Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baptism!!! Saturday!! YAHOO!!! :)

Hello Everyone!!!

Oh man, how are you all?????  Man I am just splendid!!!!!!!

So BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

C**** is being BAPTIZED on Saturday!!!  Yep Saturday! at four and we are so super excited for her!!  And she is excited too!!!!  Man it has been so cool to see her grow closer to our Heavenly Father!  She is so incredible and I love her so much!!!  I am so excited to be a part of this special day with her!!  Sister Kershaw and I want to go buy her a skirt or something because she doesn't have one, but then we decided that we might just give her a gift card to buy one, we aren't sure yet but we are going to do something special for her!  It is going to be wonderful!!!!!

And...Guess what else?!?  M**** came to church on Sunday and said that he enjoyed it!!!  YAHOO!!! We are excited to see him grow closer to God too!!  It is just the best!!!!

This is for sure the greatest thing about being a missionary is seeing people come to really know there Father in Heaven and that he loves them and all of us SO SO much!!!  He really does and I invite ALL of you to ask him how much he loves you and I know that he will show you that he loves you.  I know he loves us more than we could ever imagine!  This Gospel is So amazing and brings you the Most happiness you could ever picture!!  I promise God will answer any questions you have if you believe and have that faith!!!  Times are going to be hard, being on a mission is hard and makes you exhausted but when you feel like you cannot move or do anything anymore that is when we get that extra help from above!!  He is watching over all of his children and he loves everyone of us!!  I know that! and I have seen some of the love he has for the people here that I serve and it is the Best!!!  :)

Questions from Mom:

We do have a washer and dryer, two of them in our apartment complex, it costs a dollar to do a load and half the time we will just let our clothes air dry because we don't want to go get more quarters.  hahha Why not right?  hahah but we do sometimes dry our clothes in the dryer, we are going to do that today  ;)

Mosquitoes, I haven't had too much a problem besides the firs week or so I was here.  I guess they liked that I was "fresh meat".  hahha but I only get one once in awhile now so that is nice.  That stinks that the misquotes are loving Bryen.  Mom, you need to send me his e-mails because that is the only way I get them.

I do send e-mails from the Gurnee Library it is pretty grand!  You may be wondering why our P-day is today, a Tuesday?  Well we are going to the Temple as a zone!  WOOT  :)  Yeah we are pretty spoiled because we just went to the Temple so that is awesome!!  That is what we are doing after this!  :)  Love the Temple!!  :D  You all should go!!  :)

Best tracting story this week?  Hummm...Okay here is one but it wasn't really tracting but it still works.  We wanted to see a less active but she wasn't home but when we were leaving we ran into this Hispanic Guy...I don't remember his name and we talked to him.  He seemed pretty interested but he doesn't know a lot of English and well I am terrible at my Spanish but he wanted to learn more and we left him with a Book of Mormon (we try to have a Spanish copy just for this reason!)  and told him to read the Introduction Page.  Which is awesome!  If you haven't read it lately go read it!!!  :)  Then we gave him the Spanish Elders information and gave the Elders his information.  It was pretty crazy trying to understand each other but it all worked out and hopefully he will read the intro and have the desire to learn more!  :)

The Spanish Elders are also giving us one of their investigators because she wants to go to the English ward instead of the Spanish Branch.  She is 15 and she came to our ward a few weeks ago, she is really cute and that will be fun to teach her!  :)  Her name is C****...not sure how to spell her name...but I will learn!  :)

Favorite meal or place to eat here in Chicago?  Hummm....At Members houses!  hahah ;)  I love when members feed us, for the most part it is SO SO AMAZING and YUMMY!!!  :D  hmmm...There are Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins everywhere here!  I don't know but food is good  :)  hahah ;)

Have I been feed anything interesting?  hmmm....good question We had Curry at a members that was Yummy!  but I don't know, I just love eating food  hahah ;)

So I don't remember if I told you but every Monday we go and teach the A****'s family FHE.  The Grandma is a member and her grand kids who we teach and visit with her too.  Their names are D**** and J**** and yesterday we talked about choosing the right and it went really well and we played Red Light Green Light and before we could go again they had to say something that they can do to "Choose The Right".  They LOVED it!!!  And J**** who is three said the closing prayer!  It was awesome because the last time we met we talked about Prayer and he didn't really pay attention and this week he was like oh yeah!  This and that!!!  It was pretty great!  :)  They are cute boys!

Sister Johnson and I on exchanges
We had exchanges lats week.  It was pretty weird to be away from Sister Kershaw, and me being in charge of everything.  It was also weird to have the car keys and the phone.  (usually we just have one).  Like today I am driving so Sister Kershaw has the phone, it works out pretty nicely.  One of the things I learned is being unified as a companionship is so important!  When I train I am going to make sure I know my companion so we are able to work together just like Sister Kershaw and I.  It was good  :)

- Rachel Fisihetau - THANKS for writing me!!!!  :)

Everyone else should write me too!!  This Saturday is transfer calls so they will be holding our mail the end of the week until Tuesday.  So the plan is to have LOTS of mail when I go to transfers.  :)  Yep Yep, so write!!  YAY  :D  It makes me happy!!!!:)  Like I said last week it is rather sad when there is nothing in the mailbox!

Hmmm..what else can I tell you....I love it here and the ward members have been awesome to fellowship the Burger family!!  It is so nice to know that they have people to help them and encourage them!!!

Yesterday was hot and highs of 97, and HUMID.   HUMIDDITY= YUCK!  I guess today is suppose to be hotter!  ha it is fun right?

Well I better write President Woodburry.

I love you all so much!!!  Be a missionary, there are opportunities EVERYWHERE!!!!  :D

Sister North  :)

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