Monday, January 12, 2015

It always works out in the end :)

Date:  January 12, 2015
Area:  Hyde Park, Illinois
Companion:  Sister Graham

Hey Family and Friends!

Man! Sister Graham and I have been together for FOUR Weeks!! That just blows my mind!! Time really has gone by so fast! and I know these next few weeks will do the same.  This week has been super crazy and full of Cold! But non the less it is Chicago and I am grateful for the nice winter we have had. 

A lot of things have happened this week and I don't even know where to start!

I guess the highlight would be Tracy!!  Oh my goodness love her so much!! She is the best! She came to church yesterday for the first time and loved every minute of it and just soaked it all in! After Sacrament (we have Sacrament last) she was like it's already over? That is the best thing I've ever heard! She truly is so prepared and I am so excited for her and this journey! She is going to be so sad to find out I can't be at her baptism :( oh that makes my own heart break. She is the best and has been through a lot but is going strong! She has a gift to feel the spirit! She feels it so strongly and I love that about her. She just soaks everything up and is following through with her commitments and it is changing her life. I know as we do what is right we will be blessed! :)

On Tuesday we spent the entire day outside trying to find people we were given a list from the ward of members they
O man it was even colder then this!
don't know where they are and that is what we did all day. It was cold and when we went to the Shurtlifts for dinner they gave us hot cocoa! It was yummy and warm! Also that day my boots leaked! We walked through a lot of snow! But thankfully they haven't done that again but I don't think I will be wearing them home. Ha. Also in the city they use a lot more salt then the suburbs and it just gets all over my black boots. 

I had my last Zone Training this week which was a very bitter sweet experience. I also gave my departing testimony and my mind went blank and words would not come out and tears came. It was one of the hardest testimonies I have given.  I love my mission so much! It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done but it is the best thing I could have ever done. I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to serve! I love it so much! And I honestly feel like I'll be a missionary forever! So if I don't come home you know where I'm at. ;) 

This week Sister Allen taught us how to open a coconut! It was so much fun! And something I'll do in the future! Sister Graham cracked hers in one it for me it took a few more times.

Things are going well and miracles are happening! I love serving here in Hyde Park and I am grateful God has trusted me with this part of his vineyard. 

This week I read a great talk on building your faith. Check it out! I loved this quote from it but it all is so so good!

"The more we develop these habits, the more anxious is Satan to harm us but the less is his ability to do so."

This week I got letters written more than a month ago from My Mom and Sister Burr not sure what the deal is with the mail here but it likes to be weird. I also got a letter from Grandma Mary, Rebecka, and the Mission. :)

I love you all! Take care! Stay warm! 

💕Sister North 🐒
800 Waukegan Rd. #203
Glenview IL 60025
How to get a coconut open?

How about a screw driver?

Mabye a hammer?

Yes lets try the hamer.
It worked!  Her brother in Guatemala would say use a machete.

pretty but cold

waiting for the train.

slightly warmer on the train.
Bearing my testimony in our last zone meeting

Last Zone conference on my mission.  :(
Making a fruit birthday cake for a Sister in the ward.

We have mad skills

Isn't it pretty!

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