Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

Hey Family and Friends!!!!

Sister Kershaw and I had Culvers.  We had our first
 meal here in Gurnee when we became companions
and now one of our last.
How is it going??  Like for reals YOU ALL should tell me!!!  Yes, that is a HINT HINT to write me!  HEHEHE  :)

Letters this week:
- Rachel Fisihetau
- Momma :) thanks for the sticker
- Brother Scott

So the reason why I say "Oh what a beautiful morning" is because this morning the Hermanas and the Sisters in our Zone went to a light hosue (it made me think of Grandma North) at Lake Michigan and we watched the Sunrise!!  It was pretty sweet!!  It was windy and chilly but wonderful!!!  Then we went to Ihop for breakfast!!  So funny we were leaving this guy had caught a fish!  It was a pretty big fish too and so we took a picture.  Way great!!!

Okay so this week has been full of ups and downs, but it is back to always going up!
Hanging out by the lighthouse
Look Lake Michigan!  Isn't it pretty.
I'm cool just chilling at the lake.

The fish the guy caught!
Look we can see the city!
Ihop after the lake and lighthouse!
So we had Transfers on Tuesday and I am no training Sister Winn.  She is from Texas and will turn 22 next month.  She has had three years at BYU and she is super awesome!!  We get a long very well.

President Woodbury, me, Sister Winn, and Sister Woodbury
At Transfer meeting.
Sister Winn and Me, Elder Larkin, Murillo, and Yeates
Our first day together was Awesome!!  We had two lessons one with M**** and another with K****! They both went GREAT!!  Then we went shopping and so it was a crazy busy day but awesome!!

Then Wednesday was when the really hardship of training began..not going to like being a training it is stressful!  You are the one who is "in charge" and I am the one that "knows" the area!  So yeah tons of craziness really.  But it really it has been wonderful!!
Silly one of course!

I really just don't even know what to say  BUT  I wrote a list of random things that I have learned or thought were cool or that are just different out here, so here ya go....

Transfer 1 Random:
- Squirrels are everywhere!!!  There are creepy black ones too!  Yeah and there are bunnies in some areas.
- Parking lots here make the cars sound like they are going crazy or going to crash.  I think it has something to do with the winters...and I heard that it might be a bad winter.  Hmmm
- Everyone and their Dog has a DOG!
- It's weird when you can't find a door to the house....
- They like to use the same street names in every city (super annoying)
- Thunder storms here are pretty awesome and I also love watching the Thunder! :) Wonder if she means lightning?  
- Christmas Time - Having Beds to sleep on
- Once while tracting we were told we were not Christian  hmmm
- Yummy Pie!So a ward member told us how to make a pie way easy and good.  You got your pie crust and then get whip cream and yogurt!!  It is Tasty!! :)

That is just a few that I wrote down there could be more but yeah  haha ;)

So pretty much things are good.  We have three investigators progressing right now.  K****, M****, and C****.  It is super great!

So way awesome!  C**** still isn't sure if she believes/has a testimony about the church but she has already started to defend it!! Pretty much awesome!!!

Last night we also met with a less active family and it was so good to meet them and talk with them.  The husband is super busy with the Navy so it makes things hard  but they are pretty solid.  They just need to come to church when they can.  We'll be working on that one.

We helped C**** put together this house for K**** :)  We are pretty much Adorable!
Love this little girl ;D

Okay so I might end up writing more later but I want to send pictures home YEAH :)  Hope you all are doing great!!!

I Love you!!!

Sister North :)

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