Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Chalax

Happy Thanksgiving

Transfer 12 week 3
Or the week we got stuffed!

Greetings to you!

This week in a nutshell: instead of Turkeys being stuffed, we got stuffed, and not even lying! For four days people fed us both lunch and dinner! It was so crazy!  And tasty too! And I guess we have some spider friend....and he thinks I am tasty because I now have NINE bites on my person...NOT okay! Still don't know if it is dead! No me gusto nada! 

Last night I called a handful of people and asked if we could come share a Christmas message and they said yes! Some will call us back later this week or we will! But we set up a few! Which is super cool! We have this huge list of potential investigators, which is people who said they would be interested and we are trying to kill the list and start teaching these people or drop them. Some we only have their address and we are going to go Christmas Caroling to them! So if they live there or not it's gonna be a good time! 

If you haven't heard yet the church just came out with a super duper awesome Christmas video called
Our Christmas sweaters.  It doesn't look cold but trust me it is!
He is the Gift and I love it!

Check it out!

It is so awesome! And now that thanksgiving is over we have been sharing it and oh my goodness I love it! And it brings the spirit every time! It is the best! I know that Jesus Christ truly is the most amazing gift we could ever have! I am beyond grateful for the sacrifice He made for all of us to have a purpose to be here and be able to be forgiven for all our wrong doings and get to live with Him and God and our families again. It is just so wonderful! And makes me really happy! 

Hopefully this thought process will make since and make you think in a good way....Sometimes as a missionary you become distracted and frustrated and I was really pondering about it this week on how me, as a missionary, being a servant of God sometimes loses my focus and maybe I get jealous over something, and then I think about how God must feel when we let our potential fall because we become distracted with other things and not make Him our center. And how being a missionary I sometimes get frustrated when people aren't keeping their commitments or promises and then I think about how God must feel. The scripture where it talks about God being a jealous God took on a new meaning for me this week and makes me want to do better. 
Eating lunch and e-mailing.

I just said to Sister Lepule what should I say to my family today? She says to tell you she loves you. :) I love you guys too! 

So my subject line is also thanks to Sister Lepule she said that is what it should be. So the story behind it is we were in church and it was a combined Sunday School and they asked if there were any more announcements and I said yes there is scripture study in Thursday and it is great bring your friends and it is a super chalax environment and the Bishop goes up to teach his lesson and explains what chalax means.  So yeah, it was funny. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Pictures are coming! We had lunch with Mele who is in the Singles Branch and with her cousin Cook he just moved here in August from the other side of the mountain, from the Toole area. We ate Tongan food and it was tasty and I couldn't tell you what the food was called I just know it was yummy!

And for dinner we went to the Drnec's and it was yummy and we laughed! They are the best and it was a great time! Sister D's Dad is so funny! I love them! :) 

One of the highlights of this week was that even though we didn't get to me with Laura, Han, and Freddie they still came to church! They missed the first hour but they made it for Gospel Principles and Sacrament! And they brought two extra kids with them because hat morning they were dropped off. So that was awesome!

Also Leory called us and said Theola wasn't feeling well so they couldn't come but that is a huge step! Our lesson with them this week was good and Leory was actually part of the lesson and I'd say leading it! It was the best!

We met with Christopher and he is still reading and he is just the best and I love him! We taught him the Plan of Salvation. And filled in the missing pieces we hadn't taught him before. It is great with him because he knows he is going to be baptized he just wants to take baby steps we are just trying to help him to come to church. But he is still reading the Book of Mormon so that's awesome! :)
Helping people move is always fun.

One word...
Chitlins...I ate it....eww! It was gross and I won't have it again! 

Hmm...well this will be good enough for this week! 
-Aunt Karoline and kiddos, thanks again for the card. :)

O this morning we went and help someone move and I got trapped on the bus and my companion was off....and of course it is where the next bus stop was around the corner a half a block away and so we weren't together for like ten fifteen minutes. ...needless to say we had a joyous Reunion.
Have a great week! It is December! So enjoy it! It is going to be awesome! And Remember the Gift this CHRISTmas :)

Love Always :) 
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Looking out from our balcony. 

My companion took me to lunch at a Vietnamese food.  YUM

Made a smiley out of my bug bites.

Turkey Day!

Its cold outside waiting for the bus.

We like taking pictures.

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