Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh the weeks run together

Date:  August 11, 2014
Area:   Valparisio, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 23 in Valpo

Hey Mom! And peeps,

Well I'm not really in the mood to say a lot so it is pretty chill this time sorry about that but maybe it will change as I write...who knows.

Letter Wise No one loves Sister Wells and I but junk mail! It is rather depressing when you are excited to check the mail and it is empty all week! :( sad day. Maybe we will get love this week, but in a few days they will be holding mail because of Transfers...ahh transfers....sigh...I'm sure one of us is leaving....

We did a few stop bys and then our appointment cancelled so we tracted but turns out we weren't in our area, sad day. But we did talk to these really cool Indian girls. And we met this other lady that we will stop by and maybe help with yard work and see if it will go anywhere and if so give her to the right missionaries.

We finally met with Dorothy, we didn't get to see her at all last week. We sang "Come Thou Fount" to her and talked about building our weakness.

We had a great lesson with Kim, we finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation. She thinks I have a way with words when I speak but I really felt tongued tied a few times and she was like that is so beautiful! ...oh the power of the spirit! It is great! She really wants her boyfriend to learn! So that is cool! We might be meeting with her tonight(hopefully) so that should be awesome!

We stopped by Sister Skeen's neighbors Carol and V-Tech and talked for a little bit and shared an uplifting message but it is just what ev with them.

We then went and swept off Sister Skeen's porch and cleaned it of and then the skeeders came and attacked us! At first it wasn't that bad but it was like one mosquito went and told all his friends that he found some goodness!...we didn't like it ha!

I am beginning to play connect the dots with mosquito bites. Eww! Started the day with district meeting and then found out it pis the last one of the Transfer and that we have a zone training next week! Had no clue! Glad I know now haha :) I love meetings can't wait!

We met with the Nickles and when we got there Brother Nickels wasn't there but he came and Emily came with us and we finished the Plan of Salvation. After that Emily went to our next lesson but they weren't there so we did a few stop bys but no one wanted to meet...oh the life of a missionary. But it was fun!

Dorothy is really loving "Come Thou Fount" so we sang it again. Last time we left her with some of my church CD's to listen too, we are trying to find things that she will do because she isn't reading her scriptures and that doesn't help so we are hoping getting her to listen to music will help her. We got her Violin out and she toned it and played it..sorta and then she let us "play it" haha it was fun.

We did some good ol Planning today!

We got to help Tammy do so,e more yard work so that was fun! She has a huge garden I her backyard, I took a picture with me in it ha. It was crazy we got a lot done in a little over an hour that we were there. She said we could come teach her more...but not sure when. If it rains she said we could come over ha! So hopefully that works with our schedule! Our days are filling up! And I sure hope it stays like that!

We had breakfast for dinner with Isakson which was just wonderful! I love them! We talked about being an example!

Then we ended the night with a Lesson with Glenn at the Tucker's which was pretty great! We read 2 Nephi 31 together and that seemed to go pretty well. As well as talking about the power of prayer.  After the lesson we were walking to our cars when I asked him if lunch still worked and he was like oh no! And you could tell he felt bad with how he reacted and he was like oh no, I can't.  Then he says "I am going to be doing something that your church normally doesn't agree with" both Sister Wells are like huh? And freaking out in our heads. We ask him what he is going to be doing and
he informs us how he is going to be working! We were like oh! Okay! We were pretty relieved haha. It was funny.

Funny moment at the gas station: so we went and got gas and the car next to us pulls up at the same time and he is about our age and I may or may not of thought he looked attractive but I felt like I needed to talk him. So we both get out and I grab the window wash thing and I do the front wind shield and I was like okay I'll go get it wet again and talk to him. Well next thing I know our gas thing stopped which was fast because we needed a lot of gas. Turns out the power went out and shut everything down and before we could talk he says, is your screen weird too? We said yes. Well he decided he was good to go but I asked if I could give him a card. It caught him off guard but he took it. I hope he went and looked up But it was funny! I guess God wanted us to talk to him sooner or something.

We went and cleaned Sister Skeen's kitchen for her but we ran out of time but it still looks better then when we found it.

We met with the Yaros, but Gloria wasn't feel too well so it was I guess more of a spiritual thought then a full on lesson but we are meeting with them and already have a member coming! Yay!

A long Day, The Morning was good we went to the Hospital and visited a few members so that was good.  The rest of the day we just did finding with nothing coming from it but we ended up having dinner with the Frymires so that was nice to do something. For the last haft hour we came in and wrote some more notes to some ward members. We've been working on writing them so with our lack of motivation we did the most productive thing at the hardest time of the night. It was good.

Oh my amazing! Today was such a busy day! Especially after So grateful! Church was grand! Then we had lunch with a member, then a lesson with the Sarvers which was interesting because MaryJo was reading anti material so that was fun but hopefully all will be fine.  Then dinner with the Frymires which was great! :) and came home and had personal
Study! :)

I have to run, we are having a picnic and talent show today and I still have I no clue what I should do....hmm...and My companion doesn't like my funny ideas to do with her so I gotta figure out what to do that is funny by myself. She is going to juggle I think.

But before I say goodbye check out this super awesome video! We are all are given gifts to share, and I am off to go find my "gift" for today's missionary talent show! Ha....
"Extraordinary Gift"  
You all are great! Feel free to write me a little Note!

Me :)  Sister North  :)
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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