Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You never know what will happen on a bus.

We got to drive to Gurnee
Date:  September 1, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Illinois
Companion:  Sister Lepule

Hey Hey Hey! :)

All I can say is riding the bus is an adventure! Sometimes you just talk people's ears off and they love it, others don't. Other times you don't talk to anyone for whatever reason. And sometimes it is just the missionaries and the bus driver. It is always an adventure! :)

Happy Thought :)

So this morning I read the story of Christ washing his disciples feet and I really loved these three verses.  The story is John 13:1-16

1- "He loved them unto the end"

15 - For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.

16 - Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than
his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.

I loved these verses and it was a great reminder to me that we are loved to the end and that we should follow Christ
's example and do as he did and remember that no one is better than anyone else. It is such a wonderful story and it touched my heart this morning. I know you all are loved. :)

-Mom -Thanks for the postcard :) can't believe school is starting! Makes me want to go to school too! And Zaner sixth grade! Man! Yep "your babies are growing up" crazy!

All we have left in school is five kids and they are in 12th, 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th.

The STL's gave us a ride to Aldi's so we didn't have to carry our groceries home, super thankful! And we ended the night helping a new family move in the ward, the Larsen's and I love them! I was glad we where able to help! :)

We of course start out the day running to the bus, but not too far so that was nice and we get on and the bus driver tells us:

"You guys should join the track team" we then asked why and then he said "Every time I see you, you are running for to the bus" I just respond well we don't want to miss it ha

It still makes me giggle because anyone who knows me knows that I HATE running haha
car wash

We visited Misty and had lunch with her and her two kids. Her ten year old daughter taught us how to make paper cranes, it was so cute and fun! :) Misty is a good cook we had fried biscuits (like scones) yummy potatoes, eggs, and this yummy meat concoction, not sure how she made it but it was tasty. We talked about the Tender Mercies of The
Lord, then we sang our "song" "Come Unto Jesus" it was good. :)

After we went and saw Georgia in the Hospital. We were going to meet the Elders there but they weren't feeling well so they couldn't come And Mom I put lotion on her foot! You should be proud of me! Ha I told her that she better know I love her because I hate feet. Then I told her how you where like "I know you'll really like a guy when you touch his feet" haha love ya Mom!

Made this mom smile, because yes she doesn't like feet.  She does love service though so it is not surprising she would put aside her own dislikes to serve this lady.

Then we had a nice long bus ride to an appointment that fell through :/ and then rode back to the apartment and dinner and off to do some stop bys. And oh my, we were on this one street and it was the street of "Give Mes" as in everyone was asking us to give them money and so I gave them Jesus pictures some didn't really care.

Random: sometimes you are walking down the street and you think the cat is dead....then right before you freak out it moves...ha

We saw our favorite bus driver...he was disappoint that we weren't 
Elder Pass, Curtis, DelaCruz, Holmes, West, Adams
Sister Lepule and North
running today haha :) he's cool, we need to figure out his name.

We had District meeting and Mom we took a picture! Yay :)

We met up with elder Curtis and Elder West at the Hospital and they were going to give Georgia a blessing but her medicine kicked in and she was tired. So that didn't happen.

We had a super awesome Lesson with Lawanda! We watched the Restoration DVD, and read Alma 30 with her and she understood it! It was so awesome! And on Sunday she really enjoyed church! And she even fasted
for the first time! Yay! :)

The highlight of the day was Scripture study, we talked about Repentance and Rashid came! We found out he is 21 but we feel like we should start teaching him and get his family involved and then tell him more about the YSA ward. :) but man everyone loved him! It was awesome to see him! He is the kid that we met my first I think real day and he sang us a song.

An egg?  (She told me nothing about this)

We met with Georgia and the Elders were able to giver her a blessing this time and then we sang her a few songs! It was awesome! Elder Curtis chose the first song and then Georgia was like "I want to hear my other boyfriends song" it was pretty funny. :)

We had a lesson with a lady named Janet and she was an hour late...and it takes us like an hour to get there. The lesson was kinda lame but her grandson is super cool he is turning 11 soon. And she gave us a ride home so that was nice. She is cool we learned we need to just teach one simple point at a time. It will be good.

Sister Leuple vacuumed up our stretchy band ha, it was funny

We prayed with a random lady on the side walk so that was fun. Then we went to Gurnee for a baptism. Man I miss that place. I wanted to go visit all these people. The baptism was for a guy named Jeff, I had met him a few times in the past. It was such a great experience and super powerful! So happy for him.

This Sunday was so much better than last week! My first Sunday here was kinda rough and I could explain the details but no one wants to hear that.

So Rasta who we met last Sunday came to the YSA sacrament meeting! Yay! We finally talked to him the night before and told him how we have the family ward and the young single adult ward and how we felt like he'd really enjoy it and he said yeah that would be cool. And he
wasn't sure about the three hour thing but he came for the last hour which is Sacrament here and we introduced him to the other Missionaries. He was like are you like dropping me off? We said kinda we have to get back to our meeting haha. But we talked to him after and he really enjoyed it! I am super excited for him! Bummed I don't
get to teach him but oh well.

We had a super awesome lesson with his guy JZ at the Rudds home! We talked about Faith and praying to know that we are Gods children. He said he should be able to come to bible study on Thursday, yay! :)

Things have been hard being in a new area but it is getting better! 

Thank you for all your prayers! I love you all! :)

Sister North  :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

President Obama's spot of his first kiss with his wife.

A walk up window at Taco Bell????  Hmmm

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