Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Transfer 12...I mean Transfer 13 week 1
Chicago Temple

Hello all you little Elfs!

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf! One year at school I borrowed it from my neighbor for like a month haha it is just so great! And can I just say Kenn and Amy I loved your Christmas card! 

And other letters from Nutty, and Grandma Mary. And I'll have to take a picture of Nuts envelope because it is so so cool!! I just forgot to do that haha. 

Sisters Grahm, North, Olenjeck, Nelsen, Green, and Parker
Thanks again for the mail! It always makes a day brighter! Not gonna lie I had high expectations for mail this Christmas season because last Christmas I felt like the coolest person ever! So thanks to everyone that wrote me! And yes this is suppose to be a guilt trip ya'll should send me a card! I love hearing how you are doing! You still have time to write me and get a letter from me! ✉️

So yep it is a new transfer and also my last! It is pretty crazy to think about and to know that I will be "dying" at the end of this one. So my new companion is super awesome and I love her a lot! We are pretty different people and I feel like I have so much to learn from her. Sister Graham is from Orem, Utah and has been out for 14 months. She is the boldest missionary I have ever served with which is pretty refreshing and she just knows her purpose as a missionary! She is 23, she loves things clean, and she loves to get things done, and she loves working out! This week has been good and we get along great. It is different for both of us and we are just learning how to work together. She is perfect for this area and I am excited for these next six weeks I have to serve with her! 
Our whole zone.
The sisters are all dying off. (going home soon)

This week we did a ton of singing! I loved it! Sister Graham doesn't care for singing but she will do anything because she loves the Lord! And she sang her little heart out and I was so proud of her. She is so awesome!

We sang with the Youth Tuesday night in Hyde Park and even got someone's information for the YSA branch and that was fun!

Then on Saturday we went down town and sang for a few hours there and passed out cards my voice was so tired but I enjoyed it and my toes got cold which was lame but totally worth it! 

We spent like four hours just calling potentials this week and dropping all of them unless they wanted to meet with us. Just figuring out who we should spend our time on and who we should help progress to baptism. 

Update on our awesome peeps!

So we dropped Christopher this week but his lesson went really well. He is still reading the Book of Mormon and will continue reading it but he told us he won't follow through with any other commitments until after he finishes. I told him I'd make him cheesecake for his birthday which is the end of Jan. So that will be a perfect time to follow up with him and see how he is doing. But he is doing well with reading but it is time to follow through with more. 

This week we went to the Temple which was so wonderful and so peaceful. I really do love that place so so much! And then we went to the mission home for lunch and had a Christmas meeting and it was just super duper awesome!
We sang and had people write down what
they are thankful for.

We also had a ward Christmas shin dig where we went Christmas Caroling at an old folks place and went back to the church for Pizza.  Then we all played lighting..knock out...whatever people call it. And Bishop Nydegger is really good at that game and I survived like six rounds with him behind me. It was so nerve racking! My basketball skills are just not what they use to be ha but it was fun. I even played dominoes with some of the little kids! 

Not a lot happened this week and it all is kinda a blur. We haven't heard from Laura since they left for China which is lame because we need to have FaceTime lessons with them to teach them everything. We still have a lot to teach them before they are baptized so pray that we will be able to teach them this week! 

Well I hope you all have a super wonderful Christmas! My mind is still a little bit blown that it is Christmas time! But I love it still! I don't really have much else to say. 
Sister Graham, President Woodbury, and Sister North

At the mission home with Elder M.. and
Elder Porter and that is Elder Admas in the back ground.

Sister North and Sister Grham

Sister North with Sister Woodbury

Take care and have a blast!
And then write me and tell me what you did. 

Sister North 
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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