Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas is in the air! Tree decorations everywhere!

Date:  December 8, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule
Transfer 12 Week 4

To the People I love Most!!

How are you?? I am doing so wonderful!! How did you love the Christmas Devotional last night?? Because words can NOT describe how much I loved it! It was breath taking! And if you haven't watched go to right now and watch it! You won't regret it, I promise! 

A few things I liked is:

-Sometimes Small things mean the Most
- The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirt of Love
- Just like the Saviors birth was important so was ours. We all have a purpose here. :)
Those are just a few points I really liked if you haven't again I say go watch it because it was so amazing! 😀

This week was pretty grand and full of miracles and some disappointment but in the end you tend to just remember the good. Just like an Elder says on the Preach My Gospel videos. It is so true. So much happens as a missionary and I wish I was better about writing in my journal but lately I have been a real slacker and I seriously need to pick up my game. 

But anyways let’s get to the good stuff. 

Laura, Han, and Freddy:
Can I just tell you how much I love and adore them?!? They are honestly the best and I love them so dearly! Laura is just so sweet and loving, Han is so humble, and Freddy just makes me smile. They came to church for the third Sunday in a row which is amazing! We are really hoping and praying that they will have a date for baptism this week. We had an awesome lesson with Laura and Han on Tuesday while Freddy went to Scouts(which he loved) we talked about prayer and how to pray and Lowanda joined us and it was a great lesson. We also talked a little about baptism and how Laura wants it to be special because the last time she was baptized she felt pressured and it was good but wants it to mean more and Lowanda shared her experience on how before she was baptized in May she was baptized before and she was doing drugs and it didn't mean anything to her then and wanted it to be the same
thing and that when she was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints it meant something real to her.  So they both connected on that which was cool. It was a sweet lesson and I look forward to teaching them this week. 

Our Ward mission leader told us in our meeting yesterday that the font it ready for them which made us laugh. But made me smile because he feels like they are going in the right direction. :) 

So we were supposed to meet with him on Wednesday but we failed to get a member so during our lunch time after district meeting we called people for over an hour and no one could come. Finally we called and told him we could either meet at McDonalds and walk with him or meet a different day. Well he choose to just meet next week and I was super bummed. Even more so is right after we talked to him and set up another appointment someone said they could come...which made me even more bummed but God is great and works in mysterious ways because we met with him on Thursday with Dita one of the young women which was awesome! And we shared #HeistheGift video and the spirit was so so strong! It was so wonderful! We are wanting to get the youth more involved and his lessons are always good so I think we are going to try and have them come to his so they have a good idea what lessons are like in a good environment. After we walked to the church for scripture study and Dita's mom met us there to pick her up and they had something for us and it was one of those cute red Christ as leaf plant things. Oh my goodness it just melted my heart and I honestly almost brought tears to my eyes. It was just so so sweet! 

Theola and Leory:
We went and helped put up there Christmas tree which was oh so fun! And then started talking after Ward and we were able to find out her concern with praying with us and set expectations for both of us. She she wants and what we expect. And it was just really good and then leaving Leory was doing his own thing while we were there but he rode down the elevator with us and waited for the but with us and we talked and he told us thank you for coming and how he notices a difference and he is just opening a lot more to us and it is awesome! I am excited to really start teaching them. All I can say is I know God has a plan for all of us and he will guide us as we do our best and ask for his direction! It is super awesome!

Clarence and Musu:
We hadn't called them to set up an appointment but we were riding by and decided to hop off the bus and go see them! And they were home! Oh yay! After Sister Lepule hurt her arm trying to open the door(the buzzer thing was letting us in but it didn't want to open) we got in and shared the He is the Gift video and had a great lesson and laughed a lot. And on Tuesday we are going to walk with Clarence to the church for Young Men's. He even said if he liked it he might join the church. Haha there is more than that but it is a start. :) they both are awesome! We just need the husbands heart to soften and then they can all be baptized together. :)

He is officially passed to the YSA sister which will be awesome for him. 

On Tuesday we taught Young Women's which was super fun and awesome! They are all so awesome! We told them our story about coming on a mission, then we did a contacting activity that we did at our Zone Training so thank you AP's for the idea. We gave them all a Band-Aid and related it to how the first time you talk to someone it is like a Band-Aid and it hurts. They really liked it and then Lowanda shared her testimony and then they asked us questions. It went really well. :) .

All I am just loving life and I just love you guys! 

This week I heard from:
-Grandma Mary (2) and Grandma do I have a date for Valentines? Yes I do it is with you! Do you want to go get ice cream with me? Or better yet I'll just bring ice cream to your place and we will just have our own little shindig. :) I love you so much! Thanks for being my number one fan! :)
-Skylar Deweese 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you find joy in this Christmas Season! 

I love you all so much!
And I love pictures :)

Take care! Talk to you next week! And I'll see who my last companion is ahh! Can't believe transfer calls are Saturday I am going to miss Sister Lepule so much she is the best! 

💕Sister North 🐒
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

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