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Baptism Coming Soon!!!

Chicago Temple
Hello Everyone!!!!!

I sure hope you all had a GREAT Holiday!!!  I sure did!!  I was able to go to the Chicago Temple and it was divine!!!  The Temple is really the house of God and it was so nice to go!!  :)  Everyone else here in the Chicago Missin but my Stake had their P-day on Tuesday but we had an awesome Zone Conference yesterday so ours was still on Monday but we get to e-mail for a little bit today!  YAY!!! :)
Sister north at the Chicago Temple - She says it is
a small Temple but very wonderful.
Sister Kershaw and Sister North at the Chicago Temple
We had a District Lunch after our meeting  :)  we had some food at Denny's it was great!  and Oh story when we were leaving I talked to two lady's and invited them to come to church.  Sadly they didn't come but maybe they will another day!  We gave them our card though!  It was pretty cool.  They asked us if we were in a choir because we were all dressed up and stuff so it was perfect that we got to talk to her.  Pretty much I got brownie points from the Zone leaders because Sister Kershaw and I talked to them and I am a Greenie, it was pretty great! :)

There is not much green about my girl, she is anxious and willing and not scared at all to share the gospel and be out there in Chicago.  I am sure she is learning a ton and will make a fine trainer some day.  

Okay another story!

Guess what!!?!!  C**** came to church for the first time on Sunday!!  It was amazing!!!  So as we were sitting there listening to everyone sharing their Testimonies C**** whispers to us that she thinks she is going to go up.  Well she did!!!  Her first time at church she shared her Testimony!!!  It was so awesome and precious!!!  :)  She is such an amazing person!!  I love her so much!!!  The ward was and is very welcoming and she enjoyed church.  Her daughter loved going to Nursery!  At church temples came up a lot and she asked us what those were so we talked about that after church.  It was super funny at church she found out that she could feed us so she was like Oh my goodness I have sandwiches for you guys so we went and visited her after church and ended up having lunch with her too.  She loved hearing about the Temple and she wants to do that.  M**** doesn't have duty this weekend so he should be at church this Sunday, we are hopefully meeting with him this Saturday too!

Once a month on the first Sunday of each month we call it Fast Sunday.  To fast is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a period of time (typically three meals).  We donate additional moneys as fast offerings. We also have the opportunity if we would like to bear testimony of our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the truths of the restored gospel.

The other thing Sister North talks about is Temple's.  If you would like to know more about our Temples you may go to this link and read why we build them, what happens in them, etc.

But it doesn't end there!!!  We had a lesson with her yesterday and she is now on date for baptism!!! AHH!!!  So amazing!!!  She will be getting baptized on September 21st!!!!  So yeah that is SUPER exciting!!!  :)

We are still teaching J****!  He is so nice and he looks forward to meeting with us!  We are still talking about some of the basics but he is doing his reading and learning more and it is the best!!!

We sadly couldn't meet with K**** this past week because her nephew was in the hospital but we are hoping we will be meeting with her soon.


Honestly so far I don't think there is anything I am missing from home that I can't get here, at least I haven't thought about it much.  I do miss seeing the mountains  haha ;) but the skies here are really pretty.

There is a Senior Couple the Jensen's and they are in charge of the base that we can't get onto...they are super nice, we see them sometimes at District Meetings.

My ward meets in Gurnee.  We are like five minutes away, not that far at all.  I am actually across the street from our building right now, almost.

Did I tract into anyone interesting this week?  hahaha Always!!!  The coolest one is this boy who we said hi to and he was like oh I don't want to talk to you.  Then he found out that we were Mormons and was like, NO WAY!!!!  I've never actually met one of you before.  So we got to talk to him and we are hoping to see him again soon.

I do have air conditioning in my apartment it is pretty great!  :)  and it has gotten pretty warm in the high 90's. Yesterday was like high 70's low 80's and that was nice.

A favorite time of each day?  hmmm..It would be when we are teaching a lesson!  For sure!!  I love teaching and watching who we are teaching understand and come closer to Christ!!  It is really awesome!!!

Oh so on Monday after the Temple we went to Portillo's and we were eating and then some Members cam up and gave us all a Milkshake.  It was SUPER DUPER Nice!!! and Yumy too!!!  :)

Since she had bought a strawberry shake after the members
gave them each a shake she had two!  She wasn't complaining.
Sister Kershaw and Sister Hone at Portillos after the Temple.
Sister Nelson
That is Awesome that Taylor's papers are almost in!  I'm excited to hear where the Lord needs him!!  AHHH !!!  YAY!!!  :D

Taylor is Sister North's cousin who has submitted his papers and this past Sunday had his meeting with the Stake President.  So hopefully we will hear where he is going in the next couple of weeks.

-Gma Mary
-Karly Willes
-Gma/Gpa North
Then today well it came yesterday but I picked it up today.  A package from my mom.  I actually opened it on the way here.  Thank you for all the FHE stuff and the snacks.  I was super excited to have my favorite fruit snacks!!!  :)
- Jessica and Adam's wedding announcement!!  SO CUTE!!! - Write me Jessica!!!

Mail seems to take longer to get to Chicago to Sister North than to Arkansas to Elder North.  Not sure what's up with that but be warned if it seems like she is not mentioning your letter it seems like it is taking an extra couple of days to get to her.  She had asked for Family Home evening lesson stuff for kids so I sent her a bunch of stuff we had.  I through in half a box of her favorite fruit snacks (Black Forest ones from Smith's).

So I have written EVERYONE who has written me!  So you all should WRITE me!!  I promise I will write you back!!!  I may be out of stamps but I will buy more on Monday so write me Letters!!!  It is a very sad day coming back to the apartment and opening the mail and it being empty  ;)  Just saying hehehhe :)

Anyone else think that was a shameless plug for people to write her and send her stamps, or was it just me?  O well, it can't hurt!  Missionaries can always use stamps and Sister North especially.  

hmmm....We have had a few rain storms this past week, the lightning is really cool to watch here!!  :)  I have exchanges tonight/tomorrow so I will be with one of the Sister Training Leaders and I'll be staying here in my area.  It is going to be weird to not be with Sister Kershaw but I am super excited!!!  It will I think show me more what I need to work on...and will help me be ready to train.

Oh and someone aslked if it is windy in the "windy city"  I guess it is a little bit, but I like it because it makes it cooler  :)

And that is Awesome that the Blackham's house has sold!!  And moving to Herriman, Sweet!!!  :)

Well that changed and they are not going to be moving to Herriman and will be in West Jordan.  Their house is sold and they are moved to temporary housing while they build a house though.  

Well I better write to President!!  I love you all so much!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  It really does mean A LOT!!!  I love you all so much!!!  I know that this is the true church!  I know that if you look for opportunities to share this great message you WILL have them!!! Stay Strong!! and I can't wait to hear from you!!!

Sister North  :)

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  1. So excited to hear from you a and Bryen. YOU ARE BOTH AWESOME!!! Love your letters/blogs. You are in my prayers every night. So many people, so many experiences! Love, Grandma Mary