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Tomorrow is July?????

#Discoverthebook! :D I love the Book of Mormon!! :D
Date:  June 30, 2014
Area:  Valparaiso, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 17 in Valpo

Hey Ya Family! And friends too!

It looks like you guys are having a blast on Vacation! It still doesn't feel like summer...expect for the weather, ha, But look forward to seeing all the fun that you have :D

Caleb is being baptized this weekend!! I'm so excited for him! :) congrats cuz!  Can't wait to see pictures! :) I wish I could be there. And Happy Birthday Zaner! :) man 11! That is just so crazy!

     - Grandma Mary :)
     - Sister Brittany Attanasio! :)

Week Five Transfer 8

Beach day! Yay! So I sent pictures last week but we went to the beach and it was nice weather and then It got hot...and then it rained! We couldn't get in the water but the water came to us! I did put my feet in the water and all I can say is can't wait to go to the beach and play in it! That will be fun!

The institute teacher Liz invited everyone in institute to come so Glen and Ryan were also there! They got to see what "Mormon fun" is all about. We even played duck duck goose and hands up stands up! You are NEVER to old for duck duck goose! :) it was fun! I also learned that my zone is NOT good at volleyball! Ha! It was pretty sad but we still had fun! :)

We had dinner at the Tucker's and as we walked up I told Sister Wells "I bet that it will take less than a Minute for her to say something about our sunburned faces." Well Sister a Tucker turned around and immediately said..."OOO" haha yep our faces got burnt.

We ended the night with knocking some doors but no luck but we still have fun looking at the lightning Bugs! They are just so cool! On Wednesday Ashley made fun of us and was like oh Utahans! Haha

Everything falling through :( but got some potentials! Yay! We'll see what happens. We had a great dinner with the Isaacson's and we played the moose game and then a matching review Restoration/Plan of Salvation game. They really liked it! Games are just so fun!

We ended the night helping Rachel one of the Elders investigator pack.  It was fun and as we were leaving there was a toad and a Elder Berhow was like oo let's catch it and then said let me grab my gloves and what do I do? Just pick it up ha! We put it in a jar and put some lighting bugs in it so the frog would eat it and it's tummy would light up and I wanted to see this so bad! But it was already nine and we needed to get home. I was bummed! Haha but if I see a frog I'll be sure to catch it and those cool bugs! :)

So while we were stretching Sister Wells said something about her dream and then I said the other night I know I talked in my dream and then she said "last night you scared the tar out of me." Well I guess I yelled "Oh my goodness!" While I was asleep and well I still don't remember what I dreamed about but I either was excited of scared! Ha, to funny!  Ha so I just read this part to Sister Wells and she said No you were scared! ...don't forget your gasp so I guess it was "Gasp!...Oh My
Goodness!!" Haha

We had of course a great district meeting as always! I even gave my little talk thingy on the spirit. We talked about the importance of baptism. It was grand! And some new rules in teaching for the
missionaries. :) I also found out that Elder Angeltti doesn't like the song 'Count Your Blessings' ha, I love my district! They are great!

We had dinner with the Skeen's at Ci Ci's pizza it was tasty and very enjoyable!  :)

Ashley came with us to our lessons with Glenn and Ryan, yay! She is so wonderful! :)

We had a great lesson at Dairy Queen with Glenn and we played Janga and we talked more about the restoration. While we played Janga we could only use one hand so it made it more tricky, but fun! It is a fun game to play. And great way to talk about the Restoration. Glen is understanding things pretty well and a cool guy!

Then we had a pretty good lesson with Ryan about how to receive answers. He is even reading the Book of Mormon. He doesn't fully understand some things but it will come if he keeps trying to learn.

The day I am reminded of when Dad use to not be able to make pizzas without all of us knowing because the fire alarm would go off haha yep it happens here too! :) gotta love it.
In our house the fire alarm is right near the oven and it really didn't like us making Totinos Pizzas. 

We did some planning and then had a lesson with Debbie and Sister a Skeen came with. We talked about Obedience and how as we obey it  brings blessings. She read a little in the Book of Mormon but not a lot, but she's also been sick so hopefully things start looking up from here. She's a sweet lady.
sometimes you see a cute bird and have  to take a epicure with it.

It was a pretty great day! We finished planning in the morning and we then went to CiCi's Pizza with Dorothy! For lunch! It was great, Sister Wells over heard one of the workers say, they were here the
other day and left me a Mormon.org card, and then they came and helped us. It was a good thing! So just about every time we go somewhere Sister Wells draws on a napkin saying have a great day or something like that and I will always leave a Mormon.org card. So Sister Wells had fun making this one super awesome and we over heard one of the workers say she had lost a child so Sister Wells wrote her testimony on the back of the napkin that families are forever and we left a Jesus picture this time. We new they were watching us but it was in a good way! Yay! (You're always watched when you have a name tag on) we wonder what they said about this one. Pretty sure we will be going
again soon. :)

After we went and helped Dorothy move some boxes then we shared a conference talk with her and had a good lesson. The spirit has really been working with her. It is so wonderful! :)
How could I not take a picture of this candy!  AHAHA

Before we had dinner with Sister Adam we had oh about 20 minutes and the people we planned to go see just didn't feel right and as we were driving a less active came to mind so we went and we found out he still lives there and the lady Vivian said we could come back next week and talk to her! It was so cool! :)

We had a great dinner with Sister Sam! We are always meeting people before we go see her and call her telling her we are running later because we just met someone haha

We ended the night teaching Sharon who we haven't taught in forever! We finally got to teach her the Restoration and it was a really good lesson! Something that was cool is she said something about praying to God and then we came! So that was cool! I love the spirit! It is just awesome!  :)

Oh we also met a guy named Charols and when we told him we love doing service like yard work or anything he was like oh really? And was so excited! No one is ever excited and usually just roles there eyes and gives us weird looks because we are two girls in skirts! But it was awesome and made us smile. Hopefully he'll give us a call. :)
Sometimes your banana has a heart mark on it so you have to complete it.

The Day in Valparaiso! We spent pretty much all day in Valprasio! it was weird and felt like and exchange...but Sister Wells and I were still together! Ha!
We started of the morning with Helping a Member with a yard sell, It sure is the thing to do here! It is still crazy to me! and it was fun to get to know her better!
We then went and helped Rachel move again and we ended up unpacking all her kitchen stuff and doing that.  Then we went and taught Linda the Elders investigator a Lesson which was good.

Then Finally had lunch...or Dinner at like four! We were super hungry! after that wedid some studies at the church before the baptism. And Glenn came!
Turns out we had a little problem with the water and it was being brown? I guess...hmm.. But we got to teach Glenn a lesson with Daniel outside while we waited so that was cool.
Glenn seemed to enjoy the baptism and we are meeting with him tonight! YAY :D Should
be great!
On our way home we called Dorothy back and she was like I'm not coming to church so we told her we were on our way to help her find it.  Well we walked in and found it. We had a great lesson on gratitude and sang "Count Your Blessings"  It was a pretty good day. :D

Oh how I love Sundays! They sure are great!  :) but so weird to think that this week is July! What the macaroni?? Super crazy! Time sure is weird! Goes by so fast yet normal..yet slow ha! Gotta love life! It just keeps moving forward. It is nice to know if it is a bad day no worries tomorrow will be better. 

Kim and us forever ago
Dorothy came to church again!! Yahoo! And she even came to gospel principles and said she liked it and it is more organized then she remembers and she stayed for the special third hour lesson and seemed to like it. I guess a Sister Wells was talking to her and she told her that there is a different feeling here then before and was like, like with you and Sister North welcoming everyone it is a good feeling.  That made me feel good because I felt like I kept ditching her to go say hi to others but Sister Wells was doing great talking with her so I went and said hi to everyone else. But ahh she is feeling the spirit! It is changing her! So exciting! And when I called her in the morning she even seemed happy. It was great! Last week she answered the phone and said What? But she didn't yell at us and she told us she might but don't take it badly haha she is awesome!

I can just picture Amber bouncing around greeting everyone on Sundays before church.  So happy and full of energy.  Such an easy imagine to conjure up!  Brings a smile to my face.

We met with MaryJo and Gary! Yay! I sure do love them! Gary reminded me of Grandpa North today and then I was like aww they just remind me of both Grandma and Grandpa. :) yay grandparents! :) I love you Grandmas and Grandpas :) today we read the title page and the introduction and fun fact is they didn't always have the introduction page because the copy of the Book of Mormon Gary had that MaryJo's been reading didn't have it! So that was fun. We read the Title page and Gary learned that the rest of us who aren't the Jews are the Gentiles and then he was like we all are the Gentiles and was pretty excited about it! It made me smile. :) we read the intro and then went to Moroni's promise and then read a little bit from Joseph's testimony that God took the plates back so man wouldn't destroy. They both have there own copy of the Book of Mormon now and they seemed excited to
have a new one! We invited them to read the Testimonies together and they said yes! Ahh! Yay!! They are going to read the scriptures together! So excited! Man I sure have loved watching them grow! We even left with chocolate in our hands...and was told to wait until after super...I think I ate them all in the car(I was hungry) ha :) we are meeting them next Sunday, it will be nice to have a set schedule with them. :)
YUP that's right roasting starbursts

Sister Wells looking cute as always


We ended the night with seeing Sister Yuen which was interesting, she's going through a hard time right now but I hope we were able to bring her some comfort through the scriptures. It was great to see her though.
I love you all a ton!
Here is a sweet message!  You never know what your example will lead too!There are so many different ways we can serve!


How are you going to serve today??

Have a great day!!

Sister North  :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

Okay, Just real quick!!

I forgot like a HUGE Miracle!!!
So this happened on Thursday!

We got to meet with this Lady named Gena that we have been trying to teach since May and we finally got to teach her and we started teaching and started talking about Prophets when her three youngest kids come in. It was noisy but a few minutes later they all were listening to what we were teaching and loved it! It started getting dark so I pulled my Ipad out and they loved looking at the Restoration pamphlet on it! So that was cool!!! Jayden oh he is like 10...11..I don't remember was asking such amazing questions! Like if God is invisible? at one point we explained something and we asked him if it made since and he said "Yes, Which is weird because usually only video games make since."  Gena was a proud Mom, I think she likes that her kids want to learn as well.  It was such an amazing lesson!! :D
AHH I love teaching people about this amazing Gospel!! It is truly amazing! and makes us so happy and it just makes since!! So cool!! :D
anyway!  I love you all a bunch!!

Take Care,
This Silly Sister Missionary :D

Sister North absolutely LOVES mail so write her today!!
Sister Amber North
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