Monday, August 25, 2014

Riding dem buses

All my stuff ready to go to transfer meeting.
Date:  August 25, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Illinois
Companion:  Sister Lepule from Washington

First week in Hyde Park - Transfer 10 - week 1

Random Facts about the area:
- we ride the bus or walk everywhere! At first my feet didn't agree but not it is good!
- we sleep on a bunk bed and it makes loud noise every time I move...
- Sister Lepule and I sing ALL the time! I am positive by the end of the Transfer we will put something on facebook, so stay toned the next month or so. :)
- we just party all the time, no big deal! :) it is gonna be a good transfer!

-Grandma Mary, thank you for sending your conversion story. It was so fun to read! You are the best! Thank you for all the Love!
- Grandma North - so exciting that I'm going to have another cousin!  Tell Shannon and Tony to write me! 
-Aunt Karoline, man I loved all your words of wisdom and the pictures!  The are on my wall! :)
-Marissa Lawrence love that you are already getting my emails ha thanks for writing! You rock!

Monday -  Saying goodbye to Valpo....I miss it...

They hold mail the week of transfers and then you
 get it at Transfer meeting.

Tuesday - Transfer Day

Sister Tucker was awesome and took us to Transfers, man I love the Tuckers!  And her girls fixed my awesome book mark they made me, it broke and I was super sad and they remembered to fix it and I got it yay! Transfer meetings are always so fun, it was good. :) still crazy that I didn't go back to Valpo! I love that place! And I am really going to miss it!

So the Crooks our in our ward!

We met Jasmine at the bus stop and talked for a little bit and now we are Facebook friends! So that was cool! She told me I'd look good with a pixie cut ...hmm....I think I'll keep my long hair ;) she was super cool!

Wednesday - the day of service
Sister Lepule and I waiting for the bus in the rain.
We started off the day with helping the turner family move, he is/was the ward mission leader. He has two cute kids.

Then district meeting and we are the only Sisters in our District. Guess what is crazy we have five sets of missionaries in the ward!  Wow! So crazy! So our District is us and three sets of missionaries.  And then the other set in our ward is in the other district. So that's pretty crazy. We talked about member presence and Sister Lepule and I taught that part and it went pretty well especially since we didn't get to plan. And I guess my spirit animal is a penguin....whatever that
means ha!

After that we went to an appointment and then she cancelled five minutes before, but on the bright side we know where she lives now.  On our way back, I was starving for lunch, we ate lunch and then we both ended up falling asleep for a little bit. I was tired. I'm not use to all this walking.  Oh before lunch we met this guy R...and he asked us for directions and then we started talking and he ended up singing for us! It was great and he sounded good! And then we got on the bus and we are all standing for a little while and then some people left and we sat down and what was funny is I was in the middle of two people Sister Lepule was in front of me and there was a seat by the guy sitting next to me and someone was like you could sit down and then he R...was like I want to sit by her and everyone laughed and stayed put and he still stood and talked with us. It was funny. We got his information so either us or the Elders will hopefully start teaching him.

After lunch we visited Georgia at the hospital and sang her,  "I am a Child of God" and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". I have a feeling Sister Lepule and I might do a musical number in the future.
New home!
Then we road the buses over to help out the Weaver family around their house, they are awesome! And really funny! Then we went home and had some dinner, nightly planned and listened to music and went to bed. So a little fact, we have a bunk bed that makes noise every time you move and I sleep on the top and it is so uncomfortable! I slept so bad but it is what it is and hopefully my body gets use to it real soon. Yay for hard beds! Ha

Thursday -
We helped Misty clean her house a little. Then we shared a message with her, she is super cool and I look forward to getting to know her more. I was bummed though because she didn't come to church. She was baptized this last year.

We did a little bit of planning And it started to rain just when we came inside so that was a tender mercy from The Lord. 

And every Thursday night we have a Scripture study class where we just share scriptures pretty much from the lessons. It was pretty cool! We had two investigators there! So that was awesome! :)

Friday -
Super awesome day! It is starting to feel like my area. Today was a day of running to buses! It was pretty great!

One of our cool running to the bus stories is the bus like drives up and I am like is that our bus? And it passes us and we are like yes so we start running and the bus stop is way far. And honestly it should have left without us but the Lord provides and he kept the light red.  It was funny because I was like hmm...not sure if I can run anymore and I look up and I see that it is red and that gave me the motivation to push through!
Another waiting for the bus picture.

We did a lot and met tons of people it was amazing! One of which is Abosolo and our lesson with him was amazing! And Sister Decker came with us and it was so cool! He had so many light bulb moments! It was fun to watch! He is awesome!

Saturday -
The highlight today was our lesson with Musu and Clarence who is 13!  Man they both are super awesome! Musu was doing someone's hair but she sure was listening the entire time! Clarence had amazing questions and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it relates to the Bible. Clarence wanted us to leave him something to do so we left him to answer the questions in the back of the Restoration Pamphlet. Bobbi the dad came out and asked us what we think Christ looks like and we told him how we don't know for sure because we haven't seen him and tried to focus on his attributes and what he did. His heart softened a little and he did say he is set in his ways (Baptist) but it is up to
Clarence  to choose. We did testify that we know this is the full truth and Musu liked that!  It really was a great lesson! Can't wait to meet with them again!
Look its me

Sunday -
We had church yay! Which was good, the ward is big and there is a lot of cool people. And so many people to meet...I hope I remember some of their names!

After church and our meetings we were on the way home and the Elders talked to us.  They wanted to know if they could have our bunk bed and we would get there frame so we said sure and gave them one set of our keys they where going to come later but decided to go after church so we went to the park a block away and sat on the bench and then this guy named Rosta walks by and we start talking to him and then he joins us on the bench next to us and we pretty much taught him the entire Restoration it was incredible! He is 25 so the YSA is going to have a super awesome referral. It was a great lesson and he was super sincere and he was pretty amazed by Joseph Smiths experience.  God really does have a plan for all of us and knows where to put us! It is so amazing to see!
Our metal bunk beds.
Our desk and my new companion.

Our kitchen

Guess what we are doing???  YUP
waiting for the bus.

Some wall art as we wait for the bus.

Want some?

We were going to visit a member in the Hospital but before that we stopped by Abosolo's school to give him an English copy of the Bible but he wasn't there and as we were leaving Prince stopped us and talked with us and he is planning on coming to Sacrament meeting Sunday so that was really cool!

Take care everyone! Love ya! Letters are welcomed! :)

Sister North  :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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