Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mini Mission Time!

Date:  August 4, 2014
Area:   Valparisio, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 22 in Valpo

Hello Family and Friends!!

Ready Set Go! I may or may not be sending lots of pictures today...I took over 100 pictures...Hope you like some of them. :)

(She sent a TON!)
-Thanks Mommy for the Package! You are the best! :)
-Grandma Mary
-Grandma Maxine
-Megan West
-Rebecka and Sarah Bishcoff
- Amy North

I have a cool personal experience for the week. On Tuesday I was watching some youth Mormon Messages during lunch when I came across this one:
When I am watching this I see one of my students! And then I was talking about it in our district meeting and one of the Hermana's just read the article and was able to tell me.

Personal Progress by Proxy

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Laura's class my last year of high school and get to know her! She is so amazing! It was so cool to watch the video and I was trying to find the article and then God provided me with the answer! It was a sweet experience for me.

Almost our whole MTC group!

We had a lesson with the Yaros with Brother Lester and they want to come to church! Ahh oh my goodness!I kept telling Sister Wells "Is this real life?" We have a ride and everything! It is just so crazy! Gloria has suddenly had a change of heart! Going from not believing to believing! She had a huge problem with going to church and when we heard the words "we want to come to church as a family" pretty much we almost died! And cried with Joy! The lesson really just felt like we were just there, we shared scriptures but I guess the best way to describe it is they just shared there testimonies. It was a good experience! I think Brother Lester was also surprised at the change! And at the end it got brought up that the Yaros where looking for a gas stove and then come to find out that Brother Lester has one
sitting in his garage!! She got so excited! Man it was so great! It is amazing to have the entire family involved! What a blessing! :)

Elders Foster, Warner, Bringhurst, and Angeletti
We helped Sister Vickers set up her family history on familysearch.org she is so cute!

We met with a less active named Dolores, I have only been over there one other time so that was good. She showed us the baby blue birds in her backyard they were cute! We talked about our gifts from God and talked about how we can pray and have help to strengthen our gifts.

We had dinner with the Skeen's at Roosewood and it was pretty good. Sister Wells and I had no clue what to get. What was funny is Sister Skeen asked the Manager if they had a take home menu so we could choose before we come next time(guess we took to long) and so she gave us an old menu...it is now sitting in our apartment ha!

We had District meeting, yay! I love it! And after we went to El Amigos and had District lunch! Yummy! I was super hungry and I've been wanting Mexican food for a while so it was even better! It was fun! :)

We helped a Less Active clean up there house...it was pretty moldy which is part of the reason they moved. She was super grateful for us to help. I'm sad because they won't be in our area anymore.

We had an awesome lesson with Glenn at the Skeen's! We taught the 'Gospel of Jesus Christ' it was a great lesson and he says it just feels right and we asked him if he wants to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he said Yes! But he hadn't been praying and reading his scriptures this last week (which we could
tell, it is crazy how you know if someone is following Gods commandments or not) so he hasn't prayed about a date for baptism yet. But he knows that is what he needs to do, so as soon as he tells us when then we will know! He is awesome!

We had our super awesome Sisters Conference! Where we had all the Sisters in the mission and our MINI MISSIONARIES! When we got our mini missionary we did it like transfer meetings where we go up and tell about our area and we get our new companion and then we hug and everyone claps and we go sit down together. Our awesome mini missionary was Angela Hernandez! She is awesome! :) it was actually funny, so we were going to have a different mini missionary Sister Strong and she was tall and President forgot to change it on his notes so that is who we got for like an entire minute! And then we had an emergency transfer! And she went with Sister Kershaw and Sister
Buckmiller who are both tall and Sister Hernandez came with us and we are short so that was fun. One of the Sisters couldn't go so things got changed around.

President Woodbury is just so funny! I love him! He makes me laugh, and cry! It is great! He is the most spiritual man I've ever known! It has been fun to watch him grow as he has been on this calling! I am so grateful for him! He is the best!

We had a great meeting! The theme was Becoming Perfect through Christ - Moroni 10:32 and it was so amazing! We talked about all kinds of things! Even about being a mother...weird! One thing that was cool is my testimony has grown about the Plan of Salvation and that I really did choose to be here! I believe when it was President Woodburry
talking he was talking about it and the spirit just hit me and I just know that I agreed to this amazing plan and I am so grateful to have the fullness of the gospel! To have all the puzzle pieces! I wish everyone would accept this great message because I know it will make them even happier then they are! It is amazing! :)

We had a great lesson with the Sarvers! They sure are amazing!

We met with Sister Jones and talked about the Book of Mormon

We planned to do service but it go canceled so we got to Do some Planning

Highlight of the day: So we where doing stop bys and we went to go find this person but the GPS took us the wrong way and it led us to this street so we decided we were there for a reason so we tracted on it. We first meet this guy named Josh and he said he wasn't interested but we all felt like there was something different about him, a good difference. He had a light about him. Then we started walking up to this one house and you could tell by the yard that they were religious. As we were walking up I had the thought "if we were going to sing a song what would we sing?" Sister Hernandez said 'Nearer my God to thee' and so we get to the door she tells us that she is Catholic but not interested and then I asked her if we could sing her a song. She said yes and got her daughter. We sang 'I am a Child of God' and the spirit was so strong! It touched there hearts and then I shared a scripture on the Atonement and it was super powerful! It was awesome! :)
Lots of Sisters

and we had a super yummy Dinner at the Lesters! Brother Lester cooked it all! and it was tasty fried Chicken, green tomatoes (Dad, makes me think of that movie, and how I was surprised when I watched it ha) salad and goodness :)

I loved this quote! "It's nice to be important but it is more important to be nice" It was such a great Sunday!! The Sarvers and Glenn, and Gloria and her son Jordan came to church AHH YAY!! So happy!! :D It was so wonderful to see
We had study time outside on the grass! Then we went and taught Linda one of the Elders investigators. Then We had dinner at a members in Valpo and then back to the church to say goodbye to our Mini Missionary and we had an awesome testimony meeting pretty much!

Oh Speaking of testimony meetings! So during the high councilman's tesimony I had the thought you need to go up right after him and as I did so did everyone else! There was like ten of us who went up at one time! it was crazy! and kind of cool! ha :D I do love Sundays! :D 

Mini missionary testimony goodness
Started new BOM challenge

You all are great!! Thanks for all the prayers and letters!! Keep them coming!! Go out
and serve someone today!!

I love you!!


Sister North  :) From Portage Indiana!
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025
Lunch time and watching mormon.org messages


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