Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm going to be a "Mom".

Hello my lovely friends and family!!!!!!!

How are you all??  I am doing so wonderful!!  So much has happened and hopefully I will be able to remember some of the awesomeness!  heheh  :)

C**** and Sister North
So I bet you are wondering why it says "i'm going to be a mom", well...Tomorrow is transfers and I will be training a new Missionary!!!  Yep only been out six weeks and I will be training!!  Pretty crazy huh?  The Lord must trust me or something.  hehehe  :)  I am pretty excited!!!  So here on the mission when you train a new missionary they are your daughter and to them you are their mom.  So Sister Kershaw is my mom and then I will be getting a new Sister and Sister Kershaw will be training in Woodstock which is still int he same stake but we will be in different Zones.  Sister Kershaw will be a Grandma to my new daughter!  haha  :)  So that is some of the fun language out here on the mission.

This morning we were able to do some service!  We helped sort donations that will be going out and helping people...I am not really sure where but it was good.  We got a lot done.

C****s baptism/confirmation

C***** got baptized on Saturday, September 14th and it was so amazing!!!  Nothing like watching someone come closer to the Gospel and then take that first step to come even closer to our Father in Heaven.  It is so fun to watch them grow and their faces just show it all.  The Spirit was so strong at her baptism and when she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  She kept saying that everything seems brighter and man I don't even know how to tell you how great it was but it was wonderful!!!!

M**** her husband was able to be there for both and it was perfect!!  :)  She is so amazing!!!  We are going to hang out with her later.

Us being a little silly after C****'s baptism.
We met with J**** at the Church this week and showed him where we worship, the lesson was good but we took a few steps backwards.  It is interesting because he is like, "yeah I believe in the Book of Mormon", but he doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a prophet so we are still figuring out that hurdle.  He is super busy this week so we don't know if we get to see him but we are going to be trying and to bring different ward members with us to that.

We picked up two new investigators this week!!

The first one is M**** and we met her at the beginning of transfers.  Her husband died and we have stopped by a few times and she wasn't home and then there was once that she was but she couldn't talk and was going out of town but told us she still wants to talk.  She is an older lady and is super nice and very open to the Gospel.  She wants to read the Book of Mormon and was excited to have a copy of her own.  We told her to read the Intro and just start reading if she wanted.  We are meeting with her Tuesday.  She was an elementary ed teacher so we talked about that and I am excited to teach her.

If anyone doesn't know Amber's major is Elementry Ed with a focus on Special Needs.

The 2nd is K****, the Spanish Elders gave her to us, she was learning from them but wants to come to the English ward instead.  So we are also meeting with her tomorrow afternoon.  She is in High School and is very bright.  So because the Elders just handed her off to us it was all four of us Missionaries and we told her how I will be getting a brand new Missionary that day.  We decided when we come that she is going to have a tennis racket and be like, "I told you not to come back!", and then tell her she was just kidding...We will see if she does something like that or not.  That will most likely be the first thing we do because we have a lot of stuff to do like go get bedding for my new companion and food and stuff.  :)  It is going to be a busy but GREAT day tomorrow!!!  I am excited to meet my new companion!

They received 36 new missionaries today.  25 Sisters and 11 Elders!!!  That is sooo amazing.  I am so excited for Amber to get this chance to train.  I am sure she will do amazing.

I don't remember if I have told you about C**** at all.  We have been teaching her and she is a former investigator.  We wee over there Saturday night and she told us some things and then said that her dad asked her if she finds out what happens after this life to let him know.  Well...we have these great pamphlets about the Plan of Salvation and guess what?  We had one for her and her Father.  It was awesome!!  There are miracles EVERYWHERE!!!  Just gotta look for them!

If your interested in learning about what we believe you can find information on The Plan of Salvation here.

So here is a cool story from tracting this week!  We were about done tracting and the 2nd to the last house we knocked on we talked to this guy K**** and his son.  They are really strong in their religion and we had a nice conversation and we asked if we could do anything.  He was like funny you ask that, so it ends up being that he has a sister who has been having a hard time and he wants missionaries to go visit her.  So we got her info to have some missionaries go visit her and before we left Sister Kershaw and I both were like, we want to say a prayer.  Well K**** ended up praying for us and it was such a sweet prayer!  It was super nice!  Yeah that was cool.  It is always refreshing to talk to nice people even when they don't want to hear what we have to share.

Here is something funny...Bugs in House = I kill you!

Story 1:  Sister Kershaw and I were singing, "I am a Child of God" to start off our companionship study.  Next thing I know there is this tiny bug (still gross) and I grabbed the Kleenex box and start smashing it.  She was like what the...but kept singing.  Yeah not the most reverent while singing.  HAHHA

Story 2:  We were having a lesson with C**** with Brother B**** and we were all just laughing at the start and as we get into the lesson I see a spider.  For those of you who don't know, I hate spiders!  So I see it and the next thing I know my foot is on that thing killing it!  Everyone else was like WOW!  C**** was like I just saw it and then you were THERE!!!  It was pretty great!!!

So moral of the story bugs should not be in homes, or they will die!!!

- Grandma Mary
- Looslie Family

THANK YOU!!! for the letters!!! and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you soon!!!!

Congrats to Daniel and Laurel on their Engagement! :)

Well I love you all so much!!!  Thank you for all you do!!  It is always fun hearing how everyone is doing!!  Keep working hard and be safe!!!

I love you!!!

Sister North :)

Sister C**** and I.  She is one of the members we visit.
She is awesome and so sweet!!  She likes to do everything by herself
but sometimes we can get her to let us help her.
It is always a treat to see her!

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