Tuesday, November 25, 2014

tarted out freezing and ended raining...

Got a skirt for $6.00!  SWEET!!!
Date:  November 24, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule
Transfer 12 - Week 2

Hey friends, 

Man this week went by so fast! It was crazy! And it was so cold! Tuesday we get a text from our District Leader telling us that with the wind chill it was -6 oh man! And now then the weekend has been in the 40's and it was so nice not to be cold. This week was grand and very spiritual and all I can say is I know there is a God! He is so real and I know he is very aware of all of us! We must do our part and turn to him. 

Coldest day of my life! (at least since last winter anyway) And I had exchanges with sister Olenjeck 

We had the best zone conference in the world! I love meetings! The spirit was so strong and it was just the best and a lot of answers to prayers. :) 

Sunday was the best and that all that matters. 

This is PinGin the most yummy Chinese food ever!
It is like a crepe but spicy and yummy!
Bahaha! The morning started out with a lame bus driver but he wasn't going to rain on my parade! We ran to his bus and he drove off without us and then he honked at us so we ran to it again and he takes off...that was lame! But…we then went to the 15 and both Sister Lepule and I talked to people on the bus that we met last Sunday! It was cool! Which is why the bus driver didn't let us on his bus! It was meant to be.  We got to talk to our friends again. :)

Han, Laura, and Freddie came to church today! And they enjoyed it! Han Told Sister Lepule he felt good and that he wants to come back! Oh man I am so excited! They are so so awesome! 

We had dinner with the VanDenBergs and they are so great! And we had yummy Korean food! And he is cousins to some people I went to high school with so that's cool. They are going to come out to lessons with us and I'm pretty excited! :) 

Went to see Brother Tucker and sing for him.
We had the biggest miracles! We went to contact a Referral and on our way we felt like we should stop by Musu and Clarence.  We got in the building and knocked on the door and no one answered.  After a while we wrote a note and went to leave but it didn’t feel right so we stopped on the stairs and said a prayer.  After we went back and knock again and guess what?!? They answered! Ahh yay! Oh my goodness I am beyond excited! We haven't been able to contact them since my first week here...forever ago! They are the family from South Africa, Liberia. Clarence wants to come to young men's and to church and see how it is. It was so great to see them! We will call them the end of the week and hopefully meet with them next week!

Then we walked home in the rain and it was just so glorious! 

Pretty much I don't feel like emailing but just know this week was great and I love you all! 

Have a great thanksgiving! I'm super excited for this week and all the food I will eat we have lots of awesome plans!

Sorry Mom for not answering any of your questions I'm being a bum today. 

Love you though!

💕Sister North 🐒
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025
Chicago is cold!!!!

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