Monday, October 20, 2014

Humbling experiences make us stronger. :)

Hey You guys!! :)

Transfer 11 Week 3

-Elder S. Rose
-Uncle Kenn
-Package Mom, loved it :)
-Package from Dad, thanks for the gloves :)
So a side note with the packages, will you send them to the mission office address, it is safer that way and I will still get them. :) thank you. :)

So this week was just a crazy week! And we did a ton of walking!mat the beginning of the week we "enjoyed" getting lost further on the south side. One was going to a dinner at Sister Amerisons who is new to the ward, and way adorable! I took us the wrong directions...ha and so we were an hour late...sigh...but she ended up taking her son to school and we got there at the same time..God works in mysterious ways! Ha and the other one we went to take someone's phone back but we rode the bus way too far and ended up walking ten blocks or so...but we now know how to get there! And that is grand. :)

On Tuesday Our alarm didn't go off...we woke up at 8! Oh my goodness! We slept in so late! We must have been tired! I'd say it is the latest I've slept in on my mission expect when I was sick. Something with the alarm has happened before but we tend to wake up at 7 or before. Then we called Misty at eight and she was like nothing would have woke me up at 7:30 (when we usually call her to read scriptures) and then she was like The Lord works in mysterious ways. Haha...but not going to lie it was a tender mercy from The Lord because we were so exhausted and that extra hour and a haft was really nice, but don't worry it hasn't happened again. 

We had a lot of great lessons and things are going great! We had a zone meeting this week which was of course awesome and stake conference! Which was wonderful! 

Oh oh oh So we taught Victoria this week and invited her to be baptized on November 22 and she said Yes!! Oh my Golly! I can't believe it! It is just so cool! The Lord sure is blessing us! ๐Ÿ˜‡

So story time about a very humbling experience. This story has to do with JZ. Oh man this kid is so awesome and I feel so honored being able to teach him! Things are going well with him. But he is not getting baptized this weekend. So here is the story. We got everything all figured out and things were ready to go and then we had a lesson on Saturday and it was good but it just felt off and then he said he wasn't going to come to stake conference and we had a ward member also invite him and this ward member expressed his feelings that he is nervous about JZ being baptized if he isn't coming to church. We felt the same way and so we did a LOT of praying and we talked on the phone with JZ until 11pm...that night we were super tired but it was a good phone call and we were able to figure out a few of his concerns. We left him to read something in the Book of Mormon and pray about it and called him Sunday morning and he had a sweet experience with that. But he didn't come to church and we ended up skyping him last night and all decided to move his baptism back. It wasn't the easiest thing to do but Sister Lepule and I knew that would be the best thing for him and he felt good about it too. We are meeting with him tonight which will be great! 

Well we have a zone activity today and I want to play so I will talk to you all next week. 

Thank you for all you do!

I love you all!!
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