Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas brings me Joy :)

Christmas 2014
Date:  December 29, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Illinois
Companion:  Sister Graham

Hola mi familia!!! Con mi amigos!

This week is Week 2 of Transfer 13

Oh my goodness words cannot express how good it was to see and talk to you this week! It honestly made me so so so excited to see you! And now I can't wait! I just love you all so much and I am so glad I get to be a part of this great family! Next time I see you I get to embrace you! Ahh! That is so weird! Yet so wonderful! But don't worry I am not about to get trunky here I got work to do, miracles to see. 

Christmas! It was so so amazing! I sure do love it! And I am so grateful to say that I had the best Christmas! And the best one on the mish! I'm grateful to have another one and to be healthy this year.  What a blessing! 

Christmas Morning
On Christmas Eve we helped Martha around the house.
So you won't believe what game I played after dinner with the Cannons! Ticket to Ride! I finally played it! Haha it has only taken me how long? And I even won second place! So that was pretty cool! And even better is I had Mexican food for Christmas dinner! It really felt like home it was so wonderful! :) It was a very enjoyable day! :) and the Cannons are awesome! I love them a lot! They have a daughter going to BYU right now Ali and in April Dita who's in high school is coming to visit and go to conference and we talked about going together! That would be so much fun! So weird to plan things with my fellow Chicagoans for events in Utah! Then there is Stanley who loves dancing and is 11 and awesome! A really sweet kid and the twins who like to just play. And Brother and Sister Cannon who of course are the best!

The rest of the week was of course an adventure but of course in a different way. 

Elder Bawden, Elder Lewis, Elder Ellis,
Sister North and Sister Graham
One of the highlights is we were walking and these two people were bringing in stuff so I went and asked if we could help and they said YES! Oh yay! And it gets even better! We got to share the He is the Gift video and we got there information! And we have been helping Sabrina out this week! It has been way awesome! We have plans to help her more and teach her and invite her to be baptized. She really is awesome!  It was cool to see the He is the Gift video open doors. :) it was such an easy starter. I'm going to miss sharing it every chance I get. 

Our Christmas Lunch of TACO SOUP!!!!
Sister Graham, North, Nelsen and O
Another highlight would be seeing a less active that the relief society gave us named Linda she isn't in our area but we called her and she said we could come over the next day. I know her husband fairly well, he is a ward missionary and I honestly didn't know he was married. Well needless to say we had an amazing lesson on the Restoration and she said she would come to church and start reading the Book of Mormon and has a goal to finish it by summer! It was crazy! And pretty much the coolest first lesson with a less active I've ever had. 

Other things happened but those were the highlights. We are pretty much starting over with our teaching pool because no one is progressing but I know the Lord is going to bless us as we keep working hard. I believe he already is.  
Me and my stocking
Before I go I want to share my testimony on Patriarchal Blessings, I know that these blessings are from God and they will give us insights throughout our entire life. As I read mine last night I received personal revelation and new insights about my life that I've never seen before. It is so so cool! God has so much in store for us! But it is up to us to live according to his will or to "Face God" like in the lesson we taught in Relief Society; to do everything we can to become more like Christ so we can receive all the blessing God wants to give us. It is so awesome! I invite all of you to read yours or to pray about getting one and if you don't know what it is ask me or someone who does know. :) 
I loved talking to my family!

I love you guys! Thank you for the love and support!
Thank you for those you sent me packages for Christmas! Man I definitely felt super spoiled! I got three this week!
-The Souths, so great to hear from them!
-Karoline's still need to play piñata hehe 
-Sister Bishop a member in my last area, so sweet!
-The Crooks, I miss serving with them
-Bryce and Emma's wedding invite! I can't believe they are getting married this weekend! So weird! I wish I could be there. I also think this is the first wedding invite I have gotten on my mission. Still a lot of first happening. 

A silly one of course.
Thanks for all the love! I LOVE hearing from you all! Remember family I want a hand written letter from you all before I come home (this includes you Bryen you weren't there for that and Bear I am sure I have one coming my way from you soon if not better send it out asap;) you should get my Christmas card soon too I sent it a few weeks ago. 

I love you all bunches! Have a great week and Happy New Year! I talk to you next year! I can't believe it is almost 2015 my mind is a little blown!

Some of the amazing Cannons - We had Christmas dinner with them.

The way cool Advent Calendar from my Aunt Bethany!

Christmas Jammies from my Grandma.  And a cool headband from another grandma.
check out the cool are work on the envelope from Nutty!

Love you all!!!

.....See ya'll next year!!....
Sister North
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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