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Hyde Park is always an adventure!

Got a letter form my sister and it made my week!
Date:  October 13, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule

Transfer 11 Week 2

Random quotes from the week
-"Can I have your earrings?" -Crazy drunk girl
- "Do you want a mint? 'No' ..and she responded "Never refuse a mint because you never know why the person is asking" haha -Cute couple on the bus
-"I'm looking for a wife" -weirdo on the bus (we just informed his comment and we didn't give him our number....

-Aunt Karoline
-Grandma Mary
-Sister Burr
-my Sister Taryn! When I got it I was like oh it's from Mom and then I saw my Sisters name! I was pretty excited! :) thanks Taryn! I love you! :)

We had Super awesome lesson with JZ with Brother Laney and Dasha and we finished talking about the Plan of Salvation and talked more about how the Holy Ghost works. It went really well. JZ is awesome to teach!

Then we had a Family Home Evening activity that we were in charge of and it was a success! :) yahoo! Thank you Mom for showing me how to plan parties and play games. We had a lesson on what a FHE (Family Home Evening) is and then we played minute to win it type games.  It was a lot of fun. We do wish more investigators and less actives came but ward members came and they all got to meet JZ and that was super awesome! :) We were really glad the activity went well, we were nervous that no one would come. 

We had district  meeting at the stake center and after that we watched Meet the Mormons! And it was super awesome! I invite ALL of you to check it out! They show six different families and there life and that Mormons are normal people. One of the families is in Napal and it made me think if my awesome neighbors from school, Tenzing and Tashi so that was super cool! Everyone should go watch it. :)

Here is a trailer for it:

Got some new knives!
We ended up going over to Sister Larsen's to call this lady with her but that didn't work out so we shared a little message with her. Then we went and had dinner with Sister Elisian and her adorable baby August (Augie) it was tasty and we did her dishes, she told us it was fine but we, well actually Sister Lepule did them, I did help a little bit but she did all the work and I scooped the ice cream :) 

Then on the bus ride home I was by these ladies who spoke Spanish and man I don't understand 98% of what they say???I should know more with how many years of Spanish I have taken....maybe I should admit that but oh well. 

I can't remember what we did in the it must not been exciting but our member cancelled on us for our lesson with Chris so we stressed for a while to find a member but then Sister Drnec saved the day and the lesson was so amazing and she is a perfect fellowshipper and she is coming with us this week! Yay! 

Then we had a lesson with JZ at the church and there was a relief society activity so everyone was busy with that and we had a Sister agree to join us but she got distracted but as they all came in everyone would say hi to him so that was great! And we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. JZ always has great questions and we laughed a lot it went well. JZ kept saying man you have like a secret meeting haha 

Then we ended the night at the Relief society activity and ate dinner, I didn't realize how hungry I was ha and got to talk to some of the members so that was good. 

We met with Shawn and Rayna today with Sister Decker and it was so awesome! They are both really sweet but they told us they are fine right now so we don't know if we will still be teaching them. We will call them in a few weeks. We taught the Plan of Salvation which was good. Sister Decker spoke a lot of Chinese with them and man there was such a sweet spirit there! We didn't understand all that was being said but we had a good idea of it! It was pretty cool! Rayna really perked up more this time, I think just because she could understand it more. They are going to this Chinese church and they pretty much told them we are bad but I think we cleared that up and they know that we are good people. So hopefully they will have a desire to learn more later. They are so cool and I just love them.

We went and saw Theola and Leory.  Leory made us pizza! It was good and we were super hungry so a perfect combination. :) we sang them a song and they loved it and it was a good time and started helping make greens. 

Then on our way to scripture study we had an interesting experience at the bus stop...for awhile we had a great conversation with this lady and then a drunk lady came and sat in the middle and the our cool lady friend started talking and gave me reason to get up so I didn't have to smell the beer anymore..that stuff is so nasty! And another creepy person came and started talking about full moons and I don't even know...but it was weird. 
Elder Gillis - He knows Sister Attanasio!

But Scripture study was great and we had an awesome turn out! We talked about the 10 Commandments and Elder Christensen made yummy cookies. :)

We went and helped Christy and Billie do there laundry and we were there forever because the dryers decided to not work and only one of them did and we had four loads to dry...yea
h that wasn't fun. But we helped clean there apartment and it was still a fun time. They are great! 

Then we had a super awesome lesson with Chantelle and started talking about the Restoration that lead into Temples and Marriage and different things and we invited her to be baptized on December 6 and she said Yes!! Ahh we are so excited for her! She is super cool!  I met her my first day here by a miracle because she just moved and we didn't have her address and then we got it but we hadn't been able to meet for a while and we are meeting with her and she is even reading the Book of Mormon! So that is pretty cool. :)

We spent the morning doing Stop bys and trying to contact all of our referrals. We get so much in is area it is so crazy. But it is fun! 

Then we had dinner with Theola and  Leory and ate some greens which is like spinach. Dad you would love it! And shared some scriptures from 3 Nephi. We also had a nice cream cone and then I made Theola another one! It was pretty cute. :) she was going to come to church but she wasn't feeling too good but hopefully soon. 
The food the Relief Society gave us.

And we ended the night Planning and that was awesome! And we are going to have a great week! :)

Church of course was great! And the Crooks were awesome and brought us lunch! Yummy yummy! :) they brought Enchiladas and I've been wanting those things forever! So it was rather nice! We bought stuff to make some but haven't had time yet but maybe this week. :) 

JZ didn't come to church today because he was finishing a paper but we still had a great lesson with him at the Rudds and it was awesome. Ezra there cute little baby kept 
laughing and JZ was like "why are you laughing at me?" It was funny and cute haha. We taught JZ the Word of Wisdom and he is already following it! Yay! And we taught a little about the priesthood and blessings and it went really well the Rudds are awesome! :)

On our way to do some stop bys we had an awesome Pow wow at the bus stop where we got to talk to four people and one of the guys was like wait you are really from Utah? He was excited...usually it's just like yeah...I'm from Utah ha they were all super cool! And it was such a fun talk and the ten minutes waiting for the bus went by fast, I actually wanted more time to talk so we could of gotten there information but we left them with a card so hopefully they will look the church up. 

We ended the night with Misty and it actually went rather well we read from this months ensign on Nephi's now because that is where we are reading the Book of Mormon with her. Then she fed us dinner, which was tasty. 

love you all and I hope you have a super day! And a super awesome week!

💕Sister North 🐒
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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