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The week of Dinners...YUM!

Happy Halloween
To my sweet Mother and loved ones :)

Transfer 11 Week 5

-Sister Tiffany Rassmusen, have you gotten my letter yet? Hopefully you get it before you leave. :)
- Grandma Mary, Sister Lepule appreciated her letter too. 

Well I sent you pictures from my adventures from last week going to the sky deck and that was super awesome and fun! And today we are going on a top secret adventure! I'll tell you all next week. :)

We then had dinner at the Cottrell's which we speed walked ten blocks to get there and were still late, ugh I hate being late. But it was awesome and they are a great family! It was my first time getting to know them and they have the cutest son ever! 

Then we went and picked up my package at FedEx and on our way back we met Maria and she was lugging this huge dresser coat thing and we get closer and we ask if we can help and before we finished saying this she said Yes! And we got to help her and we exchanged information! Ahh Yay! We had an appointment with her but it got moved to next week. We also found out she doesn't live in our area but we are meeting with her and the Elders on Tuesday so that will be good. :) but it was awesome because she actually let us help! I love this area! People actually accept our services!  
check out the chicken head

We spent the morning in and near China Town. We had the honor to be a part of a funeral. We all planned to be there at 9:30 and we left our apartment at 8:30.  We sadly walked around and took the long way and walked for a good haft hour to forty minutes. (We were speed walking again...our legs got so tired!) But we got there with fifteen or so minutes to spare and we got to meet the family which was fun and I was the sunshine of the in my dress. Here I am wearing the brightest outfit I own and everyone else is wearing black...but I was the sun because I was wearing yellow. Ha good times. :)

On our way to the location where we were invited to dinner we are waiting at the bus stop and this Guy asks me "why are you so happy" so I tell him how I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and how the gospel has blessed my life and he asks a few questions. He took a card but when asked if he wanted missionaries to teach him more, he said no never.  So that was lame but hopefully he'll want to know more. 

When we got to the area where lunch was we had time to spare and the place had free wifi so we got on Facebook and updated our area book until lunch at this fancy Chinese restaurant. It was yummy and fun and memories were formed. 

We had a lesson with Xavior, he is super cool! So the STL's (sister trainer leaders) met him a month or so ago and invited him to church. He lives in there building and he came for the first hour but then left before it ended so we didn't get his contact information and then last week the Sisters said they have it! We met with him and set up another appointment. He is cool, he is an artist, and very soft spoken. Karen came with us and we go into his apartment right and he takes us to his back room and I guess the best way to describe it is like this man cave with pictures all didn't look like a room. It was like a museum or a little shrine. Ha there wasn't a lot of room. 

Then we ended the night with dinner at the Drnec's and it was so yummy! I had molé for the first time and it was tasty! It reminded me back in my Spanish days at Snow singing the days of the week song saying "Merceles Molé" good times, I miss that class, and school for that matter, I look forward to going back next fall. Speaking of school Mom I might have you apply for UVU for me. I'll email you :) 

We had district meeting and it was super! I got called on to give a talk on one of my favorite talks from conference which caught me a little of guard and I forgot my study journal but it all went well. My district really has grown and we work well together. At first it was rough but we have really found the balance...just in time to have it all change again. But it's chill and I love them. We have really become a family. Lately I have really had positive experience with role plays and I've decided the zone leaders make me feel like I am a good teacher. I role played with Elder Robbins about the Book of Mormon and I used the pictures and he'd never seen that before and he really liked it and he then told everyone made me feel cool not gonna lie. 

Then we helped Christy and Billie with there laundry again and thank goodness there washer and dryers are fixed last time it took us forever! Ha but this time it was perfect and we did other things around the house for them and left them with a little message and off we went to dinner at Paula's and her son George joined us to he goes to the YSA branch and is super cool. :) 

We had interviews with President and how I just love him! I can tell him everything but when he asks me if I have any questions for him I always forget them ha oh well. But he is an inspired man and is just amazing! 

We had a lesson with Christopher and Sister Elcen came with us and man she likes to talk but she connected really well with Christopher and the lesson went well. We watched the Restoration DVD and he is moving his way along in the Book of Mormon. He pretty much told us that he won't make a decision until after he finish the book which is okay, and he is reading it on a daily basis where most people who have said that aren't even putting any effort so I am excited for his progress. :)

The. We had dinner at the Gannaways and oh my goodness I love them so so much! They are an incredible family! We talked about having interviews and they shared experiences from there mission and it was just so fun. They are such an awesome family! And they sincerely care about everyone and are always asking us how everyone is doing and so willing to help. They are definitely an example of how I want to be with my future family. We shared the strong hold lesson with them and it went really well and then we talked about journal writing and man need to get better at that one... 

Then we ended the night with scripture study which Carmella came, she teaches nursery and she loved it and is going to invite her friends. We were grateful she came because she was the only one that came so we still had it yay! And she is so cute! We rode the bus home with her and pretty much she is my new favorite! And I was going to show her some pictures of Temples on my iPad on Sunday because I wasn't going to show her on the bus but then Sunday I forgot my iPad so I'll show her later. We talked about fasting and it went well.  

Happy Halloween!!! Aka the windiest day ever! I'll send a short video of how windy it was ha!  

We started off the morning with an amazing lesson with Zhoaxia on the Holy Ghost and when we told her that is what we were going to talk about she was really excited! She understands more why baptism is important because that is how you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  And it was just a really good lesson! This week we are talking about repentance. I love teaching her!

Then we walked over to the church for English class which went well. It is fun to be there. And Wia's English has improved so much! And then Ling Ling and Zhoaxia were there too. So far just us and Amy is teaching and Sister Decker has come too. It is weird to be helping with something that we don't start and end with a prayer haha

After that we went and saw Rebecca and I just adore this girl. (Mookie have you talked with her?) we had cinnamon roles which was yummy...and we were hungry ha. Oh my goodness Mom I just remembered those days you made those yummy cinnamon rolls!  You'll have to make them when I come home, pretty much I look forward to being home and having your cooking because all of it is so yummy! 

Then we went to contact a referral and the bus wouldn't come for ten minutes so we new we would be late so we called her and she moved it to Monday so we went and saw Lowanda instead which was good. And as we went to Lowanda's the bus ride was interesting we first get on and this lady is making some big deal how we shouldn't celebrate Halloween and that was crazy, awkward for everyone but we just talked with the kids to try and help the situation and it was fun and I had a piece of candy and I gave to one of the girls.  She was adorable! And the. A car was parked at the bus stop and we had to wait and I was just glad I was on the bus where it was warm.

There was a baptism this morning and we thought it started at 10:30 but turns out it was at 10 but I was still in time to give the closing prayer, so that was good and the part that we were there for was sweet. Patrick is a cool guy and it will be good to see him every week at church. 

On our way to Cassandra this guy stopped us asking if we could help him and he was cool and compared to a lot of the other people he seemed sincere and like he was trying to get back on his feet.  Well to keep the story short we gave him a fruit snack and he goes and gives Sister Lepule a hug and she tries to just give him a hand shake but it didn't work and then he gives her a kiss and then he goes to me and I move my face as far away and he just gave me a hug...oh the moments Sister Lepule and I have!

Our lesson with Cassandra went well, she is Karen's friend and she came with us too and we taught her the Restoration and it went really well and she said she isn't searching for a church but she hasn't found the one for her.  I know that if she truly prays and asks God she will find what she is looking for here. She is super cool and I look forward to teaching her. 

We went and saw Xavier's art show and he paints with shoe polish, so that is cool. And we might even be in the Hyde Park newspaper! So that is pretty cool! Hopefully we can find out if we are in it and buy a copy. :)

Oh my goodness! I was thinking with daylight savings we were loosing an hour but to my surprise we gained an hour and boy was that so so nice!! And church was so amazing! I really have grown to love this ward so much! There are so many good things happening!

And Dasha is with us for the week for a mini mission! Yay! It's gonna be grand. :) she is awesome! And it is going to be an awesome week!

I love you all so much, thank you so much for all the prayers and support! 

Check out this story, I feel like I would be the missionary asking Why do you like it? 

The Jadeite Cabbage

President Thomas S. Monson, “Canaries with Gray on Their Wings,” Ensign, June 2010, 4.

It's really good so take the time to read it. :)

I love you all! Write me! :)


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