) we decided to tract a few blocks away from our

apartment so we walked to the neighborhood. We were nice and dross when we got home but we had a good time talking to people and a few people said we could come back, so far nothing has come from it but we hope it will. :) we felt like we worked hard though so that was good, and then we were grateful to know we had a good day planned the next day to give our feet a break. :)

Tuesdays seem to be our good day!

We had a great lesson with Debbie and taught her the Word of Wisdom and she said she would live it, so we will be working on that with her. Brother Lester came and it was awesome to have him there and give such great comments! It was perfect!

We had a quick lesson with Sister Jones she took her medication not to long before we got there but we still got to share a message with her.  She is sweet and she invited us over for a forth of July BBQ or something like that so we will see what happens.

After Sister Jones I kept feeling like we should go see the Sarvers so we did. And it was perfect timing. (The Lord
knows when he wants us to visit His children) so we are walking up to the house when we see Gary pull out and he points inside saying MaryJo is home and them she runs out telling Gary to come back saying she did have two taco seasonings so he didn't need to run to the store. Well we go inside and it turns out it was just the taco box and she only had one but he stayed and we shared a lesson with both of them. (We found out later that there actually was a second one in the bag...The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways) :) we had a great lesson talking about favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. We started out hearing MaryJo's insight from Alma 32, it is so cute because Gary was like I'm so proud of you for reading. :) and we just enjoyed reading different stories from The Book of Mormon. How I love this wonderful Book!  :) I invite everyone to see why! :) pick it up and read it, send me a message asking me what you should read. :) there is always a story to help us get through anything! :)

We ended the night with Institute, and both Ryan and Glenn came! So exciting! :) Glenn was such a trooper, so they just started talking about the Pearl of a Great Price and he is all sorts of confused, he hasn't really even heard of the Book of Mormon yet and then we are like oh we had this set of scriptures...ya..ha..but he enjoyed it and played volleyball with them after. :) we were able to answer his questions so that is good.  :) he's cool! Ryan is loving institute and even made some cake to share so that was nice of him. :)

Man, today was a weird missionary day. We started off the day with an awesome district meeting! I love my district they are great! Then we had district lunch at subway. And when we got there it started to storm and super loud thunder! It was awesome! I love thunder! It reminds me of being at Girl Scout camp and being in the tents up in the highest camp site and I remember I got a head ache from it but man I really do love thunder and I love watching the lightening. (As long as I am not working at Boy Scout camp worrying about the boys walking around on the hill when they should take cover.) but the lightening here is so cool! I think it is cool than Utah honestly. It is also cool to watch it in the different degrees of clouds. I just love nature, man I wish I could go camping! Boy would that be so much fun!  The ward has girls camp next week and I sure wish I could go! It'd be great! :) but all I have to say about camping is Nut can't wait to go
on that Bear trip we want to do!

Then we drove over to our church building so I could practicing singing for Sunday with Sister Mathews and Kate. It is coming along, I just need to get one more part but I got the other part I was struggling with just got to keep practicing. And I've been every chance I get, poor Sister Wells has to listen to me. Today she's like I know it pretty well. Ha she is a cutie though and she puts up with me and I'm so grateful for that because I may seem nice but I sometimes am not. Being with someone 24/7 sure has some challenges you never thought about before. Like shopping! I can't wait to go shopping again and divide and conquer. I am just not a huge shopper.

Anyway, then we had a great lesson with the Nickels family. They are such sweet kids. Today we taught them the 'Godhead' we first went over who Heavenly Father is, (Dad to our spirits  has a perfected Body, God, Sent His Son),  Jesus Christ (Our Brother, Reserected, Died for us, Perfected Body), Holy Ghost, (comforter, get after you are
baptized, doesn't have a body, testifies of truth). Then we played a matching game with it all and they loved it and everyone got involved.  It was a great way for them to repeat the information and try to remember who is who. They want to play it again! It was fun! And Ashley came with us! She is the best!

After that we had dinner with the Skeen's and talked about how the Book of Mormon can answer questions of the soul. We read a section out of Preach My Gospel. I am really liking sharing parts from it with members. We are starting to use it with members that we have invited to study it to show how useful it really is. It is such a great tool for our life. We can learn so much from it! I've been studying it for almost 11 months and I am still learning something new everyday and
receiving answers how to help Gods children here! It is awesome!

We ended the night with helping Sister Lester clean out her Moms old place, going through things putting them in boxes and having some good talks and laughs along the way. It was grand. It was a good day just felt different.

...usually weekly planning day! Ha plans sure do change. We started out the day with Planning, opening with a prayer that make our knees get tired from kneeling so long, but all for a good reason we set some goals and some lesson plans and then had lunch and I got three letters! Thanks Grandma North, Grandma Mary, and Rachel! :) and then I
was super tired so I fell asleep during lunch! And man it was a wonderful nap I must say! I do enjoy taking naps! Little kids don't know how lucky they are to be able to take naps! Haha :)

We started planning again when Sister Lester said she was back at her Moms place so we went and helped her organize and pack. Sister Lester's so nice and let us have some of the jewelry. I have this necklace that I just think is adorable. It is this simple but else gent circle necklace that has like burgundy stones...I'll just have to take a picture. But I really like it. And time just flew past because next thing we know we are like wow! We need to go.

Off we went to change into service clothes to go help Tammy with yard work! And we met her husband Rich! He is cool and likes shooting guns! If I wasn't a missionary I'd totally love to go with him! I would love to go shoot a gun, it's fun.  :) man pulling weeds for a few hours sure does make your allergies go crazy! But worth it! We got to talk and get to know her better. She is such a sweet lady!

After that we had a lesson with Ryan with Sister Skeen...but he wasn't there. So we went and said hi to Victor and invited him to church and he said he would come! And we hopefully will have a lesson with him on Saturday! Ahh yay!  :)

Then we went and had a great lesson with Ryan and he is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! He is reading in Alma and he is working his way in reading the Book of Mormon! It is awesome! He had some great comments and questions and Sister Wells did a wonderful job at explaining the story in Alma 19-Go look it up, He even cuts people's
arms off to save the Kings flocks(now you have to go figure out the story) tell me what you learn from it. :)

We had a great lesson on the Restoration playing Janga, and man it was on intense game!  He remembered a good amount of the Restoration too, we just filled in the pieces. And we invited him to be baptized on August 23!! And he said yeah. So that is exciting! :) we are pretty excited for him! His desire is growing and he really is enjoying institute and had some questions for us from it. He is a good kid. It was funny when we left Sister Skeen gave him a hug and then when he tried to give us a hug Sister Skeen freaked out and was like No No No you can't hug them haha it was pretty great!

Then we went back to our apartment and ended the night eating dinner and talking. It was great! Turned out to be a pretty great day! :) The Lord knows what he is doing! :)

Today was a meh day all day BUT The Lord does provide and the night ended great with having an awesome lesson with Glenn at Dari Dip! It was great! Dustin came and we all got there and then we got ice cream and Dustin was like Sisters it is on Me, then Glenn was like I'll take one of them. ...the weird moment when it almost feels like a date as a
missionary! Ha! We ate our ice cream and talked for a little bit and hen we had a great lesson on the restoration! Glenn had great comments and is very sincere! He feels like religions helps people be better and that he wants to have that and be a better person but doesn't feel like there is one true church. (Yet) we invited him to Pray and ask if Joseph Smith is really a prophet and talked about if he is then everything else is true! He is even coming to church on Sunday! Yay!

What a weird day...this week has just been weird haha. We started off the day with going over to the Library and doing a little Facebook and what not and then at 11am we had lunch/breakfast with Dorothy at Tate's. It was great and yummy!

Then we went and mowed and weed-waked the Lester's yard! Oh my goodness weed-waking is a different ball game than mowing the lawn haha but it was great! And we were so excited to help them out. They do so much for us! Sister Lester called us that morning and was like Brother Lester is really sick could you come and mow, so he doesn't do
it and get himself more sick. He didn't look too good poor guy. Dad he reminds me of you, he never gets sick but when he does it hits him hard.

The rest of the day was meh...did some stop bys, and tried to find people to teach but nothing much. We had dinner with the Partlows and that was good, we talked about having courage and Katrina is excited and nervous to go to girls camp this week but I am so excited for her! She's going to love it! A few weeks a joke in ward council I joked
around and was like I'll go! And they immediately said, it's out of your mission so you can't. Haha not like we do t have stuff to do.

Well we ended the night getting stuck in water that went up to at least my knees...ha, Sister Wells and I sure like getting stuck in the elements! So we wanted to go see this family so we are driving and there is a lot of water but we've been doing fine well we start going through a little more water when all the sudden we realize it is getting deeper...and then our car starts to scream as Sister Wells describes it. So I pull off into a drive way and turn off the car.  Well in the drive way next to us we see someone else stuck! So we run out and we go talk to her and I got where she is and I have water to my knees. Her phone was dead so we got to let her use ours. Then some guys came out and told us we could drive on there grass so we did and then we walked back to make sure Sam was good and her family came and picked her up as we walked back so that was good...but her car won't even start! Luckily ours did and is fine!

We ended the night coming home a little early took showers and made phone calls and I kept feeling like we needed to call the Sarvers so we did and she was like how did you know something was going on. I was like uh...I didn't I've just been feeling like we needed to call you and now I finally am! Well turns out her Son got in a major car accident hit by two semi's and walked away with a minor conclusion!  Wow! What a huge miracle. She said she was going to call and tell us about it but didn't. So glad we called.

All I have to say is The Lord works on mysterious ways and I hope Sam remembers us next time she meets missionaries.

Letter: Mommy!  :)

Glenn and Dorothy came to church!!! Yay Yay yay! :) Glenn is fitting right in! He is so awesome and really seemed to enjoy church! We called Dorothy in the morning and she said she was still coming! So exciting! She hasn't been in a long time! It was such a great meeting! The musical number seemed to go pretty well and I feel like we did a good job, and I think I saw a few tears wiped away! :) so as we practiced this week I recorded some of it so I could practice and I
decided I'm a better singer than I thought so that was cool! I was like hmm...I don't sound haft bad. I even taught Sunday school about fasting and I felt like it was a great lesson! I feel like I am finding my voice finally and I actually am able to teach with conviction! It's awesome! :) church was just wonderful as always! I sure do love it! :)

After church we came home had lunch and study time! Yay! I love study time. It truly is so wonderful! :)

Then we had a Lesson with the Yaros with the Lewis on the Atonement and man, I am so grateful Sister Lewis was there. I asked Lindsey one to many questions and it made her feel a little nervous and I just started praying for help that the spirit would be here and then Sister Lewis started talking my my prayer was answered! I was beyond graceful! It was a good lesson!

Before we met the Sarvers we stopped by Precilla and her husband and Dad were there and we just said Hi but they all seemed nice, we will see what happens. Then we met this older guy named Derrick and he said we could meet with him later and if we don't hear from him by Thursday we would call him.

We then had a great lesson with the Sarvers! Bishop Sarver and his Dad which is Gary's Brother came and gave MaryJo a blessing it was so sweet! I thought they would stay for the lesson but didn't. We had a great lesson in the Book of Mormon, not what we planned but it was awesome! We read from Alma 36 and we also talked about the importance of the Sacrament and how it is like being baptized. Oh and MaryJo even told a bishop that she is going to adopt is! I loved that! They are the best! :) they are also going to have us over for dinner soon! I'm pretty excited about that! :) it will be awesome! :)
I love you all!!! :D

Sister Amber North :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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