Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracles are in every Corner!

Date:  September 29, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule
Transfer 10 Week 6 

Hello to my amazing wonderful family and and non-Family :)

-We survived transfers! We are staying! Yay! Weird to think I only have two more after this...we are going to keep working hard and watching even more miracles happen! :)
-Hyde Park is expensive! I need to budget a lot better after seeing the month pan out. 
-I've eaten more fried food this transfer then like my entire life and we are having fried food tonight and tomorrow for dinner. Ha :)

Spiritual Thought:
My thought this week has to do with testimonies! This week I had an interesting experience. We were at a less actives home and we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with the daughter who is ten. She came up to us right away and shared a scripture with us! It was great! At first she didn't know why she liked it and then she told us and it was so wonderful. Then we had her share it with the rest of her family and it was great! Well right before we left this older guy came in and the first thing he says to the little girl is "that's not scripture you should burn it" and she says no it is good. Well he went off on us with scriptures and just wanted to argue and the spirit was immediately gone as soon as he opened his mouth. He shared a few scriptures we told him we weren't going to argue and we testified and said we had to go. But then he follows the ten year old into the other room and she takes it and what does she do. Yells "I am a Mormon!!" And she was proud of it!  Man I am so proud of my sweet little friend, she showed great courage! She is an example to me! No matter how old or young you are, your testimony is powerful! Please share it! Stand up for what you believe! 

Cearia, Taryn, and Taylynne I want to give a special shout out to you. I've been thinking about you girls a lot lately. I love you so much! Keep working hard and stay strong! Stand up for what you believe! Stand up for each other! Just like we watched in the women's broadcast your light will take the darkness away. I know it to be true! Sometimes in my life I don't always think the spirit is with me until it leaves and boy is that the worst feeling ever! Please do everything you can to always have the Holy Ghost with you. And this goes to my entire family and everyone. Please read your scriptures and pray DAILY! This is so so important! We need the spirit to protect us from danger! Go to church weekly! And how lucky are we to have conference this coming weekend! Ahh so exciting. These things are what we must do to be happy and protected! 

So be like my sweet little friend and stand up for what you believe! I am proud to be a Mormon! And I love it! 

From my two biggest fans! My Mommy and my Grandma Mary! Thank you! I love you both so so much!! :) 

A member told us that they liked Hyde Park Produce and we went and it is great! The fruits and veggies are great price and that is where we will go always! I wish Aldi's was closer that would be nice. We need to go to that soon and bug the Sisters to take us. ;)

After P-Day ended we visited Lowanda at the Hospital, her Mom was still in recovery so we just shared a thought with her and then went to Misty's house. It actually was a really good lesson once we started! We shared the Mormon Message 'Good things to Come' and invited them to pray together as a family.

On the way home the bus didn't like us so we walked for a while and then the bus comes and we got to run to it but we made it :) it is always fun running to buses. We got home late but we got things taken care of as we walked and confirmed our appointments and members for the next day so it all worked out. 

We had a lesson with Brandon who we met for the first time and both Sister Lepule and I expected him to be an older man at least in his forties and a bigger guy from talking to him on the phone. Well turns out he is this skinny black guy who is 30! It was pretty crazy! But we had a lesson with him with Sister Woodson and it went really well. 

We walked out of the church and Sister Lepule almost stepped on a Dead bird...ha

Oh man! We had an awesome lesson with Victoria who is just the sweetest person ever! And her eight year old son is super cool too! Sister Walley came with us and it was perfect because they both are similar in a way.  I have a testimony of the power of prayer when we pray for what members to come with us! We met Victoria from the car wash! So that is super cool! We were going to meet with her later in the week but she had to work but we will call her tomorrow. :)

Wednesday - Amazing!!

District meeting and everyone so happy and it was just so good! We finally are like a district family and it is changing, it's a bummer. But all will be well. We rushed home scarfed lunch and went on our way. 

We had a lesson with Liane on prayer, she is related to Misty some how and Misty was there too. It went well and her heart is sincere. She was planning on coming to the broadcast but wasn't feeling good so that was a bummer. 

We had an amazing lesson with JZ at the Larsen's and he is getting baptized on October 25th!! I am super excited for him!! :) It's gonna be awesome!  We then had a great lesson on the Restoration which he knows pretty well but we were able to go over the Apostasy better and fill in the missing pieces. It went really well! And when we invited him to be baptized he said yes! It is great!

Then Sister Larsen was so sweet and took us to our next lesson with Christopher and Dasha came with us and we taught the Plan if Salvation and he said he would come to the Saturday morning session of conference! Which is a HUgE deal! He is a cool guy! He has a learning disability so it will be slower with him but we invited him to be baptized but he hasn't accepted that yet but we are thinking December for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon so that is really good. He is awesome! My favorite part in the lesson would be asking him about Adam and Eve and he was like well if they didn't partake of the fruit then we wouldn't be here! It was great! Not a lot of people feel that way. 
Sister Walton is going home.

We ended the night almost getting run over by two was my fault the other not...ha so I guess all explain. The first one my companion was running to the bus so we wouldn't miss it and runs across the street and it was green and I start following her and then notice the situation and if I kept going I would have gotten hurt. Then later walking across the street a guy didn't stop at the stop sign fully but he saw us. ...the next day when any cars came towards us we were like uh oh...ha so be smart and don't run across streets. 

Had a Heart to heart with companion, learning each other's full story how we came on a mission, which is always a good time! So many things happen to help us prepare more than we will ever know. :)

We set up an appointment to give a referral a bible and then we got two new investigators! How cool!?! It was funny we got there and Xaun or his English name Shawn lets us in and takes us to his apartment and we are like hmm...okay and in my head this will be really brief and then praying that there would be a female there. Guess what! We walk in and then he introduces us to his wife Renia, I was thrilled!  We were able to teach them a little about the Book of Mormon and got to know them a little. They are the sweetest Chinese couple ever! They have been here for a month and they are going to this Chinese church, which is their first experience with religion. We met with them this week with Sister Larsen and that will be good because she speaks there language! We are super excited!  

After that we went to the hospital with the other missionaries and got to Sing to was an interesting and fun experience! Ha... So Sister Lepule and I get there early so we go up and visit her and she is asleep so we let her sleep for like ten minutes and then we decided to wake her up.  Well she wouldn't really wake up...that was the end we still got to sing to her. She was asleep for part of it but that night she called us and told us thank you and that is was the best thing ever! And she wants us to come back all together to sing to her when she is feeling better. 

On our way out I met the cutest 92 year old in the world! She was in the hallway of the hospital and she goes by Milly and I pretty much adore her!

Random: I was asked if I was Jewish today...that's a first 

Friday - A Day of Miracles!

Oh my goodness what amazing day!

We started off the day doing service for Billie and Cristy 

Then we ran home changed and made it to the bus stop just in time (and yes it was a red light) to the church for a lesson with Abosslo and then our member wasn't there and neither was he so we called him and said we would meet him at his school. Which worked out! Because We had a great lesson with him in a public place! ....whew...yay for following the rules! His school is a few blocks away. 
Spider on the bus - ewwe

Then we went to Mcdoanolds to meet with Rashid! He is alive! Yay but we didn't end up meeting with him because the lobby was going to close soon and it wouldn't of been the safest to meet outside somewhere but he said he would come to church! But he had to work...but we are finally in contact with him again so I'll keep you posted on that, we took him off date for right now. 

But I know we were suppose to go that way because we met Mark this awesome guy on the bus! We gave him our number but had to go :( but we have Faith he will call us. 

Then we saw Chantelle which we haven't been able to contact the entire transfer and we had a lesson with her and one of her daughters! Ahh! So cool!!! 

Then the bus didn't come so we walked home...

Saturday - Transfers = staying 
We started off the morning finally giving Prince his Book of Mormon in Tamil (he is from India) it was funny because I marked Moroni 10:3-5 for him and he was like do you know what that says and I just am like no...haha it is Moroni in English. It was great! We saw him the day before and he was like we think of you highly (with Abosolo, but they talk about us around the theology school) and he wants to take us out to Indian food! Yum! So that will be cool. Pretty much we are excited to see him! Because he is SO So excited to read the Book of Mormon! And he was like now I'll have questions! So it is pretty cool! He is so cool! 

Then we went off to the church and we get a call from Alexis asking if we can come over and have breakfast with her. We stopped by the church made sure they were good with the swap and went and had a yummy pork chop breakfast with potatoes and eggs. 
I polished my shoes and they look sooo much better

We helped out with the ward Swap where you bring things you don't want and take things you do want. I got a few things too so that was pretty great! :) 

On our way to JZ's lesson the bus comes and Sister Leuple discovers that she doesn't have her bus pass and guess what! The bus pass checker thingy wasn't working! God truly does work in mysterious ways!!

We had a great lesson with JZ at the Larsen's and before it started while we were waiting we got the information from this guy on the street! It was awesome! And then JZ comes up and he was like man you talk with everyone! And I guess when I asked the guy if he wanted to learn more JZ was shaking his head yes. So that is cool! Then we had a wonderful lesson on the first half of the Plan of Salvation! He had such great questions and it really was amazing! He is so great to teach! I learn so much from what he asks. It is great. 

Then we had the Women's Broadcast and all I have to say is it was so so amazing! Just loved it! Everyone should check it out.

Okay so cool story! The other day a referral called us back and we ended up just meeting him at the Church on Sunday to give him his bible and he came! Feltus is super cool! He stayed for priesthood and Sunday school but he said he liked it and that he would be interested in meeting! Super amazing! 
Its stew, it was so yummy!

We had dinner at the Gannaways and they sure are so amazing! They are so willing to help. Sister Gannaway comes out with us all the time. They both are awesome! They have two boys and they are super cute! :)

We ended the night with some visits and it was a great day!

I sure do love it here! I am so excited for this next transfer! I can't believe I've already been here for a transfer! Man time sure is flying when you are having fun and working hard!! 

Sister Leuple made us some awesome curry dinner :) 

I love you all! Take care! Mom hope you enjoyed this long email even more so after my lame one last week hehe ;) but I know you still loved it. I love you all. :)


💕Sister North 🐒
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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