Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer NINE already?? say What? That's almost two full hands!

Date:  July 14, 2014
Area:  Valparaiso, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 19 in Valpo

Hey Family and Friends,

Transfer NINE! Say what! Time sure is going fast more than it is going slow.

-Karoline :) man oh man I love hearing about your sweet little family!  They sure are growing up! I love the story about the Holy Ghost and how true it is that He can't be there when we have contention. Thanks for your letter. Hope you got mine the other week. I love you! :)
-Rachel Fishetau!

Pretty much I don't feel like doing my normal set up of things so you get this :) enjoy.

Random Facts from the week:

-One sweet thing about a new Transfer and the start of the month is buying lots of food! Because you know for sure you are staying for another six weeks! It is great! :)

-I saw a Raccoon and it's babies!!!....Alive! ...I see a hand full of dead things is sad.

-I got to weed a garden...I don't think I want one...I'm too lazy ha! Maybe my husband will like having a garden and he can do it...and I'll help him. But man it was hard to tell the difference between the potato plant and the "wanna be potato plant!" It was rather annoying! Ha

- So Sundays I never have my hair up. I always take time to do it and it is usually down curly or straight.  This week I did it all braided and cool looking  but honestly it was being a turd and I didn't like it.  It was time to go to ward council and so it was good enough but I got SO many comments about my hair at church it was pretty crazy!

- I am getting better at weed whacking! And Sister Wells is getting better at mowing the lawn!

-We got to help Sister Skeen's make a colorful cake!

- Mika from Ci Ci's pizza thought it was cool that I remembered his name. We left our Facebook information so maybe one of them will add us...that would be cool.

- after Institute I played with Rachel's son while he was in the car and the Elders talked with Rachel. Oh my goodness! I got him laughing!  He loves me now! He didn't before but I don't blame him, I met him when he woke up from a nap and we were moving his house so putting everything in boxes. I can't wait to play with kids again! :)

We made it onto the LDS Missionary page on Facebook

- ........I stole Sister Yuens phone........ha! So after we stopped by them we went to Sister Skeen's and was talking with her when next thing we know we hear music and then we found out it was coming from my purse! Baha! Super funny! What happened is we helped Sister Yuen clean up her yard and she handed me her phone so I put it in my bag so
I wouldn't drop it....well I forgot until later haha.

- Everyone in my district changed companionship expect for us.

- So one day we were singing in district meeting and then for whatever reason I stopped...then everyone else started singing off and couldn't sing and then I started laughing and couldn't sing and they are like Sister North we need you! Bahaha Mom my District still can't sing. I have never been the best singer in the group or have people depend on
me.....they all listen to me to hit the right note....oh boy!

- Our new district leader is pretty cool....And now when they text us there signature is "BringLetti" and I told them it sounds like Bring Spaghetti haha. It is Elder Bringhurst and Elder Angaletti

- We have dead frogs or toads in our parking lot.

-Sometimes at District Meeting we have a get to know you time and one of the questions is "Who would you have be your partner if a Zombie apocalypse came?" Both Sister Wells and I said Captain Moroni! He is Super Awesome and I said something about yeah, He is my Boyfriend in the Mission Unless you ask my Roommate than he is hers.  But I left my picture of him in my last apartment so they could admire him.  It was pretty funny.

We finally went to institute with Him yay! This is now is fourth time going! Which is so awesome!

We had an Awesome lesson with Glenn on Thursday at the Isacsons! It was so wonderful! We thought we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation but ended up teaching him about the priesthood! He is reading the Book of Mormon and was rather surprised that Nephi was commanded to kill Laban, he hadn't got to the reason why yet so we read it with him. Glenn is just super awesome! I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to teach him! It was a great lesson! He even asked about what these lessons are about and we told him and he said okay and pretty much was like we will see what happens. He is praying about if it is true but still doesn't know but feels like it could be. :)

He also came to church! Yay! He seems to really enjoy it and is meeting more people. We sat with the Watkins during Sacrament so he sat with Dustin and that was good. We are having dinner and a lesson with him at Ashley's this week so that will be fun. :)
A members grape vinyard

She is doing pretty good, she is recognizing the spirit! Yay! She says she feels he spirit more with coming to church. So that is exciting!...but sadly she didn't come this Sunday because she had a rough day before but still have high hopes for her.

Gena and Fam!
Oh my goodness can I just tell you how much I love this family!! God blessed us with meeting them, pretty much we are almost teaching the entire family! It is so amazing! :)

We stopped by Saturday morning after Facebook and they were home, yay! The kids where all doing stuff and playing and Gena and us talked for a little bit and then I asked the kids if they wanted to play a game.  They all got excited saying yes! So we played the Godhead game and we taught them about that. It was pretty awesome! They really loved it and we shared the Because of Him video with him. Gena really liked it.  It was a great lesson and Emma the eight year old even started reading the Book of Mormon! She didn't remember  much, but I was still excited to hear that she read it! She likes having her own copy!

Then Sunday night we stopped by again so we can give them the little kid version of the Book of Mormon. The littles were gone but Sierra and Gena were there. We started talking to Gena and then Sierra came and joined us so we got to get to know her she is fifteen and super awesome! Something funny is she gave the dog gum! And she just replied
his mouth stunk Haha it was pretty funny! :) before we left we shared the Courage video about Ester me....

And they both really liked it. Sierra was like I didn't think I'd understand it so well or something. I love how this video brings in modern day life as well as this wonderful bible story. It is one of my favorite videos to share with others.

Sierra told us how she went to church with a friend once and that she would be interested in going to church sometime! So that is super cool! She is interested! So cool! :) she is super sweet! Man I love this family! We are starting to teach a Family!! Ahh! So amazing! So glad I am here to teach them! :) and we met Skylar the 13 year old! He was playing with his friend so he didn't join but he seems super cool! :)

Here are my answers Mom:  QUESTIONS FOR AMBER
At the library and made me think of Zane
Amber what is your favorite food to cook at your apartment? favorite food to cook? Would most likely be noodles and Alfredo and when I feel even less lazy I cook chicken with it. Ha

How are your shoes holding up?   My shoes are doing grand, I'm sure it helped that I wore boots all winter! I should be fine with shoes until I come home. In a few months or so I'll be back to wearing boots more often. But for now I'll enjoy the warm weather! I love the weather being in the 70's :)

Who are the missionaries in your district now and where is a picture?   I'll get a picture eventually :) we have a zone meeting tomorrow yay! :) but Elder Warner is now with Elder Foster, then Elder Angeletti's new comp and our new district leader is Elder Bringhurst, then Hermana Meana's is Hermana Whitney. And then it is us...and we stayed yay!

Are there sisters in the Chicago mission that are on bikes or are you all in cars?    There are Sisters who bike...and I really want to be one of those! I really want to use public transpiration! I'm hoping The Lord will agree with that when I leave here. I would love for the City to call my name. But during the winter they don't bike as much if any because they can't really so they ride the bus. 

Do you have anyone on date? Nope, no one is on date :( hopefully soon! :)

Sister North  :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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