Monday, November 10, 2014

Three and One, staying together!

Beautiful Chicago at Night
Date:  November 10, 2014
Area:  Hyde Park, Chicago
Companion:  Sister Lepule

Transfer 11 Week 6!

Hello World!!!

So it is official! I will have all my companions for three or on transfers! Sister Lepule and I are staying together one more transfer! Woot! I am super excited! The likely of us staying together one more really isn't too likely. I am like 90% sure that I'll end my mission here and I'll have seven weeks to show the area to someone else. But for now I get to party it up with Lepule! Love her so it is gonna be a good one!

Letters...okay so something is up with the mail these days. I've gotten letters from September! And they all seem to come this week! So thank you oh so much! 
-Rachel Fishetau
-Grandma Mary (4 of them! And I loved the picture! I need to buy more tape so I can hang it on my wall :)
-Sister Brittany Attanasio! Love the pictures! I finally got it after a few long months sorry it kept getting back to you, I'll be sure to write you soon. I had been wondering when I'd get a letter from you. I was like man she usually doesn't take this long but I enjoyed the two letters in one and the pictures! They made me laugh. :) you are the best!
-Elder Skylar Deweese
-Nutty! Yes you are a slacker but I still love you! And I expect more details ;)
-Grandma North, I was like hey it's handwritten and then I laughed when that was the first thing I read. Ha you are the best! Give Great Grandma a hug for me! And Hi great Grandma because I know you read this. I love you! :) can't wait to give you a real hug! :) and Great Grandma give Grandma a hug for me too okay? 

What was the top secret thing I did? We went and toured the United Center! Which is where the bulls play.  Which was super cool! And I for sure took tons of pics :) we got to go on the court and check out there locker rooms and all that jazz. It was pretty sweet! Not going to lie. 

We were able to contact this cool referral named Casey who wanted a Book of Mormon and honestly it is pretty rare for someone to request one. It is usually a bible. When we asked him why he wanted one he was like do you want the honest answer? We said of course and he said the Book of Mormon musical. So that's pretty sweet. We left him the restoration Pamphlet and Moroni's promise to read and he said he'll get back to us in a few weeks so we are praying he does...and then we will let the YSA take over. 
We had a lesson with JZ at his apartment. You know the ward has been being involved when you haven't met at someone's place you have been teaching for a while. So that's cool. Our lesson was on the Armor of God. He is struggling right now. It hopefully things will pick up for him. 

Alright so I don't have time to tell you a day to day thing but this week has been great and a ton of things have happened and we have seen so many miracles!!

A few of the miracles where getting into peoples houses! One an investigator and one a referral so pretty much everywhere here you have to buzz and they either have a gate or the main door into the apartment complex.  For both of them we had no way to contact them but to somehow get in and all I have to say is the Lord provides!! It is so amazing!! The main doors where open and we were able to go knock on there door! It was the best!

This week I had crazy experience with Males, for some weird reason they all seem to be attract with me.  Last week I had some old guy pretty much ask me if I would be his girlfriend, this week I had an investigator ask if I would try on this dress;...then he called a few days later asking again and if he could take pictures of me in it..(we aren't gong to be teaching him anymore), and then this one was cool we were walking home and I said hi to this guy on a bike and he was white and about my age and he stopped and turned around and came and talked to me, I was rather surprised, I gave him our card but didn't get his number I was shocked I guess. ha oh and then this other guy I met keeps texting us...UGH so annoying! One of the Elders said it is because I am going home in 12 weeks...Uh...Yeah GO AWAY! Is how I feel.

We have gotten to meet with JZ this week which has been good but he didn't come to church again :/ his Grandmother passed yesterday :( which is sad, everything is being thrown at him so he doesn't come to church and in reality that is the one thing he needs.  If he comes to church he will be able to receive answers there I know he will!  So keep him in your prayers.

We had a super amazing lesson with Misty yesterday at the Masumora's house after dinner and taught the Storng
Hold lesson and it was just the best!

Man I am about out of time,  This week Dasha was with us which was fun! We had a blast and she is awesome!

The Primary program was yesterday and it is just my favorite thing in the entire world! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :D YAY

and Charels is getting the priesthood AHHH!! I am so excited for him!!!

Things are going well here!
I love you all!!!

Take care!!!


Sister North
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025

Got a three dollar cupcake from the gangster cupcakes!
It was good but I doubt I will buy it again.  HAHA

District Picture:
Elder Homes, West, Sister Lepule, Elder Adams, Patina, Sh... and Bawden.
Dasha and Me

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