Monday, August 18, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Indiana!

Date:  August 18, 2014
Water and Ice cream while we wait for car repairs.
Area:   Valparisio, Indiana
Companion:  Sister Wells
Week 24 in Valpo


This week has been crazy busy! Wow! And there is so much to do, I've also managed to pick up a little cold, but still going! So Transfer Calls came and just like I thought I would be leaving. It is crazy how God tells you what is going to happen before.

[insert drum Roll]

Sister North is being transferred to Hyde Park, Illinois! It is in the Chicago stake and my new companion will be Sister Lupule! She is awesome! We where in the same district for a little bit back in Gurnee. She is from Washington. It should be a good time! I am pretty excited to serve in the city, I have no clue what to expect or how it will be like but I wanted to be go to the city for my last area. I know God knows the desires of our hearts! And I am so grateful for the
opportunity I have had to serve here in the Valpo ward! I sure do love it and am going to miss it! I look forward to visiting! I still don't feel like I am leaving but it will hit me later. It is such a bitter sweet feeling! But it sure has been a great six months!

The week of awesome Members! Aka save our life

- Sister Comstock
- Sister L. Burgess
- Rachel Fisihetau
- Keagan Krogh
- Grandma Mary - I hope you had a great birthday! I have a birthday card just for you!,sorry it is late. I love you! Can't wait to hear about your rad party! :) and I'm still telling everyone how you are my number one fan! Thank you for all the letters! I love them! :)

We had a super awesome day! We had a zone activity and we had a Talent show, the sad thing is my camera died :( sad day! So Mom I might be sending videos home from the iPad but we will see. Sister Wells juggled and I read a few jokes my Mom sent me and funny things my Grandma sent me! It was great! I was like "I have a talent of writing
letters which means I have a talent of getting letters" bahaha!  And I also did the "Keagan Dance" as it has gotten called. Him and his brother or cousin did this cool dance and it took me forever to do it and so Sister Wells told me to do it so I caved in ha(she almost has it too)

Taking down pictures because I am being transferred.

We had Dinner at the Daubek's, and had Papa Johns Pizza! Oh, did that bring back memories of being a deliver driver. Ha! Good times! We played the God Head game with them and it was really fun! :)

We ended the night with an awesome lesson with Kim and her boyfriend Alfanzo. It was so amazing! Alfanzo is super nice! We talked about what we do as missionaries and we taught part of the Restoration, and it was powerful! The spirit was there and they both look forward to learning more. They are the best! Can't wait to watch them progress! 

Tuesday...interesting day
Zone training! And I forgot my camera! :( it died on Monday during our zone activity and so I charged it and forgot it. But our meeting was awesome and we talked a lot about companionship unity,

We had two lessons that where rather interesting....

And then we ended the night with Institute! And that was amazing! Glenn came and there was a special speaker and it was just wonderful! One of the things I loved that was said is

"Are you going to Live for God or Die for God? Because he would rather have you living" #Foodforthought How can you live for Christ?

Glenn is commenting and he has grown so much! It is amazing!

Wednesday - the day of phone calls...goodness!

It was a crazy day and all I have to say is I was on the phone like all day! When we were not meeting with someone I was on the phone figuring out some situations and all I have to say is we have awesome members! Who where there to help right away.

We met with Dorothy, had to take our car in to get a new air bag, we got water and ice cream yum! And while we where there Linda called us to invite her to her baptism! Yay! :) and then we saw Sister Jones! It was all grand!
Sister Wells, Sister North, Austin, Rachel and Payton

We ended the night with dinner at the Lester's with Glenn! It was so funny, Glenn asked what Mormons were allowed and not allowed to eat. We laughed and said, "That's a perfect question. That's what our lesson is on." We taught him the word of wisdom. My favorite part was, We talked about Joseph Smith and asked him if he remembers who Joseph
Smith is. He explained it perfectly about him being a farm boy who saw God and Christ and was called to be a prophet and restore Gods full gospel. We asked him if he believed that, and he said yes. :) ahh Yay! He knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet. That is exciting! :)

Planning planning planning! is weird to plan when I feel like I am leaving! We really focused on having super legit lesson plans for this coming week and the next week to hopefully help planning go smoother with a new companion.

And we also met with the Sarvers and gave this guy at Mcdolads a card with a note telling him to have a good day. Yay for using wifi! :)

Day of service, on the morning we helped Sister Skeen clean and had lunch with her and then we had a Lesson, or at least tried to with Gloria but distractions sure came but it went alright.
Sister North, Rachel, Payton, Linda, Sister Wells

Then we helped the Frymires  around the house and helped make dinner and then did the dishes and ended the night with some stop bys and contacted a referral :)

Saturday - Baptism! And transfer calls!

What a great day it was! We started off the morning by helping build a house in the community! That was fun! We nailed what is called "hurricanes" I think. And then nailed theses other things and there was this silly aluminum that makes the nails jump out like bullets, they where buggers! But we had a ball. :)

Then we saw Dorothy and had a great lesson and then we came home for lunch and I just slept because I didn't feel to grand.

Then off we went to the church to help out with the baptism. Oh wonderful it was! Rachel and her son Payton and Linda were baptized! And I got to lead the music! It was a wonderful experience! :) beyond grateful to be able to be apart of their special day.

As we had refreshments President told us that I would be leaving and he didn't remember where but said you'll find out that night. So we found out earlier which was nice! Because they texted us a few minutes before nine saying we would get a transfer call and then Elder Johnson called us at 10:13 at night telling us what was happening.
Trenton, Linda, Sister North and Sister Wells

We ended the night teaching the referral Michael and Nikki, they are awesome! They aren't looking to changed but willing to learn so I pray that they will do as we ask because I know as they pray about the Book of Mormon they will find out that it is true.

Sunday - The day of good byes 
We have just been saying good bye to people non stop.  We had dinner at the Millers and Glenn joined us it was awesome! It was an emotional Sacrament meeting with Elder Foster and I leaving and three confirmations, it was so amazing!! 

Anyway I gotta Run, Mom I have TONS of pictures I have taken 100 this week ha but I am out of time! I love you! I'll send you them next week!!

Take Care Everyone!! and stay tune for my next adventure!

Sister North :D

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