Monday, October 6, 2014

Sometimes people love us so much they kiss us.....

Date:  October 6, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule
Transfer 11 Week 1

Hello my wonderful family!

First things first...Happy Birthday to three of the most amazing people in my life!  First my wonderful Daddy who has been my hero in my life!  He has always been there to save me in my times of trouble!  Then my two brothers!  Bryen who will always make you laugh and Jered who will kill you with kindness!  Boy am I blessed to have the best family ever!  Happy Birthday!

- Mom :)  ha when I got it I was like what is in it...hahah thanks for the airheads, the stickers and stamps!  And of course the note.  :)  You are the best!  I must point out that yes I noticed you sent me an orange one ;)  teehee I actually gave it to Sister Lepule and kept the blue one for myself because that's my favorite.  Remember that one time we were on vacation and you found out I love those things?  Ha good times!  :)

We had a good week, it was slow but good.

Pretty much the day of meeting people everywhere we went.  I feel asleep, yup took a nice nap on Pday yay.  It was really nice!  Before we had dinner with the Weavers we helped the Gannaways move a mattress.  Then I helped do the dishes at the Weavers before Sister Weaver came home, and oh my goodness they are just super funny and I love them!

Sister Lepule was still getting over being sick so we took it a little easy (sorta) we talked to Max at the library for awhile.  He is cool and interesting and we just tried to contact referrals but no one was home.  We ended the night with dinner with Alexis which was the best.

We had District meeting and it went well.  Sister Lepule and I taught about talking to everyone and it went well.  Then we walked outside the church and we started contacting and met this cool guy named Robert.  Then this guy with tons of bags of groceries cam and then we helped him take his groceries to his house a half a block away.  It was awesome!  I finally got to help someone with groceries on my mission!  It is something I've always wanted to do but every time I have gotten rejected!  So it was a good moment!

We stopped by Lowanda and told her Happy Birthday.  She starts working today so that is super awesome.

We had a good lesson with Chrsitopher and talked about prophets and he is excited to come to conference!  Yay!

Then on our way to our next appointment this creepy man...kissed Sister Lepule's was rather weird.  We were walking to the bus stop and this guy from behind us in a car waves to us and we say hi, but then go on our way.  Then he comes to the bus stop, parks, and gets out and talks to us and we shake his hand goodbye and he kisses her hand...luckily he didn't kiss mine.
Can't help but think of Bubba every time I pass this stuff.

We had dinner with the Parker's and then taught the strong hold lesson.  They are super great!  :)

We did some planning, went over to Sister Dastrups house and talked to her about an English class and then helped Misty cook dinner.

On our way to the church I sat behind the cutest little girl and when I gave her a Jesus picture she was like "oh WOW!" in the cutest voice ever!  It pretty much just melted my heart.

Scripture study went well, Aboslo and JZ came and the Elders taught about prophets.  It was grand.

We took Lowanda out for lunch at Red Lobster which is her favorite place.  She said that I love her because I don't like sea food.  HAAHA :)

We had a lesson with Abosolo with Sister Evens and one thing I have to say is teaching Abosolo is very humbling.  He is so smart and he thinks SO different from me.  I feel so inadequate.  The lesson went well, we read the Book of Mormon by Faith.  Where he opened up to Heleman 9 and we read and we kept praying that is would answer some of his questions and it did!  It was great to have Sister Evans there, she is smart and awesome!

Amari, Sister Lepule and I
Saturday and Sunday:
Wasn't conference just amazing????  I really loved Sunday mornings session and I felt it gave me a lot of direction for my life right now.

Way awkward moment was on Saturday morning.  Christopher is already at the church and we are like twenty minutes early.  So we give him a hand shake and next thing I know he is coming in for a hug...nope he ended up kissing my cheek!  Oh man can you say surprised!  Then Sister Lepule held out her hand and backed away and he was like ooo and the Elders died of laughter and after it was all over It was pretty funny but man I was in shock!  Before conference started we gave him a tour.  He enjoyed the session.  He is really cool, he is an older guy.

JZ watched the priesthood session, that is so wonderful.

When President Obama comes home they block the roads.
We had lunch at the church both days.  Saturday we had BBQ and Sunday I had noodles.  The church was freezing!  The weekend was so cold!  NO FUN!  I am not ready for it.  I have already had hot chocolate and I even bought some today.  Today is warmer, it is only in the 50's so that is nice.

We met with Alexis and had a really good lesson and talked about how she wants to quit smoking and ways we can help her.  She is super sweet and makes me laugh.  I hope she will see that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help her conquer anything if she starts doing the things he asks of us.

It has been a good week!  I love listening to Conference, it is so uplifting.  I felt like it talked about following the Prophet and loving

everyone you meet.  It was the best!  It is crazy to think that next conference I will be home with you guys and not even at school!  It will be my first conference at home since high school.  I am looking forward to that and being a part of the traditions.  Man I love our traditions!  I do miss them and you!  You are just the best!  Thanks for loving me.  :_ and writing and emailing me.  They really are a highlight.

Sister North
800 Waukegan Rd#203
Glenview, IL 60025

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