Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lord Provides! and helps us be on fire!

There is this art work everywhere
Date: September 8, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule
Transfer 10 Week 3

Spiritual thought:
I read this scripture this week and I loved it!  As I read this scripture I thought to myself that I want this to be me.  It is Alma 38:2
"And now, my son, I trust that I shall have great joy in you, because of your steadiness and your faithfulness unto God; for as you have commenced in your youth to look to the Lord your God, even so I hope that you will continue in keeping his commandments; for blessed is he that enureth to the end."

So trust in God and turn to him in everything and do as he asks!

Random facts:
- You know your on the South side when you feel weird being on the bus with a lot of white people.
- We had Eight Member's present this week.  AHHH, this is the most on my mission!
- Rashid said yes to baptism.
- ...Funny stories in this e-mail

Monday - 
We had dinner with the Larsen's and oh my do we adore and love them!  They have so much excitement for the work and it just makes us want to do even better!  We would totally be okay if Brother Larsen becomes our new ward mission leader!  They love missionary work!

We stopped by the church to use the bathroom and then we had the great oppurtunity to help the Gannaway's set up for seminary.  That was fun!  Crazy that school is up and going!  Time really is moving.

Tuesday - 
Started off the day visiting Georgia and Lawanda at the Hospital.  On the bus ride there I got to talk to Indigo who I met a week or so ago on the bus, so that was super cool.  We talked about what we want to do when we grow up and school and stuff.
Practicing for our choir performance
Lunch for Sister Lepule's birthday
Dasha in the ward came out with us from 3-8pm.  It was awesome!  We had a lesson planned but it fell through.  God blessed us with meeting this guy named Gilbert and we brought him some food.  It worked out, the lesson went well and Dasha is awesome and shared a powerful testimony!  I just hope he reads the scriptures because it will help him so much and bring him comfort.

Then on our way to another lesson we met with this guy that they've met before and we had a lesson on the curb.  It was hard to hear him but hopefully he comes to church.  :)

Then we got to McDonald's a half an hour late which was fine because Rashid wasn't there.  Then he wasn't answering his phone so we decided to leave.  Just as we got to the bus stop he answers and says he is coming.  So we went back and waited and he still didn't come so we texted him again.  He says that his mom is going to bring him in 20 minutes.  So we said ok and we bought ourselves a treat.  He finally came and we had an awesome lesson!  We taught him the Restoration and it was so amazing and we invited him to be baptized on October 4th and he said YES!  Ahh it was great.

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Sister Lepule!
We of course had an awesome District Meeting where we talked about using Preach My Gospel. Then we all went for Thai food at Thai 55.  It was a nice district lunch for Sister Lepule's birthday and it is her favorite.  We all enjoyed it.

Next we went to the bus stop and almost got attacked by a....drum roll....Squirrel!  I am not even lying!!!  We were walking across the street when we saw something flying towards us and we jumped and screamed and the squirrel hits the ground and runs off.  This guy stopped for us and started laughing and pointing and then he rolls down his window down and says, "was that a flying squirrel?"  It was the funniest thing ever!  My stomach hurt form laughing so hard!  Too bad it wasn't recorded because that would have won Americas Funniest Videos for sure.

We then went to an appointment that fell through but we met the persons neighbor named Jonathan and we talked to him for a few minutes and then he went and got his brother and he sang Sister Leuple  a Happy Birthday song.  It was pretty much wonderful!  I got it on camera, and oh yeah, he is a good singer!  He also added us on Facebook, YAY!
I love Preach My Gospel

After that we walked to Christopher's and Sister Larsen came with us.  We were waiting and I was like "hey that car's from Utah".  Then Sister Larsen was like that is my car...gotta love my "pineapple moments" (I'm blonde on the inside and brown on the outside).  Our lesson with Christopher was good, we talked about the Book of Mormon and what was really neat is we were able to talk to his brother on the phone and he said thanks for coming and visiting him.  That was cool!

For dinner we ate with Celeste which was the best!  Last week I was talking with Sister Lepule  and asking who she would like to have dinner with on her birthday and she said Celeste.  I texted her and set it up as a surprise.  When I told her she about died of excitement.  It was a good time!

We ended the night visiting Charles and singing a song and sharing a talk with him.  It was an amazing birthday day!  Glad everything worked out to make Sister Lepule's birthday a good one!
Museum of Science!

Thursday - 
We went and helped Lowanda get ready for a job interview and helped her with her hair.  Then we did some good ol planning and had lunch and I made banana bread!  I found out Sister Leuple loves banana bread.

Before scripture study we met one of the Elders investigators at the bus stop near here and she ended up being late but God had a plan for us all and we met this cool guy and gave the info to the Elders.

Scripture study went well.  We taught on baptism and JZ, and Terrence and Rasta were there which was wonderful!  Rasta was suppose to go to institute but joined us on accident.  He is cool and it was a good day!

Friday - 
We visited Misty and I tried my first Chicago Dog!  It was pretty good but sadly I didn't get a picture.

We had a lesson with Abosolo at the church and gave him a church tour and talked about baptisms and why infants don't need to be baptized.

Then we walked back to the apartment and met Phong from Mississippi and we are hopefully going to try to teach him soon!

But the best adventure and miracle was meeting with Jeanette.  Rebecca a young woman in the ward was going to an appointment with us but it got cancelled so we spent twenty minutes calling to see if we could meet with someone but we were not having any luck.  We did set up three appointments for next week, yay!  Right before we left we called our friend Jeanette and she said we could visit her but she was worried about us coming because it was raining.  We told her we would love to see her and if we didn't we would be out knocking on doors in the rain. She said okay.  This is a huge miracle because she is super hard to meet with.

Way funny thing, on the bus ride there we started talking to this lady Silvia.  She mentioned how her son likes rap and I was like I tried to write a rap once.  So I demonstrated it to her and she told me that I should stick to being a missionary.  It was pretty funny!  All of us were laughing! 

Our lesson went really great with Jeanette, so much better than our last one.  We watched the Restoration DVD and Rebecca connected really well with her.  The lesson was focused and I feel like we were all edified.  I am so grateful for that!

Sometimes no buses come and sometimes
three buses come!
Then on our way home we got to the bus stop and it says our wait is a half an hour.  So we start walking and it was grand, just talking and enjoying life when all the sudden one of them screams and latches onto me and I scram.  A dog, luckily behind a fence, tried to kill us!  It was scary!  Then these two men come running out because they heard us scream and one of them had a screw driver!  Nice weapon of choice.  It was pretty scary.  HAHHA  We walked along for awhile and then we waited for a bus because it said it was only seven minutes.  We hop on and our stop was the next block.  We were like man, we could have just walked the rest of the way.  Luckily our next bus didn't take too long to come so that was nice.  The night ended amazingly!

Saturday - 
On our way to Lawanda's a guy at the bus stopped and thanked us for wearing skirts passed our knees.  WOOT!  Modesty is surly the hottest!  We went to Red Lobster for lunch for Sister Lepule's birthday and Lawanda and I split the bill.  Greg our awesome waiter, hopefully will call us to set up a time to learn more!  He was super cool!

Dasha came out with us again to our appointment.  However the appointment didn't happen so we went and tried to find this referral and it was no where to be found.  We started going to do a stop by when I see someone moving a mattress and asked if we could help.  They said no, the boys are doing it but we asked her name.  It was Tori and I was like oh I have a really good friend with that name.  We started talking and found out that she has nine kids and the oldest is 24 or 25 and the youngest is 10!  I was like WOW that is close to my family!  She said she's heard great things about us (which is why it is important to be a good example always) and we invited her to church and she said she would come!  So cool!  She wasn't scared or freaked out about church being three hours!  Oh my goodness what a tender mercy from God!  So amazing!  :)

Next we stopped by by this Chinese family and they were home!  So great!  The moms English name is Laura and I told her that's my moms name.  She told us her real name, the husband gave us Chinese cake bite things which were yummy.  Freddie is turning 10 this month!  We went over his math homework and told him which two were wrong and he new the answers right away!  He is smart.  Then we read a book with him.  Now hopefully every Saturday at 7pm we will be able to go over there and do homework and share a message.  We read a scripture in Alma and had a great conversation and then Laura said the closing prayer.  It was beautiful.  It was so great to meet with them.

We traveled back to the apartment and I got mail!  YEAH  I finally got Nuts letter!  So great.  Man Nut so great to read it.  Felt like you were here telling me your stories!  Just picture me talking back to you! HAHA

I got your letter mom with the SD card, I'll start writing down on paper who is in the pictures but it might take a little bit of time and hopefully I can get more stamps so I can write everyone back.  I got your other letter and not having curtains is fine, we live in a pretty safe area.

Sunday - Best day ever!
We got on the bus to go to church and there were these nice ladies trying to convert us to be Jehovahs witness.  They gave us a hand out but wouldn't ttake ours..or touch it for that matter.  Oh well they are missing out.

Man I sure do love Sundays and I love this ward!  There are so many amazing people!  It is so wonderful!  I am really happy to be here.  Today Lowanda shared her testimony!  It was amazing!@ She was baptized in May and it was her first time.  It was honestly the best and I couldn't stop smiling.  SO GREAT!

We saw a less active on the bus the day before and we met with her today.  That went well and we are having dinner with her this coming week!  We ended the night with choir practice for our mission confrence with the entire mission Friday!  I am beyond excited.  It is going to be the best.  When we went home we got to the bus stop and I turned around and the bust was there.  So sweet!

I love you all so much!  Thanks for all the prayers and love.  Hopefully I can write the rest of you back and buy stamps so I can mail them to y'all.

Sister North
800 Waukegan Rd #203
Glenview, IL 60025

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